Maro Tandoors Aim to Provide Health Friendly Roti in Pakistan


Pakistani starups are taking the lead and we are witnessing some of the most innovative and creative ideas every year. Our young lot was accused to follow the western trends but the good news is that they are coming up with localized ideas to cater local community.

MARO is a startup idea that aims to bring about change with their modernized method of providing people with their basic need.

The must have thing during the breakfast, lunch or dinner of every Pakistani is roti, naan or a tandoor based product. The business sector is dominated with small outlets at various places more specifically around residential areas and often close to each other indicating high levels of competition.

All such outlets are shared by usually 3-4 employees where one person is responsible for operating the oven and dealing with the customers while others working with the dough. But all such outlets are low on product standardization and hygiene.

Though there are not much stories related to bread that made people sick but still if we consider the amount of consumption of bread (roti or naan) per person in Pakistan it will not be an outcry on the effects of bread on health. That is where Lahore based MARO steps in!

MARO Tandoors wants to setup a network of tandoors that will provide consumers with healthier products at the same price as traditional ‘Tandoors’. For this, using healthier flour or more varieties of it and increasing hygiene control is what they are keeping up with.

In addition, the network is also planning to provide better customer service may be through appointing a person exclusively for that job and by introducing their online ordering and delivery procedure.

Well it might as well not be of much help to the small towns and rural areas of Pakistan or the person living in the outskirts of Lahore as internet is not very common in such areas. Moreover, this concept for now is only being conducted practically in Lahore so it is not accessible by the people living in other cities.

The team behind MARO plans to capitalize on the high profit margins of tandoors, and stretching it out on large scale, branching out all over Lahore and eventually over Pakistan.

Previous stats have revealed that those who have tried to implement the idea of integrating a formal business model with a small-scale business have become highly successful. Hence, MARO is working exactly on the same lines and is aiming to revolutionize the tandoor industry in the country.

Maro Tandoors

Tandoors everywhere are poorly run. The employees working there are drenching in sweat and the place is a pit of mess it is common for customers to bring their own dough to the tandoors and just pay for the baking service.

Customer service too is not very satisfying during Ramzan, Eid and on Sundays as it takes quite an effort to stand in those long distorted queues in such sultry weather near the oven as they have to cater masses. On weekdays it is pretty acceptable.

Now about their price regulating policy, I think it is an intelligent approach to give your start up a concrete base as only a bunch of people would be willing to pay more price to get better products. But it might be difficult to keep up with the policy because price regulated markets usually have a note worthy dependency on cheap labor, constantly rising input costs, bills and shortage of gas and electricity.

It would be interesting to see how MARO will keep its claim while competing with rising prices and other incoming businesses.

The idea has been adopted by other tandoors previously in order to expand their businesses by providing people with better customer service and good quality products.

There are many small chains of such improvised businesses in bigger cities of Pakistan like Lahore and Karachi which are not much known. The competition which MARO tandoors face in the market is the driving force which keeps their team working in the right direction. What makes MARO’s idea stand out is their focus on the hygiene standards, potential branding and better publicity in order to make way and revolutionize the tandoor business sector.

If MARO team gets lucky enough to achieve success following their startup which already has been conceived by many, they can be a role model for other people seeking inspiration for their start up ideas.