Reconnect EVO Devices to Get Waiver and Free Internet


If you are an EVO customer and haven’t used your EVO devices for long then here’s a time to reconnect it to win waiver on all previous outstanding dues.

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) is offering its EVO customers free internet along with waiver on outstanding dues on reconnecting their inactive EVO devices.

The offer is available on pre-paid and post-paid EVO, EVO Nitro, EVO cloud, Nitro Cloud & EVO Wingle devices which have not been recharged since 30th March, 2014.

Pre-paid customers availing this offer will be able to enjoy free balance equal to the recharged amount, while post-paid customers will get exemption in previous outstanding dues and free balance equal to the recharged amount.

Post-Paid Customers

For Post-paid customers the Win Back offer will be offering the following incentives

  • Exemption of Previous outstanding dues
  • Free Balance equal to recharge.

Pre-Paid Customers

For Pre-paid customers the Win Back offer will be offering the following incentives

  • Free balance equal to recharge

Business Rules:

  • This offer is valid for both Pre-paid and Post-paid customers
  • Offer is applicable for all EVO, Nitro, EVO cloud, Nitro cloud, EVO TAB & EVO Wingle customers.
  • Offer is valid for all Non-PSTN postpaid and all prepay customers; offer is not applicable for PSTN Customers
  • Day-pass and Week-pass customers will receive an extra day or week of usage once, as per their recharge.
  • Offer is valid till December 31st , 2014.

  • longestyard

    LOL , PTCL screws its loyal customers and rewards customers who have ditched their devices

    • Faisal

      100% true !

    • Fakhre Alam

      well, they are demanding u to buy another device :-p

    • Ali Sharif

      actually PTCL had caged some birds before, you may called its loyal customers and greedily looking for new birds..

  • Guest147

    PTCL had nothing to offer on this 14th Aug, that’s why it comes up with this third class offer. Screw you PTCL with your almost dead evo service,

  • KMQ

    Yet Another Trap by PTCL!

  • raiz

    they reduced the limit to 30 GB from 75 GB. Screw u PTCL.

    • Mian Wattu

      purely decision made by a non-professional management better be called mismanagement

  • Shehzad

    Very true, EVO is DEAD! Even browsing is hard in areas around expressway Islamabad now.

  • Eli Ehsan

    an Act of CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE by PTCL……. Clearly.. #ThankYouAmranKhan

  • Noor Daraz

    who are using the evo continuosly they will not get any thing.i think they should

    stop using evo.because ptcl does not care about them……..

    • Fakhre Alam

      buy 2nd device

  • Azi

    how to get this offer? any code ?

  • Bilal Iqbal

    speed kam…data limits kam..krna kia hy evo ka?