Telenor Launches WiFi Hotspots in Karachi

Telenor Pakistan has launched three WiFi hotspots in Karachi as a pilot project. These WiFi hotspots will offer internet services to Telenor customers travelling with-in the the coverage range of these hotspots.

Telenor told ProPakistani that these hotspots are launched as test project and that it might launch more WiFi hotspots at more locations and cities in coming time.

Irfan Wahab Khan, CMO Telenor Pakistan, in response to a query said that through this pilot initiative Telenor is offering free wifi hotspots for all Telenor GSM customers at following three locations.

  • Pie in the Sky, ZamZama DHA
  • Butlers’ Cafe, ZamZama DHA
  • Dunkin Donuts, ZamZama DHA

Telenor customers visiting these locations will have to connect their smartphones/tablets to an open Wi-Fi wireless network (SSID: Telenor). After opening the browser, the customer will be diverted to a portal where they will be able to subscribe to Telenor’s Hotspot using their Telenor numbers. Customers will receive verification code by SMS to chose a free package after which they can freely surf the web.

Offering internet services through WiFi hotspot to cellular customers is a proven idea. WiFi hotspots not only save the telcos the precious cellular bandwidth but they also offer customers a premium mobile internet connectivity.

Customers with-in the hotspot coverage areas of their respective mobile operators are usually offered free internet with which they can surf the internet outdoors, read e-mails, communicate, get informed and entertained. Some operators (in the west) offer free value added data bundles for WiFi usage in addition to cellular data usage, while others offer free internet with WiFi hotspots but of course with fair usage policies.

Even if WiFi services are charged, they are preferred by cellular customers due to strong in-door coverage and better speeds. Some surveys reveal that along with cellular coverage and quality, WiFi footprint of a particular cellular operator also plays a vital role in customer loyalty and retention.

While Telenor didn’t clarify us about its future plans, but with emergence of 3G and increased usage of mobile internet, we should expect more WiFi hotspots at malls, bazaars, airpots, metros and so on.

Yes, you must expect other telcos to start offering similar modelled WiFi hotspots too.

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