Facebook Slingshot Receives Major Update To Beat Snapchat

Back in June earlier this year, Facebook launched its Snapchat competitor: an app called “Slingshot” which lets users send photos and videos to their friends. Slingshot, just like Snapchat, is based on an ephemeral messaging model in which your message just evaporates from phone storage and servers after a specific time.

Today, Facebook has rolled out a major revamp to Slingshot. Users can now ‘follow’ their friends. Friends and followers can ‘react’ to your feed updates by posting their images. Feed items are deleted every 24 hours or you can remove them by a swipe. You can share images directly from Slingshot feed to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


The old version of Slingshot also had a peculiar feature which was strange to say the least. In order to view the received “shot” from your friend, you used to have to send something in response. Otherwise, you could not view the message you received. This ‘pay to play’ model didn’t work for Facebook, as many users don’t like to send their image every time they receive something. In the new update, Facebook has removed this ‘feature’ and has allowed users to view messages without sending anything in response.

In other upgrades to the app, you can now quickly draw and edit images using 5 new photo filters. The new update also allows users to choose the most creative and famous Slingshot users around the world from Explore sheet and get specific notifications every time they post something. Photo and video messaging have also been made quicker.

Despite the improvements, Facebook has a long way to catch up in order to be a competitor of Snapchat, which has more than 100 million monthly users.

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  • Why we have so some many different messaging apps while having almost same functionality instead of one, developers need to design more productive apps instead of concentrating on messaging.

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