PITB Introduces Telepresence Room, Connects 36 Punjab Districts

PITB has established a telepresence room that eliminates the need for officials to travel across Punjab for meetings. The room provides video conferencing capabilities and it virtually connects all 36 districts of Punjab.

Using the room would mean that officials no longer have to travel for meetings, saving time and expenses. Telepresence rooms use commercial grade equipment so that means quality of video and audio is ensured as well. The telepresence room installed by PITB includes a 55 inch room presence display and multiple desktop video terminals.

This is a great step as it leverages information technology to solve a common problem while saving travel expenses. We sincerely hope that government officials actually use the telepresence room so that thousands of people no longer have to get stuck in traffic because of VIP movement.

We’ve contacted PITB for more information on the project and will be updating the story as soon as we get it.

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  • Now this is what you call CHANGE !!!….. well done Punjab Government … Well done PML-N…. we know u will deliver … !!!

      • this thing is not just skyping … this is the advanced version known as “Teleconferencing”…it’s on corporate level…. and i bet if this “skyping” was introduced in KPK … u potions would have been advertising it all over the social media … but since it’s done by PML-N … u people can’t just digest it!!!


    • aapki ghlti nhi ,aap jaisay log pakistan ko taraqi nhi krnay detay #potialwaysPoti
      apart from [politics ,these efforts shoulb e apprreciated

      • I do not even want to write your name in my comment this is such pathetic attitude to involve politics in every matter if you call this as progress then Saudi Arabia should be replaced by America you are being proud by buying some stuff and saying look i can use it this is same using samsung smartphone and saying i have made it why the hell PITB is there why cant they think something of their own as this thing can be handled by some small office by paying money to HUAWEI operations and maintenance is not any progress by any means

        • So, leave the politics here and listen #poti:

          Travelling cost from district i.e Rwp to Lahore: 500 per head, if there were 200 members travelling, the cost goes to 100000; its only the uplink, down-link is doubled i.e 200000

          Lunch, dinner, rent of house, cigrette etc will cost aroung 500000; family members adds to these with extra cost

          Labour will also be there for clean envirnment and etc purposes costing around 100000

          The most important savings here is the time, that Imran poti does not understand thats why I hate him.

          Now tel me if total cost with this technology is around 100000 to be max, why you still disagree with this??? The reason I see is only because you are one of those currupt members who get TADA and drink visky with that money?

          God bless u idiot.

          • i think ur brain is only filled with donkey shit if you cannot understand my point of view then there is no way u can bark about it tell me what is the role of PITB in all this are they doing some software tweaking to run the hardware they purchased from HUAWEI or they are using the same software as they just believe in buying the stuff and running them ok fine they bought it and they are using it as it is what is the business plan they are gonna implement to benefit from it dick face faggot this is good step but this is not progress real progress is if PITB or ABC has some RnD department to come out with those devices which you can use and also sell others to get money this is progress but u illiterate people cannot understand this this is 21st century where nations are landing on comets and u fucktards are buying and running some stuff and calling it progress shame on you for calling yourself a human

            • Great! So you are telling me that if I need to buy a shoe pair, I should atleast buy a factory that makes them… so that i can also sell those pairs.

              If i need to buy a laptop, I should buy asembly plant so that i can also sell these laptops!

              Great, no other words for you.

              • ideally this should be the case that you can make your own shoe do the electric works know how house can be built and believe me in case of catastrophe nations knowing such things had are and will survive better example is in front of you after 2nd world war how many years did europe and Japan take to build everything and we cannot improve the condition of earthquake hit areas till now but we are talking about institution here not single person so yes they should invent something of their own rather buying stuff from XYZ and calling it progress either we should focus on technical side(like Europe and America) or should try to make services (like UAE , QATAR, THAILAND) better to progress to come out with business plans how can we sell it further to grow economy this thing is not progress nations are doing it for years not a very big deal in my perspective

    • You are the nonsense person ever, you are enemy of Pakistan. Agar hm ap jeson ko dondh ky qaid kr lain chain sukoon ar taraqi hmara muqadar hogi…

      • Get over it. Enemy of Pakistan because someone is saying that they paid Huawei for some equipment? Please. You don’t know what enemy is then.

        I agree with this comment that this is not a big deal. We must appreciate that it saves money but I will see real change in this country when PM travels economy class PIA and sits at the back quietly near the rear toilets, when Pakistani build their own video conferencing system like the Chinese or launch their own mission to Mars like the Indians.

        Very well said above that if we blindly appreciate efforts where tax payer or state money has been used to buy foreign inventions rather than build locally, then Saudia Arabia is USA.

        These PITB guys should take pride in the work that they have done in Pakistan and are doing but they also need the understand that buying Huawei video conference system not a big deal.

  • Dear this picture is not of PITB room .its the Telepresence room of company in Islamabad where i have worked last time ,This room in in E-11 Islamabad in the premises of that company ,not in PITB ….

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