Warid Offers Free Bundle for Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp


Warid Telecom today announced “Free Social Suit” for its users through which they can access unlimited Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter on their mobiles without paying any charges. 

Warid has recognized the ever increasing demand of social networks usage now its users can stay connected with all those they care about, irrespective of distance any time of day through this Free Social Suit.

Warid prepaid users, without downloading any third party applications can access Facebook, Twitter & Whatsapp on their mobiles by just sending an SMS 7777.

Please note that this data browsing between 9PM till Midnight is not free and will be charges as per usual GPRS/EDGE tariffs.

Activation Method:

  • SMS “FW” to 7777


  • All Warid Prepaid and Glow Customers

Terms & Conditions:

  • FREE Offer lasts till 31st December 2014
  • For Facebook going on external links to view articles, photos and videos will be charged as per your data plan
  • Use of any proxies or mobile browsers which by default are proxy browsers (for example Nokia Xpress) may result in data charging
  • Standard GPRS charges apply from 9PM till midnight
  • This offer is limited to all GLOW and Warid Prepaid subscribers only
  • Use of any proxies or mobile browsers which by default are proxy browsers (for example Nokia Xpress) may result in data charging
  • Subscriber may get charged for other mobile phone applications consuming data in the background. This can be controlled by turning off such applications.

  • Kashif Sattar

    Great Offer, but time restriciton should be off. it should be for whole day:)

  • Usman Ahmed

    what happened to their 4g launch in sep?

    • test

      30th September expected

      • Zaim

        Mr test you’re surely an inner man of Warid.

        • Naveed

          I have that doubt too :) lol

        • Fakhre Alam

          hahaha. he denied to be warid employee. but i am pretty sure he is.

          • test

            Than pray for me that i will get a job in Warid

            • Zaim

              Mr. test we will pray for you to get PROMOTION in Warid Telecom.

    • Naveed

      3rd week of september is expected time for 4G Sims delivery and start of services too :) ;)

  • Wajahat

    What is for Post paid User

  • Naveed

    No offer for post paid users.. :(((((

    • test

      Nothing is free in this world, and i mean it ;-)

      • Naveed

        Yes indeed but atleast they should provide these offers to postpaid users too :(

        • test

          Keep your figure crossed. But postpaid is always a priority. Again noting is free in this world. Mean you will not get cheap services.

          • Naveed

            Yes Indeeed! Warid is the best network .. we get what we pay for :-) which is awesome!

  • Azi

    what about pictures send and receive on WhatsApp?

  • Why not for postpaid -_-

  • Ayesha Waseem

    Stupid warid !!!!! I hate warid.. Why time restriction… Djuice is best !!!! :)

  • Saad

    Aamir Atta, can you please talk to your sources in Warid and get an update on LTE services? I have noticed there is no update on it for a few weeks. Also, the Business Center employees were clueless about the LTE supported sims’s which were promised to be delivered at start of September to certain customers.

    I spoke to someone in warid who said that the company has no plans to launch LTE. They carried out all the false advertising so that given the time when other operators were paying millions, warid would not lose the market share and will keep customers from switching their network. Warid will end up blaming it on PTA that they didnt get approval.

    I have started to believe that this information might be true as there has been no word from Warid on LTE Sim’s distribution, or free trial or commercial launch at all.

    I also believe the other networks wont let warid deploy LTE even if it could that easily as they have spent millions of dollars to get new licenses.

    I’d appreciate if you can get the readers of this webiste an update on Warid’s plans.

    Many thanks

    • test

      just wait for a week or two at max.

      • Saad

        Doubt if anything will happen in September, considering how sure Warid was about start of September and how half of the month has gone by =/

        • test

          Political situation is the only reason behind thi delay. As PTA office is infront of red zone.

  • Umar

    Is this offer applicable on facebook mobile app?

  • Epakistani

    Other operators r offering the same without time restriction wth is with warid.

  • ali

    bundle price?

  • Nisa Rabb

    when waid start 4g lte in pakistan

    • test

      Next week is very important.

  • MohXin ALi

    oh yr ye deactivate kaise hota hai

  • sadaf

    how to inactivate this this package???