Hacktivists Deface Pakistan.gov.pk to Support Protests in Red Zone


Hactivists decided to play their role in the on-going political situation in Islamabad.

A hacker group, without revealing its identity, has defaced Pakistan.Gov.PK – country’s official website – and replaced its content with weird images of Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif and Asif Ali Zardari, former President of Pakistan.

In its unique instance, the hacker didn’t leave a credit note making it almost impossible to find out the group that hacked the website.

Usually, with-in Pakistan and globally, hackers leave their name and message on the defaced page. However, it appears that hackers didn’t need any recognition from the defacement this time – instead they just wanted to ridicule the government executives.

We have time and again advocated the need for securing our government websites. Its only our incompetence that has brought this embarrassing defacement to see the light of the day.

Below is the message that is pasted on the website:

As you are aware that I Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif am the most corrupt politician and the most corrupt prime minister in Pakistan’s history. I have been killing innocent people from a long time now.

Therefor, many people named me as a “Killer” and a “Murderer”. Few days ago, I had sent many Gullu butts to Islamabad at Imran Khan’s Azadi March in police uniform.

All Pakistani’s wanted me to resign, therefor I told my Gullu butts to start killing innocent children, women and men at the Azadi March. I always cheated in politics and I always will.

However, I am not the only one that is killing innocent people around in Pakistan. One of my best friend “The Joker AKA Asif Ali Zardari” who killed his own wife and wifes brother is working with me too.

Our plan is to destroy Pakistan nice and slowly. People always wanted a change in the country, but we never gave them and never will !

Thank you for reading and understanding.
Pakistan Zindabad

Here is the link of defaced page: http://www.pakistan.gov.pk/gop/message.html

Thanks to Shoaib Yaseen for tipping us on this.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • I don’t criticize anyone’s opinions and respect them but this is destroying our country’s image

    • & Police killing civilians in the capital, Islamabad and Model Town incident killing 14 and injuring 85 and open firing on civilians and corruption by Sharif brothers doesn’t?

    • Are you talking about image?? LOL..!!! Pakistan has already been created its image in the world..!! Smell like you’re PML N supporter..!!!

    • lol. Police using real bullets against them when they were peaceful since 17 days. Yet you are crying your @$$ off for the “Gulails” they are using? F*cked up mentality of this #JahilAwam is just appalling.

  • God willing, Imran Khan and Qadri will be disgraced badly and it will be a very good lesson for many generations ahead

  • this is my country’s face you are defacing morons!!!

    May Allah guide Imran back to path of lawful and peaceful work for country. he has completely lost his mind.

  • someone please riddle me this:

    If we see ALL the previous hackings done by these groups, we would find ourselves supporting them. What happened now??

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