Warid Pulls Industry’s Best Talent for Key Positions


Warid has managed to remain in the headlines lately. First it shocked the market (and the regulator) by announcing the deployment of 4G LTE network without investing a single penny into license (unlike Zong, which bought 4G license for USD 210 million dollars).

Later on, Warid made it to the headlines when it announced an investment plan of over USD 400 million dollars. It is said that this money will help company in remaining in the race with enhanced and improved data services for its customers.

During the while, Warid amazed the market by employing some notable names from telecom industry of Pakistan.

Such strategic hiring of key resources – without any doubt – are significant, especially for a company that was up for sale just few months ago.

To start with, Mr. Sarmad Malik from Moblink – who is probably the best known person of north region – has just joined Warid Telecom as Regional Commercial Director (North Region), sources tell us.

Warid also hired Mr. Faisal Khan Sadozai, the person responsible for the launch of EasyPaisa in Pakistan. Faisal will look after the Mobile Paisa – Warid’s arm for Mobile Financial Services – in fact he himself launched the product last month during a press meet in Lahore.

Next we want to mention Asim Ali – the guy who launched EVO products for PTCL – and lately the Group VP (products and services) at Virgin Mobile Middle East and Africa joined Warid Telecom as Director Pricing & Segments.

Just to add, Asim had led the launch, brand and product development for EVO. He was EVP wireless business in PTCL. Previously Asim has served as Director Strategy and Business Development in Mobilink as well.  

Talib Hafesjee , another champion known for his outstanding work and a proven track record while working with Telenor, recently joined Warid as Regional Commercial Director South region.

Last but not least, Nayab Baig, who is the best known HR person in the telecom industry joined Warid couple of months ago. Nayab is considered to be the chief architect behind the human capital design of Telenor Pakistan. He served Telenor as VP HCD for over six years.

Warid has successfully proven its strong standing at various levels. With such temperament, company is setting itself to thrive and reckon with full force.

We won’t be surprized if they launch Pakistan’s first 4G network – which is due with-in a month – while competition invested half a billion just for the next-gen licenses but is far from launching 4G yet.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

    • I don’t believe so. They are not competitive. They should have opted for 3G at least for 5 MHz spectrum.

      • It’s not a game of 5Mhz or 10Mhz. You know Mobilink has 10Mhz whereas Telenor has 5Mhz, you will face many areas where speed of Telenor will be higher than the 10Mhz Mobilink frequency. Warid would be used 1800Mhz to deploy 4G LTE that will be faster than sophisticated 3G. That’s a game of quality..!! Let’s wait and see, what happens in the future..!!

  • Wow looks like warid have got some big plans in mind.Next warid warid will shock other telecom operators when all the users will switch to warid.

  • Hmmmm… Good to see these changes, But someone who launched EVO joining is not worth the merit as it was a monopoly & the success factor (if an) was no competition + Virgin Mobile couldn’t launch its operations ME&A till date (as I work for VM ME&A).. So best of luck as the rest of the team specially Sarmad & Nayab make a lot of sense..

  • first they hire, then terminate them and start discussion with ufone for sale. history will repeat itself

  • Faisal khan was not responsible for Easypaisa launch. please dont quote things you are not sure off.

    • Reality, Silent Observer! Please introduce your self..!! How you claim that Faisal Khan was not responsible..!!

      • should i ask all of you here including aamir to reveal source of information? are you for real?

        • Faisal is an amazing guy and a very god leader and was head of institutional sales in easypaisa while Arif led the core FS team (segment, products). Marketing worked under Usman. I dont think we can name any individual solely responsible for EP launch. No point of bragging as such but I was myself part of the team.

  • warid has managed to show ,muscles to the key players. now the only thing they need to do is to speed up their work

      • Hopefully! But Warid needs to revamp themselves as well. They should show Expression of Interest (EOI) for new spectrum auction when the government intends to sell remaining 3G and 4G spectrum. Without 3G, survival of Warid is extremely difficult. I am confused why is Warid offering 3G roaming service for their users when they can’t taste 3G in their home network. :-(

  • Despite hiring top guns of telcom industry Warid’s subscriber base is shrinking so what is the benefit of all these exercise? I think just financial burden

  • Thank you Warid for hiring Talib Hafesjee. You have done Telenor a huge favour. He surely is a champion but at bullying his team in getting them to do his household chores. Good Luck to Warid employees!

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