Ecommerce Website Tips for Small Businesses in Pakistan

By Ameer Hamza

Big brands always have a busy online traffic on their ecommerce websites. For small businesses that are already not that recognized, running an ecommerce website can become a little difficult with the competition from all the big brands.

It becomes even more difficult to manage website for small businesses in countries like Pakistan. Here the internet users are less and online purchasers are even lesser; which makes the situation only depressing during your early days.

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Here are a few tips for a small businesses in Pakistan to reach their target audience through an ecommerce website successfully;

Understand the Market Need

The first thing for businesses operating through ecommerce websites is that they require acceptance from their viewers. You need to understand what your customer demands and that you should try to give for success of the business.

People here are still conservative when it comes to online purchasing. For this purpose the first thing is to come up with ways to gain their trust with the product quality, payment method and delivery of goods.


Branding yourself is the best way to market your business. This helps create awareness regarding your business. Make sure your quality standards are high when it comes to your product as well as customer service. It is further important to maintain these standards.

Consistent results are what develop the public image and that is what people here would go for when it comes to online trade.

Make your Website Unique

Uniqueness is very important to stand out in competition. In Pakistan with limited online viewers there is a tough competition between brands. Since it is a small business we are referring to at the moment; there is even a more tough competition with the big brands. It is therefore important to attract your audience with what they see.

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Make sure your website highlights all the positives on your brand as well as products. Along with this you also need to ensure that your website offers extra features, is not boring and is more attractive to look at.

Give more to see than Read

People when shopping online do care about the details of the products, but we Pakistanis are more concerned about the look and feel of them. It should therefore be kept in mind to mention only the necessary details along with a way for customers to take a look at the quality results; that is pictures.

This will also help your potential customers to compare the products of different brands and if what they see on your webpage is better you will gain a customer. It is therefore important that you make your product display outstanding.


Other than making your website and product look appealing it is important that you market it with the help of online advertisements. This can be done by choosing appropriate keywords for search or even advertising your website on other commonly used webpages. This way your website will gain more traffic and more customers as well.


No business can run successfully without a business strategy. To develop one you need to know your strengths, weaknesses and most importantly competitors. Competitors are not just a threat in the physical market, but in online market as well.

Make sure you know how your competitors are approaching customers and try to come up with a way to outrun the competition and stand out in the market. Play to your strengths and make them visible to your customers. Make sure you put your strengths in your website.

Maintain Credibility

For a small online business to flourish it is important that not only the website is well managed and maintained but so is the business credibility.
If you are consistent in satisfying your customers, only then will they remain and multiply. Consistency is what it takes for a small business to develop to a giant.

Hamza is a blogger and digital marketing manager at He is regularly contributing for LinkedIn and Yahoo.

  • I was just reading this article about Ecommerce Website and trust me it was all worth written. You have mentioned everything really well about eCommerce industry in Pakistan.

  • worthless article if i can dare to say this. Because for Pakistan the big issue with eCommerce is payment gateway which is completely ignored in this article.

  • Thanks for this good piece – collaborative guest pieces are a welcome change on ProPakistani!

  • There is also payment gateway issue in Pakistan. Only 2CO is working with heavy commission and charges.

  • Great article but they are no examples. Where can I find a full list of ecommerce websites in Pakistan like,, ShopHive etc.

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