FIA Launches SMS Alerts for Cyber Crimes

National Response Centre for Cyber Crimes (NR3C), FIA’s wing for dealing with cyber crimes, yesterday inaugurated an SMS alert system for masses in the country to aware them about cyber crimes.

NR3C, under this new initiative, will send out SMS alerts to Pakistani mobile phone users about trending cyber crimes, including but not limited to fake lotteries, money prizes, fake ads, Facebook security, privacy matters and so on.

NR3C told ProPakistani that information about usual fraud types, and other cyber crimes will be communicated to masses. It said that aim is to aware users about any possible cyber threats they might face in their usual lives.

Currently NR3C is using a paid SMS service from a telco with monthly capacity of 10,000 SMS broadcast, but agency is working on getting in touch with PTA to partner with telcos to get more subscribers covered.

Register Your Complaint About Cyber Crimes

NR3C has also enhanced its internal system to make sure that cyber crime complaints registered with the agency are processed more quickly and efficiently.

Anyone, registering a complaint with Nr3C, will now get a complaint number that can be followed up with the agency for outcomes. NR3C said that it has enhanced its internal complaint management system in a way that now complaints will be processed with-in a day and any possible outcomes will be communicated to complainant with-in a week.

Citizens can register their complaints with NR3C about any cyber crime using below methods:

  • SMS/Call your problem to this number: 0336-6006060
  • Tel: # 051-9106384
  • Email your complaint: [email protected]
  • Send Hard copy of your complaint to this address:
    • National Response Centre for Cyber Crimes
      FIA Head Quarter
      G-9/4, Islamabad

A more detailed post on how to report any cyber crimes or to register your complaint with Cyber Crime Wing if FIA is explained here.

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  • Why they don’t make a cyber law? That’s why, Paypal etc is not kicked off due to our fragile e-system!

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