Introducing ProPakistani’s Series on Taking Back Your Online Privacy

In today’s world, it’s stunning how quickly we have come to accept the new reality that anything and everything is monitored. Whether it’s Facebook selling your data to advertisers, NSA conducting mass surveillance across the globe or our own government tampering with internet for political and social filtering, we have much less security than we did even a few years ago.

Recently, we reported that Pakistan was named an enemy of internet freedom alongside the US, UK, China and Iran. We have over 40,000 blocked websites, YouTube has been banned for years and soon, a proposed bill to counter Cyber-Crime will make it legal for the government to intercept electronic transmission without a warrant.

It’s safe to say that online privacy and internet freedom are under serious threat. Furthermore, it’s pretty clear that any expectation of privacy from a government or website is not going to be fulfilled. If you want privacy, you’ll have to take it back yourself. We also know that it’s hard. That’s because the biggest enemy of security is convenience. You could deactivate your Facebook account, you could stop using Google and look for a secure alternative but these services have become so ingrained in our daily lives that takes too much effort.

So we have decided to take the hard part out. Starting from today, we’ll be publishing a series of articles on how to secure your accounts at popular websites across the internet. Not only that, we will also be reviewing security tools, tips, plugins and other things that help you stay secure on the internet.

Please let us know what you think about the series and what you would like to see in it. We’re also open to suggestions for starting new series so let us know your thoughts in the comments!

  • 40,000 site are blocked by Pakistan, i am sure majority of site would belong to porn and smaller no of site belonging to anti islamic and anti state topics, i am really satisfied with what PTA has done in order to block adult contents, similar steps have been taken by UK for blocking the adult content. Adult content is entirely blocked in UK by default, however customer who wish to visit the sites can make a request to their ISP in order access block sites.

      • in china or in pakistan?
        I didn’t understand what china has lost after blocking youtube and we lost that too.what’s its importance btw

    • No such thing exists in the UK. Only Child Porn is blocked. Rest all sites are accessible by default everywhere in the UK. Rest about 40,000 websites in Pakistan, only 40% of them are porn. 25% are anti-islamic, for which I strongly oppose, rest have nothing to do with anything and are blocked. Everyone has right, and it’s people’s right to choose what they want to see. Even in the US/UK where the system is extremely efficient, they don’t block anti-Christian websites, In Pakistan, where the system is full of politics and shit, NO ONE GAVE THE RIGHT TO PTA, to block a single website as per their preference.

  • Good step ProPakistani! privacy is the most important thing in the our life (Even more if you’re a Pakistani). Go a head and share some tips to protect the privacy.

  • Their are services (cyber) we are denied of by international community and there are those which are provided to us but our government comes in to block them. One example of later one is youtube.

    • Privacy isn’t obsolete, it’s just really hard to get right. I’d rather people be educated and have some semblance of privacy than give up all hope altogether.

      • In the words of Stephen King

        “Let me tell you something my friend. Hope is a dangerous thing. Hope can drive a man insane.”

        What I meant to say is that securing yourself in the online environment is a tiresome thing. May be you think all of your data and dirty secrets are secure and the next morning you hear is that all of your Google, Microsoft Whatever credentials are posted online by some anonymous hackers and you can do nothing about it.

        • It is and it is worth it. My point if you have to do the best you can so if there is a breach, it’s in no part due to your own incompetence or carelessness. If you can’t even be bothered to protect your privacy, how can you point the finger at others for not doing so?

          The most wondrous things in history have come because of hope and struggle against insurmountable odds. If our ancestors just gave up when the odds were stacked against them, Earth would be a cold, empty and lonely place. So while things may seem bleak, they aren’t truly so until we resign ourselves to the fact that they are. :)

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