Exclusive: Zong to Launch 4G in Next Few Days

Zong is all set to launch its 4G network in next few days, most probably on coming Saturday, we have confirmed with sources.

According to Zong’s earlier plans and announcements, company was suppose to launch its 4G network around May 2015, however, due to a surprize push through Warid’s anticipated 4G launch around end of September, now Zong is almost forced to launch its 4G network in a hurry.

Understandably, Zong’s 4G network will be available in chunks in selected areas of at least four cities.

According to details we have received, Zong will officially launch its 4G services in Pakistan through a ceremony that is planned on Saturday in PC Hotel Karachi.

Zong didn’t confirm us the 4G launch date, instead a company spokesperson decided not to comment on the issue.

Reportedly, Zong will initially offer free services on its 4G network, just like what other operators did during 3G trials.

A ProPakistani reader from Johar Town Lahore confirmed us that he was approached by Zong to get his SIM replaced to become an early 4G tester. It merits mentioning here that customers will have to get 4G enabled SIMs to use 4G services.

Our sources tell that very limited and selected cell sites of Zong are 4G enabled and 4G rollout on massive scale is yet to see months. Industry sources (close to PTA) confirmed ProPakistani that Zong is asked to launch its 4G network ahead of Warid, because Pakistan Telecommunication Authority wanted to give the Zong a competitive edge for becoming the first 4G operator in the country.

Warid, on other hands, is all set to launch its 4G network around mid-October. If sources (close to PTA) are to be believed, Warid has been asked by regulator to delay its launch by two weeks through an understanding according to which Warid was allowed to launch 4G services without any new license, a similar service for which Zong bought extra spectrum for a sum of USD 210 million.

Various ProPakistani readers from Lahore and Islamabad have shared with us Warid’s LTE network availability screen-grabs. Check one below screenshot shared by Hikmat Baber from Kalma Chowk Lahore:


Similarly, another source shared below screen-shot of Warid’s live LTE network:


While Zong and Warid are up for a competition in 4G networks, the ultimate beneficiary will be the cellular users of the country who would be getting 4G networks for their communication needs in Pakistan.

Not to mention, Zong will have an advantage of offering 3G network to customers as a back-up (failover network) in areas where 4G wouldn’t be available, unlike Warid that doesn’t offer 3G services yet.

Assuming the performance and coverage issues of 3G, let’s not expect much from 4G networks yet. However, with time, productivity and efficiency of 4G networks (or 3G networks for that matter) will only get better.

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • is there an android app which shows network type (RAT) when searching for available networks (as shown in screenshot by Hikmat Babar above) ? By default samsung phones and Nexus 5 etc dont show network type info (just display network names)

    • Mobile network can be searched under network settings > Mobile network > Manual search. Different handsets uses different names. RAT stands for Radio access technology and it may be written as 3G/WCDMA, 4G/LTE, 2G/GSM.

      • in nexus 5 and samsung s4 it only shows network name, it doesnt show the network type (i.e RAT)
        Here is a screenshot attached. I just want to see if the area i am covered by any operator’s 3G/4G or not.

        • In such mobiles you need to define Network mode as 2G/GSM, 3G/WDCMA, 4G/LTE or hybrid/automatic. In case of hybrid/automatic, all networks will be enlisted and if a network has three or two RATs it will be displayed as one. You can change network mode to LTE or such appropriate mode to search LTE networks accordingly.

    • Agree with your RAT point but galaxy s4 (whole samsung) shows network type, available and forbidden network which means on which network you belong to, plz review snap.

  • I don’t understand why it is being said, ‘Warid was allowed to launch 4G services without any new license as compared to Zong that paid USD 210 million for a 4G license.’ Zong has got an additional spectrum in 1.8 GHz slot whereas Warid is to use its existing lot in 1.8 GHz.

  • Warid services were disturbed in karachi on last saturday for about one and half hour so think were updating their network for 4g

    • Dear Test plzzzzzzzz improve ur marketing policies with existing marketing policies i dont that warid will do some thing with 4G.i ve visited several remote areas where warid is only network but peoples are using PTCL Vwireless because no cards and easy loads available in areas this is extremely poor management.and now i understand why warid lags behind others in user ratio.You have to address these poor areas before 4G.

  • Warid’s LTE Downloading is showing only 13 Mbps speed test….!!!
    whereas i am getting average (8-10) Mbps speed test on Telenor 3G… and downloading speed upto 1.5 MB/sec …. :)
    i think, i should stick with TELENOR

  • i will never invest money to buy 4g enabled phone if mobile service provider gives speed like 10-20 Mbps, because my phone already supports speed upto 22 Mbps over 3g HSDPA PLUS network

      • I am able to get upto 13Mbps speeds on Mobilink 3G in the morning. 4G should provide more speeds!

      • thats why i wrote its baseless to buy to 4g lte phone even service providers doesnt offer real 3g speeds however telenor is working nice atleast they give between 2-10 Mbps

  • Ditch zong and their fake 3g. Switched to zong only for their better rates but what I get? Absolutely no internet on 3g.

    Song dumber 3g lesser the speed than regular 3g

  • I appreciate ZONG’s 3G speeds as they are really awesome whenever I use ZONG (Secondary SIM, I AM A WARID USER) but Warid’s LTE would be better as their signals are way stronger than ZONG.. Waiting desperately for 4G Launch .. :) lets see if I get it in ISB/RWP :)

  • Thank you ProPakistani for sharing my screenshot and mentioning me! I’ll share the SpeedTest screenshot too, whenever I get my 4G LTE SIM which Warid told me that will be delivered to me within this week. Morrover Warid has started selling 4G LTE SIMs at introductory price of Rs.25 in Lahore but 4G LTE isn’t available on them. Hope for the best to grab soon.

    • I am really confused. I visited Warid today to replace my SIM and asked a guy about 4G services, the guy said anytime next week , it will be started, due to some issues , it was stopped but we are fixing it.. on the other hand , my friend (who went with me) asked another lady there about 4G and she said that it will be launched end of October :P lolx now thats two different statements from the Warid agents .. anyways.. Lets hope for the best .. :)

  • Okay thats explain the messed up services i was getting in my area and whenever i was complaining they were saying its upgrade in process , it was LTE upgrading , cant wait to use it

  • OMG 13mbps on lte.. amazing ……… /s
    I am getting 1.6 MBps actual dl on jazz via using proxy for free dls on regular basis.
    If any of these network provides atleast 50mbps ..I would switch to theirs until then free 3g is better way to go..
    Btw warid lte would be better I guess.
    Bcoz zong gives me just max speed of 300KBps.. which is shit

  • how zong expended its 3g network.telenor sub sai acha hai q k os nai apna network expend keya Thai 32 shehro mai air zong ka koi pata nahi

  • Subscribe to Zong premium package. Zong limits the speed if you haven’t subscribed. They informed about this limit to avoid any heavy data usage by the apps if package is not subscribed. This limit also applicable to proxy by pass trick that you are applying on Mobilink to get free internet.

    • I don’t think Zong limits speed if not subscribed to any package. They only limit speed if we have subscribed to a package and we run out of it, then speed is degraded to 256 kbps. There are no limitations on speed on default.

  • its amazing that you r still using Mobilink 3G Free :P as they have launched 3G packages for postpaid too :P

  • I visited ZONG office today and When I asked if they are delivering 4G sims , the guy there said that he is not aware of that and he is not even sure who is spreading this news that ZONG is starting 4G in a few days =))

    • bhai apko ilhaaam hua hai?
      zong officials website says that they will offer upti150mbps.agr 150 bhi na ho75mbps tu kahen nhi gae aur lte ka yeh faida hai k heavy traffic ka speed per effect nhi parta.ptcl basically 3g network hai mger usne apni product 4g k naam se di hai.ap use ker rahe han tu internet window per chaar g k bjae 3g dekh rahe hong.

  • I was contacted by a Zong representative & she said I’m selected for a 4G trial! Still waiting for my 4G sim :-)

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