Telenor to Launch Dedicated Music Portal for its Customers

Telenor Pakistan has announced its plans to launch “Telenor Music”, an exclusive music streaming portal with over 500,000 tracks to provide one-stop solution to licensed content to its over 36 million customers. The announcement was made during an interactive media round-table on 3G in Islamabad.

Telenor said that the launch of its music portal was made possible through a partnership partnership with Wimp Music, Sony and Universal.

Telenor said that its new portal is aimed at further enriching customer experience with high-quality local and international content.

Telenor’s Music Portal is set to face competition from saavn, an Indian firm that offers free music streaming for south east Asians. However, premium features from Telenor Music, such as offline-sync and support for feature phones will the service an upper hand.

Not to mention, Telenor Music isn’t free and comes with certain charges, details of which are given below:


In addition to data charges (or data consumption if you have data plans on your account) Telenor music service will come in two plans with daily, weekly and monthly subscriptions.

Below is the charges’ details:

  • Basic Plan
    • Daily subscription: Rs. 3
    • Weekly subscription: Rs. 10
    • Monthly subscription: Rs. 40
  • Premium Plan
    • Daily subscription: Rs. 5
    • Weekly subscription: Rs. 25
    • Monthly subscription: Rs. 100

Telenor Music services will come with no taxes, and hence there’s no tax on above mentioned prices


As mentioned above, Telenor Music will come with two plans with difference in features. Below are the features for both the plans:


How to Subscribe to Telenor Music

Currently service is offered as a trial and anyone can go ahead and give the service a try by dialling *3333#. During this trial period, customers will be offered 30MB of music streaming bandwidth for free that’s valid for 7 days.

Telenor music can be played on smartphones through Android and iOS apps, where users are asked for registration before service provisioning.

Feature phone users can also stream music even when on 2G network. Telenor said that service works smoothly on its 2G network as well, however, the audio quality is degraded to maintain smooth streaming experience.

For feature phone streaming, your phone must be capable of supporting audio streaming.

After commercial launch on December 4th, 2014, Telenor customers will be able to subscribe to Telenor Music through following strings:

  • Basic Plan
    • Daily subscription: *345*1111#
    • Weekly subscription: *345*1122#
    • Monthly subscription: *345*1114#
  • Premium Plan
    • Daily subscription: *345*1116#
    • Weekly subscription: *345*1118#
    • Monthly subscription: *345*1120#

For Un-subscription:

If you want to un-subscribe to Telenor Music service then dial following strings from your phone:

  • Basic Plan
    • Daily subscription: *345*1112#
    • Weekly subscription: *345*1113#
    • Monthly subscription: *345*1115#
  • Premium Plan
    • Daily subscription: *345*1117#
    • Weekly subscription: *345*1119#
    • Monthly subscription: *345*1121#

App Screenshots

Here are few screen-grabs from Telenor Music Android app:





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