NADRA Faces Serious Hacking Attacks from United States, India

NADRA, that hosts Pakistan’s most critical database, has gone through serious hack attempts originating from United States, reported Daily Express.

It is still unclear if hack attempts were made by individuals or any US State Agency as report lacks the mention of the responsible organization for these alleged hacking attacks on NADRA.

Without citing any names, the report claims that an official of NADRA confirmed the paper that among various other countries, attacks from United States remains at top in numbers for hacking NADRA’s database. Hacking attempts from Israel and India were also recorded.

Daily Express, while quoting the unnamed NADRA official, claims that hack attempts on NADRA increased notably during near past, however, NADRA is all set with security measures in place to ensure the protection of its database.

Hacking attempts from United States account for 35% of total attacks that NADRA received lately. Attacks from Israel and India contributed 20% each towards the total attacks on the database that contains the private and sensitive information of each Pakistani.

NADRA official was confident that Pakistani data is secure and can not be accessed by any individual or organization despite very organized attacks.

Not to mention, a Turkish Hacker — who had hacked PKNIConce claimed publicly that he had access to NADRA’s database.

Via Daily Express

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