3Restart Intends to Gamify the Early Education in Pakistan


Gaming has become one of the most favourite activities among children in Pakistan. As a matter of fact, this is true for adults as well.

Mobile phones and smart phones are a demand of present day due to youth’s never ending interest in games which are both entertaining and addictive for some wryly.

The fact of the matter is that children prefer this unhealthy activity over other learning processes and extra curricular activities that are healthy physically as well as mentally.

So the need of the hour is to tweak this approach with a solution based activity by coining a combination of both gaming and learning.

3Restart is one of those start ups that tapped the potential available in the niche.

3Restart was coined by Mustafa Saeed (@m_mustafa_saeed), a NUST graduate who was an iOS/Android Developer at Reseguiden Interactive AB in the past and is now an Application Developer at 5Nautical Technologies, Application and Gamification at 3Restart (Pvt.) Limited.

He himself was a game addict and he proudly state his experience in gaming as constructive. In a presentation at Karachi Institute of Technology and Entrepreneurship, he said,

When I was a student, I didn’t learn well in a classroom sittings. But I did learn addition from Mario (cue a photo of the Mario Brothers video game with an arrow pointing to the number of coins earned). I learned agriculture from Farmville and I learned projectile physics from Angry Birds.


3Restart is basically an online service which offers games that have educational content in them. As stated on their website, they are:

Working on gamifying the early childhood education medium and process through the use of hand-held devices.

And they are progressing by working on this idea by:

Intelligently employing game psychology to improve engagement and increase knowledge retention among kids.

Their start up crew is working day in day out on memory retention in the learning process, though they have not released any product yet but they plan to hunt the market with their product in a few months.

This educational game which is on hold for now is told to give progress reports to parents.

Some might refuse to accept:

The idea to make children steer clear of their obsession for gaming solely for the purpose of entertainment by making them play alternative games; that too on their hand held devices is somewhat imprecise.

3Restart might have to face a lot of difficulty in carrying out their plan and making it a success story.

The possible brighter side:

Yes game addiction is a worrying aspect of the modern era for technologically able youth, ask regular moms!

Many children spend at least few hours a day on their handheld devices or computers, so much so that technology has become a primary source of entertainment for them — consequently shunning down the outdoor activities.

If someone has a solution to counter such problems, its no less than a blessing.

Only if they are able to deliver what they have promised, 3Restart has the potential to be the shinning star and the one to raise capitals from local as well as international investors intelligently by employing game psychology to improve engagement and increase knowledge retention among kids.

  • Its nice that more are more people are turning to this, education for people via phone/tablet apps/games. However, it is being done here from long long ago. Have anyone heard of “Agnitus” they are making some ios apps for child education, being used worldwide.

  • Education through games is a good idea.If they make good games in every major topic of Physics and Biology then it makes concept clear about the difficult topic and will help to develop interest in study.

  • I gained a lot from Games !
    started from Atari>Family Computer>Sega>PS1>PS2>PC>Xbox360 my intelligence grew alot !
    My personality and Approch to face and solve Problems came alot from games. :)
    And I become Doctor … InshaAllah Surgeon oneday !

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