SanDisk Takes Data Transfers to a Whole New Level with Dual Ultra USB Drive


The new wave of Smartphones has brought us amazing accessories too. While those made by manufacturers themselves are always something to look out for, it is just astonishing what some companies can come up with.

SanDisk is one such company. Earlier in the year, we reported about its wireless hard disk for smartphones and other portables. Now there is something even better: A dual USB drive for better data transfer between computers and phones/tablets.

The drive itself is incredibly small at just about 1.5″ x 0.75″ in length and breadth. There’s a microUSB port at one end, a full-sized USB 2.0 port at the other. It comes in three flavours: 16, 32 and 64 GB. Read/write speeds can reach up to 80 and 50 mbps respectively on the latter two versions.

You might have to download the SanDisk memory zone app for your phone before you use it. Being advertised as a plug-and-play tool, the app kick-starts automatically after being connected to the phone.

Prices are set at $20 for the 16 GB, $30 for the 32 GB and $50 for the 64 GB model. Not all phones will be compatible with the drive.

Here’s the entire list of devices compatible with this gadget. As long as your phone supports USB-OTG, you’ll be pretty much OK with it.

As it would’ve been pretty clear by now that the SanDisk dual USB isn’t your cheapest way of data transfers and when it comes to sheer speed, USB 2.0 is NOT USB 3.0, however, if convenience is your first priority, then there probably aren’t any notable competitors in this category.

Check below few more images of the Dual SanDisk USB Drive:


Sandisk Ultra Dual Storage

    • typically pakistani comment…u should appreciate this post not by saying mai tay maheena pehly wekh liti c usb LOL

      • I think you picked the -ve part of his comment. What he meant was it’s Toshiba who should be given credit for such Flash Drives :)

      • Oh really Umair!!!
        Why should we appreciate this post without any reason.!!!
        Post ka title parh k lag rha hai k shayd koi new invention hai.
        But infact this tech is years old…
        Typical pakistanion ki tarha har purani tech pe wah wah krte rehna bus…:P
        Dosron pe tanz karne se pehle soch liya kro k ap k palley kya hai…:)

      • Q bhai mere? Appreciate krne wali kia baat hai iss mein? Baba Adam k zamanay ki news ab suna rha hai is lye? Her baat mein TYPICAL PAKISTANIS ki trah “ungal” laxmi ni hoti.

  • Already have this kind of USB (unknown manufacturer) with dual ports on both sides for PC and Mobile connections. Distributed free in a telecom event in USA during May this year….

  • Actually Corsair has had a similar OTG flash drive out for almost a year.. this isnt a new technology this is new product.

  • I am already using ‘Chinese Version’ of this kind of USB for three months with much cheaper price and still working OK

  • I think there is nothing much amazing about this device, because there is a cheap usb otg adapter cable is already present in the market years before and its price is only 2 hundred to 3 hundred ruppess. You can plus that adapter into your otg supported smart phone and plus othe standard usb drive in its other side and you are good to go and enjoy data or usb mouse or keyboard on your smart phone.

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