Sindh High Court Puts ICH Withdrawal Directive on Hold

Long Distance and International (LDI) operators were naturally not happy (for apparent reasons) with MoIT’s policy directive according to which ICH was suppose to get withdrawn from August 1st, 2014.

Consequently, Redtone, ADG, Circle Net and Telecard moved to Sindh High Court with plea that Ministry of IT and Telecom issued the directive without consulting the LDI operators and pleaded that directive should be reversed.

Sindh High Court, as one would expect, has straight away restrained the government to not to implement the directive till further instructions plus ministry is asked to not to take any coercive action against the petitioner.

Court has issued notices to MoIT and PTA for further hearing on the case.

PTA, in response, has asked the LDI operators to forget any previous communication concerning the withdrawal of ICH and that they should comply with Sindh High Court’s ruling.

For those who are living abroad and who call their FnF in Pakistan, the likely decrement in rates for international calls to Pakistan may not happen as planned. They may have to keep paying extra dollars for calls to Pakistan till Sindh high Court concludes anything.

For now these Pakistanis living abroad may hope that Sindh High Court will rule the case in favour of MoIT.

But even if case is ruled in favour of MoIT, don’t expect any mercy from LDI operators. They have enough pockets to move to Supreme Court against the directive to buy few more months.

Below is the letter that PTA sent to LDI operators to not to withdraw ICH.


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  • Which other country in the world offer cheap incoming calls just to please its expatriate .?
    Whether its telecommunication industry or privatization of steel mill,fixation of atta price all should be tackled by economic experts and not by the judiciary.
    Basic reason to disband ICH is PTA’s inability to block grey traffic.

    • Every civilized country in the world offers cheap incoming calls to its expatriates. They remit billions of dollars to Pakistan which helps your poor almost bankrupt country to survive and Government doesn’t even allow them to talk to their families back home.
      It costs 1p from UK to call to China, Calls to USA are free, Calls to India is for 2p etc etc

    • Which country in the world carries out price fixing and cartelisation as an official policy?

      “tackled by economic experts and not by the judiciary”
      And thats exactly the point. MOIT tried to stop the ICH fraud and lackeys like you reached out to SHC for ‘help’. Someone said it right. Why go for lawyers? Its Pakistan – hire the judge.

  • As expected, ye Aamir bhai nay khud hint dia tha last time k maybe ye decision court main ja ker pending main chala jae and aesa he hua.
    @aamir7:disqus , ho na ho aap milay hue ho inke sath ;)

  • Paisa ager GOVT k pas jaye phir b kuch behter hai, lekin ye paisa tu LDI ki big bellies main jata hai….
    KSA main call kerna Pakistan sy b zyada expensive hai, per inka sara paisa GOVT k khaty main jata hai.

  • First of all thanks to propakistani for this news

    So sad!!
    Now the hearing in courts from LDI + PTA will continue at least 3 months.

    I still make calls with cheapest rates from saudi arabia to pakistan
    And receiving calls from pakistan on my US number in saudi arabia for free
    From pakistan telenor to my US number call rate in pakistan is 9.55pkr including tax for every 15 minutes.
    Keep us up to date with news related to tax on incoming international calls
    Thank you!

  • Same is the case with PTCL pensioners. Despite IHC and Peshawar HC orders, PTCL moved to supreme court to get few more month. The crushed POOR 40,000 families are suffering but PTCL and MOIT not even have Khoof-E-Khuda.

    • This is what happens when you sell your most prized assets to foreignors. They have no heart. They will do everything just for a few more bucks so that they can repatriate the profits and build Palatial buildings in their countries and enjoy vacations in European resorts… all at the expense of Pakistani pensioners.

      Its time to take back power and throw these foreingors out if they don’t behave.

  • What is the latest on this case. Anyone has the idea. SHC is supposed to conduct hearing this week. So what Happened/

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