Prices for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in Pakistan

As we covered before, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus pre-orders have started in Pakistan. Warid, Ufone, Mobilink and Telenor are the operators who are offering the new iPhones to customers. The devices will start shipping from 11th December, 2014.

Here are the prices for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. We will update the post as we get more information about pricing from other telcos.

Telenor iPhone Prices:

iPhone 6:

  •  iPhone 6 16GB: Rs. 81,500
  •  iPhone 6 64GB: Rs. 93,500
  • iPhone 6 128GB: Rs. 105,500

iPhone 6 Plus:

  •  iPhone 6 Plus 16GB: Rs. 93,500
  •  iPhone 6 Plus 64GB: Rs. 105,500
  • iPhone 6 Plus 128GB: Rs. 117,500

You can register your pre-order by going to this link.

Warid iPhone Prices:

iPhone 6:

  •  iPhone 6 16GB: Rs. 81,499
  •  iPhone 6 64GB: Rs. 93,499
  • iPhone 6 128GB: Rs. 105,499

iPhone 6 Plus:

  •  iPhone 6 Plus 16GB: Rs. 93,499
  •  iPhone 6 Plus 64GB: Rs. 105,499
  • iPhone 6 Plus 128GB: Rs. 117,499

You can register your pre-order by going to this link.

It merits mentioning here that devices officially purchased from telcos will come with one year warranty. Special data specific plans for iPhone users will be added here on this page as we get more information about them.

Prices for iPhone devices from Ufone and Mobilink are not revealed yet.

Talal is a Director at ProPakistani. Reach out at [email protected]

  • panjgoori

    93,000 for only 32 GB storage ? apple ke fan itne ziada pagal hai ?

    • Saad


      • Amir Butt

        64gb ha bhai

        • Umer Khan

          what nobody realizes is that these are middle east iphones without face time. When did PTA ban face time???? This is on mobililnk website.

          • Tnt4ever

            this is called network end khach

          • Saad

            wow, just checked. Didn’t know facetime is banned by PTA.

          • Slashable

            actually Face Time PTA ne nai Apple ne khud band kiya hai.. in many asian countries.

          • Yasmeen

            Thanks for pointing out on PTA’s issue on banning Facetime. One should check the built-in apps (facetime/iMessage) before grabbing the gadget

    • ahmed

      lol…us qaum pay jo sab corolla 20 lakh kee laitay hoay khush hai…aur baat kya karni hai?

      • credulousgeek

        Dil ki bat krdi bhae

    • ScarletCrimson

      No buddy, not for just 32GB storage. The phone comes along with the storage.

      • Raja Maja

        bhai aap ka keeray nikalnay mein koi sani nahin, aap kahien IMRAN KHAN ki teams mein say to nahin……………;)

        • ScarletCrimson

          Nope, hate him, love sarcasm. Buy a sense of humour.

    • Adeel

      64 GB

      • Arshad

        Pakistan mein 98% loug ghareeb hain…

        • Adeel

          Apple ghareebon k liye products design nhn Karta, lene wale bohat hain jani, don’t worry Pakistanio ko original iPhone mil raha hai aur kya chahiye

    • Yasmeen

      Its for 16gb and not 32gb, ab 32gb nahi aata isme

  • BilAl KhAn

    Itne mehnge rates hain is sai to acha hai banda ebay pe order kar dy…

    • Saad

      eBay ka order aap ko aap k shehar main deliver nahi ho ga… Plus waiting times… Plus no warranty

      • Some Guy

        Warranty ka tu nay ‘L’ layna hay. Idiots! warranty here doesnt make a friggin difference!!!!

        • Saad

          Why don’t you learn some manners before posting a comment.

        • ScarletCrimson

          You can make your point, but you don’t have to be a tool about it.

        • waqar

          dost aap nay to ‘L’ hee laina hai :D

        • Raja Maja

          bhai aap apna naam “L” kion nahin rakh laitay………;)

        • Lfr

          Yehi hai pakistanio ki ghattia soch !

    • Hasan

      Shipping bht costly hai yani apko almost price ka double pay krna hoga

  • Umer

    I am getting mine from Canada with working facetime on my iphone. These iphones are without facetime like middle east and PTA never banned facetime

    • Tnt4ever

      pta nay ban nai kiya aub network apni chawal bi na maray. ):

  • ahmad raza

    ye to original price se kai gunna ziada he original price 649 dollar he or ye 806 dollar mn de rhe hain wah kia bat he inki

    • haris

      649 is without state taxes, taxes on avg are arnd 8 – 10%
      rehna pakistan main , harkatain saari desi karni hair aur baatain walaitee…kamaal karday o saaray!

      • Atifsh

        with tax and shipping which is free from apple you get under 700 $.

    • Adeel

      Hum Pakistani tax bhi dete hain jani

  • Tnt4ever

    warid is selling on same price with Rupee 1 discount

  • Info seek

    Aamir Sb please confirm will the phones be available on contact from any network?

    • Saad

      They won’t be as per my information. Hopefully the banks will jump in soon and then we can buy on 0% for 3 months and some % more for more duration.

      • Info seek

        Hmm but I guexs if Apple is officially allowing them the network update should be available by now and also the phones should be available on contract and why doesn’t Apple announce it officially till now?

  • Arslan Ali Qureshi

    The first Telecos company to figure out how to do planned payments will destroy the market. It’s just a matter of time before we are robbed into getting into contracts.

  • Propakistani liars

    The link of Warid is dead and no Warid official has such information. I have called the helpline 3-4 times.

    • Tnt4ever

      I provided the link to propk & they removed my comment.

      I provided zong 4g maps before launch & they blocked my comment.
      They brand users info with their name

      Visit moremag . Pk atleast they have early news than propk.

      Propk is chor

  • Bilal Aahil

    at least now you get warranty, price was high before and it is now. After all Brand is all that counts

  • Rafay

    Wait and see what type of warranty are they offering.
    If they give accidental insurance then only its good.

  • Guest

    Admin please mention that PTA has officially banned Facetime in Pakistan. Beghairtan! See here:

  • Adnan Jabbar

    I bought an iPhone and now I can’t afford healthcare …. damn you steve !

    • Guest

      Hello adnan, when you get this iphone……… you looking good Dr.sab.

  • Ammar

    No Facetime and the prices are higher than what you’d get in the market. So much for ‘official prices’.

    • Adeel

      Telenor and Ufone are iPhone ready network, they both are offers to touch the full limitations of iPhone services including facetime, so enjoy the iPhone services with Telenor

    • Tnt4ever

      FT not blocked on Warid. Apple pushed the network update last night.

  • arif

    These phones are missing Facetime as PTA does not allows that

    • Tnt4ever

      Yes KSA & Dubai like policy by PTA

      Apple’s Official link to check if FT enabled on which network.

      Pakistan will be added in list after 11-dec-2014

  • Eli Ehsan

    E-Bay will be cheaper I propose..

  • ozairr

    I received a call from Mobilink prices are same as Warid.

  • efdsedf

    Microsoft ka lumia 535 kb release o ga salon????

  • Muhammad Atif

    Iphone ki aaik Khaas baat?
    Na koi App Hack kar saktay ho, na koi free apps,
    Jab Billionaire banjaoonga tau aisee cheezai kharidoonga.
    Android is King for Ghareebs.

    • Tnt4ever

      angoor khatay hain bai.

  • rafay

    warid pre-order link asking for login credentials :p

  • DJ

    anyone can confirm that these iphone model are with Face time ?