ClickBus: Travelling Just Became Easier

ClickBus, an international online bus ticketing platform, has launched operations in Pakistan. Partnering with more than 18 bus companies, ClickBus covers a major chunk of routes across major cities in Pakistan.

If you’ve ever used a flight aggregator or a similar service, then ClickBus interface should be pretty familiar. You select the place of departure, the destination, when you leave and when you return (optional). Finally, just select the number of people you’re buying a ticket for and hit search.

You get a pretty extensive list of results which can be sorted by price, schedule and duration. When you see a result you like, you can provide your name, choose what validation you would like (ID, Passport, Driver’s License) and confirm your order.




Keep in mind is that you can only get tickets in the city of origin. ClickBus provides cash on delivery service in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi at the moment, with launch in other cities in the pipeline.

One restriction you have to keep in mind is that you have to book your order at least 4 hours prior to the time of departure. Furthermore, if you place any order after 6:00 P.M with departure time less than 18 hours away, your order might not be accepted.

Speaking about ClickBus, Tayab Hasan, Managing Director Pakistan, said “We aim to facilitate the life of millions of travellers offering a convenient and efficient solution for customers booking their trips online. Our goal is very clear: to revolutionize the way people travel in Pakistan.”

When asked why he chose Pakistan, he adds, “Having spent my entire life abroad I always felt Pakistan was an unexplored market with great potential in online activity, considering as it is ranked number 27 in the world in terms of internet users. Moreover, the Pakistani intercity bus market represents more than PKR 17 billion in revenues and 17 million tickets sold per year.”

ClickBus will start operation in Pakistan from October 6th, 2014 — that’s when they will start accepting orders for bus tickets in Pakistan.

ClickBus started operations in August 2013 and currently operates in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Germany, Poland, Thailand and Turkey.

You can start booking your orders at

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      • This happens when wanterpreneurs don’t get their things right. They should have done a proper launch assorted with a completely functional website. QA resources aren’t the scarce. But seems like publicity is more important than first impression. The idea is an awesome one. However, the implementation needs more time for proper app development and quality control.

      • hahahaha…this is a European way of currency format. Decimal ‘.’ is written as ‘,’ A small script upgrade can fix this. This site is loaded with bugs and they are marketing it on ProPakistani..Lame

  • “ClickBus will start operation in Pakistan from October 6th, 2014…” chill out guys I think they’re just live for testing? I think they’re doing a rapid roll out and changing lil things till their actual launch in pk

  • So startup in Pakistan has gone on to skip the “start” bit totally and switched to ‘copy’ up? Only see copies of gorup-on, olx and these European franchises now opening up (daraz, kaymu, foodpanda are also similar fare of applying outside model here – not really startups). Though I think Uber should come to Pakistan! And that in essence remains the bane of Pakistani start-up scene – little to nothing that is original!

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