Telenor Brings 3G Dongles With Daily, Weekly and Monthly Bundles



Telenor has announced the availability of its 3G Dongles that support high-speed wireless internet on the go.

Telenor said that its 3G enabled USB Dongles provide flexibility, value for money and the assurance of no hidden charges, that is no extra taxes or anything other than the advertised tariffs.

These USB dongles come with daily, 3 Day, weekly, monthly and monthly plus bundles. Keep reading to know the details.

Telenor’s 3G enabled USB dongles are available at company service centres. Customers can avail dongles after biometric verification of their thumb impressions.

Customers can buy Telenor’s USB dongle for Rs.2500 and get 1500 MB free internet for three months (500 MB for each month)

Data Bundles for USB Dongle:

Bundles Rupees Volume (8AM – 1AM) Volume (1AM – 8AM) Validity in Days
Daily Rs. 25 100 MB unlimited* 1
3 Day Rs.35 200 MB unlimited* 3
Weekly Rs.75 500 MB unlimited* 7
15 Day Rs. 150 1 GB unlimited* 15
Monthly Rs. 400 3 GB unlimited* 30
Monthly Plus Rs. 1,000 8 GB unlimited* 30


*Fair usage policy of 500 MB per day applies during 1AM to 8AM. Downloads during this duration wouldn’t be accounted for allowed quota limits.

How to Activate?

  • Send “SUB” to “6004”. Select the desired bundle from the received SMS Menu.

Terms and Conditions

  • Data SIM registered through a biometric kiosk is required to get data services on dongle.
  • Free Usage is from  1AM to 8AM and given 500 MB daily for this time period.
  • Free 1500 MB will be given as 500 MB* / Month for 3 month.
  • If you are not in 3G area Data SIM will seamlessly shift to 2G internet.

How to operate your Dongle

  • You can use the Dongle software or put the Data SIM in your phone to do any of the following.
  • To know about your current balance write “BAL” and send message to “6001”.
  • To recharge your Data SIM either get easyload on your number or write the 14 digit code of scratch card and send to “6002”.
  • To know your currently available internet volume write “VOL” and send message to “6003”.
  • To subscribe to 3G bundles, write “SUB” and send message to “6004”. Select your desired bundle from the received SMS Menu.

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK


      • O Bhai,Khudda ka Naam Lo

        Its 25Kbps,not 25KB/s

        Agar itni Speed 2G Per aaye to i Would never Go For 3G

          • 25Kbps is equal to 3.125 KBps.
            1 byte = 8 bits
            simply 25kbps / 8 = 3.125 KBps :)

        • hahahha!! I am using Warid 2G via Telenor E153 Dongle..!! I am getting 25-27KB/s throughout a day even the entire year. I can download 100MB file just an hour brother.
          If you need further proof, I can provide.

            • I am using Telenor E153 dongle that only supports Telenor SIM. You can unlock it free, after that, you will able to use all cellular operators SiMs. Then activate any prepaid Warid Internet package and enjoy!

                • PTCL EVO devices cannot be unlocked :D Because they do not support GSM SIM rather they support UIM SIM.

                • Download first “Universal_MasterCode”, open it, enter your dongle’s IMEI number and get a flash code and an unlock code. Then Download “HUAWEI MODEM Code Writer” open it. select any port and enter there the flash code and the unlock code. Done!

                  • yeyyyy…today i purchased telelnor usb, which was locked and I got it unlocked using your help :)
                    but now question is what are the access/dial numbers for ufone, mobilink and zong to create profiles?

                    • *99# works for all! If you’re using Windows 7 or newer version, the internet will be connected automatic!

        • 2G = EDGE, which is theoritically capable of speeds upto 500kbps, so speeds upto 50-50kBps are possible.

        • yasir bhai 2G ki apni speed nai ha wo EDGE ki speed ha

          2G ki speed 14.4 kbps ha

          and EDGE ki speed max 374 kbps ha.
          so agr ap k pas signal strength max ha to ap around 46.7 KBps acheive kar skty ho per itni ati nai ha due to some limitations of signals and capacity of the site.
          jitne users ziada ho ge speed shared hoti ha.
          to max apko 14-20 KBps milti ha speed.

        • installed edge data rates could go upto 150Kbps which translates to about 14 to 15 KB/s practically and 18.xx KB/s ideally

    • Exactly. Aisi companies se 3G service lene se to behter hai Wateen, Qubee ya doosri ISPs ki internet use karain.

      Her cheez me “fair usage policy” aur wo bhi itni limited k sara package hi bekar hojata hai.

  • I think all operators should launch these type of devices then PTCL can do something for price and bandwidth to decreasing their rates.

      • Amir bhai plz ye batayain kay 4G chel raha hay is device pe aur agar nahi to kaun si device leni chahiye jis pe chalay..Ap kitni download speeds get ker rahay hay thro this device..plz reply…

        • No! It doesn’t support 4G. I’m getting 2.66Mbs! If you want to run 4G, you need to buy 4G device of Huawei or any 4G supported USB dongle.

        • It doesn’t support 4G. It gives me speed up to 3Mbps but it has an ability to bring up to 7.2Mbps. If you want to run 4G, you need to buy a Huawei 4G USB dongle, or any USB Dongle that supports 4G frequency of 1800Mhz, not 2100 or 2400Mhz.

    • Indeed .. they are really crap .. ! :P I have used it for just a week and blocked my SIM :( shifted to #ZONG ;) Its awesome with coverage in RWP & ISB and speed is awesome too :)

      • Post zong speed test please. My friend says that zong disconnects for a minute or so.

        • No #ZONG has awesome speed :) I have just downloaded a movie with 1-2Mb/s download speed

          • my zong internet is really bad. the ping is too high. settings are right on my xperia z.

                • Go for Mobilink, coz many professionals sitting there plus offering free 3G. Good low rate unlimited kinda packages expected from them.

                  • I am getting 3 bars , and H+ . But zong won’t connect. The other day I used it and it was fine. but today it wont connect.

                • I would suggest for ZONG as there coverage is really good in RWP and ISB and packages are good too

                  • 3G packages volume are very small, 100Mb at speed of 0.5Mbps exhaust in just 200sec or 3 minute, large volume should be introduce.

                • zong has a dual carrier technology rather then the telenor and ufone which has single carrier technology.
                  zong is launching its dual carrier technology soon in 1 month with a speed upto 42.2 mbps . :)

            • Zong is throttling speed on many numbers, am getting like 0.24 mbps with 84 ping on zong super 3g. Whereas my brother receiving 8 mbps. Made countless complaints but issue not resolved.

              • Try to subscribe to a package and then try :) as me and my friends in ISB/RWP are getting 8+Mbps with ZONG

                • Already subscribed to 4GB package still getting 0.24. Why should they register my complain if am out of data plan? They aren’t that dumb now.

  • EVO 3G is Rs. 750/Month, 20 GB limit and download speed is around 1.89Mbps. Who will buy this expensive thing.

  • Telenor we thought you were 3G ready and enabled on all your cell sites and unfortunately still there is not even 20% complete coverage in Lahore even after 1 month of your 3G service launch …. disappointing seriously.

    • Roll out of the services was to be done in phases as required by PTA. If you had seen that plan you would have known they were supposed to cover 5 major cities completely in 6 months time. If you had known that you would not be disappointed., Besides being 3G ready does not mean they can start running the services with a tap of a button. 3G ready only means that the cell site supports 3G

      • Hi Hassam, appreciate you for the time to respond to my post and the information you shared.

      • Dear Hassam, can you please share the plan? I dont think that plan was ever made public, so how would a consumer know?

        • It was made public. I read it here on propakistani. I don’t have the link now. It was called the roll-out plan for 3G

  • AOA. can any one suggest s/th…
    i wana use internet with my laptop in an area where i can recieve only mobile signal and no other facility works like dsl, evo, wingle… thx

  • Dude’s i dont think its gona work and its also not suitable for me whose computer is always busy in download loading things i hope one day they will offer unlimited down limit and that day will be like a birthday to me


  • Cant we sue these sorry arses for using the word “Unlimited” wrongly? These baskurds including PTCL are CLEARLY lying on our faces, and misusing this word.

  • I must point out here for Admin, don’t say ”
    Free Usage is from 1AM to 8AM and given 500 MB daily for this time period.” What’s free in these Packages? they’re charging Money, your other point is valid and truly free, i.e, 1500 MB for 3 Months, correct me if i am missing out something here.

  • Plz Frnds Dont Trust Any Network in Pakistan, Yeh Network wale sirf Apne Customer ko Lotna Jante hai.. Cable Net Lagwao Wifi Enjoy karo Simple..

  • Almost every article stating “3G” has this KB/s and Kb/s discussion and then they say 3G hai kya? :|

  • telenor has the worst customer service. it takes on average 30 mins to talk with any customer representative on helpine

  • plezzzzzzzzzzzzzz marbani kary minewali main telenor 3g ke saholat mohiah karan plezzzz plezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • slm sir mjy telenor evo lia howy 3 week ho gy h abi tk 30GB attive ni howy roz comand b lagaty hn our telenor ofice b ly k gye hn

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