Warid to Accept iPhone Pre-Orders Starting Today!

Warid will be joining Telenor, Ufone and Mobilink to start pre-ordering of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus starting today, we have confirmed with sources.

As with other operators, Warid Telecom will also start shipping iPhone 6 and 6 Plus from December 11th, 2014.

A company sources confirmed ProPakistani that Warid users can start pre-ordering their iPhone devices from today, while shipping will start on Friday next. Warid will also be offering Trio SIMs — a cellular SIM that can be converted to micro or nano SIM and then back to regular SIM — for iPhone users.

We are hearing that these Trio SIMs will be 4G enabled, and will come with free 4G trials that Warid is offering in 4G covered areas.

At this point in time, it appears that Zong has decided to not to go for iPhone craze. They might get into the race later on, but seemingly they wouldn’t want to get into the hassle as their subscriber base consists of low-paying customers who would rarely go for an high-end device like iPhone 6. But you never know.

So to wrap-up, the pre-ordering of iPhone and iPhone 6 plus from Warid, Telenor, Mobilink and Ufone is starting later today after they will get a go-ahead signal from Apple. This go ahead is expected around second-half today.

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  • Ahmad

    but seemingly they wouldn’t want to get into the hassle as their subscriber base consists of low-paying customers who would rarely go for an high-end device like iPhone 6.

    Exactly the same reason they bought the 4G license.

    • Fayez Najeeb

      After reading that part in the article.. I thought exactly the same thing !
      Being a ZonG user this actually hurts my sentiments :P

  • Guest

    Now, the price competition has been inaugurated akin as 3G prices.

  • jmalik84

    Warid Coverage area in Lahore? any body knew about it

    • Akhtar Khan

      to find that does Warid offer you 4G coverage in your area, send a text sms : 4G to number 5555

  • Naveed

    Finally I Got a new number (Postpaid) and got a 4G Sim too :) I am loving it now ;)

  • Rafay

    Still no info on website.
    Telenor has updated their website with price and facetime calling enabled.
    Mobilink also strted preordering with a statement facetime banned as per PTA.
    And stating official apple warranty and no info abt accidental insurance.

    • TechTnT

      What a Bull Shit, when apple was not available by any network all the things are enabled. now from where the hell PTA banned facetime ? it mobilink policy not PTA’s

    • TechTnT
    • Adeel

      Telenor and Ufone are iPhone ready networks jani, they both offers to use the full limitations of iPhone services including facetime

  • Some Guy

    “This go ahead is expected around second-half today.”

    As always, Aamir Atta sahab proves yet again to be an employee of Warid. :P

    • aamir7

      Telenor prices are up now, and so are pre-orders, and its second half as well. I am their employeee too?

      • Riaz

        Aamir please ignore, and never reply such comments.

        • Some Guy

          As always, spoons will always be spoons. (@$$ kissers :P)

      • Saad

        OMG, Aamir bhai you are working for all telcos :P

      • Some Guy

        Its not that buddy, its the FACT that your biased opinion (positive) towards Warid and incredibly obvious biased (negative) attitude towards other telecom ops especially Zong. You can disagree with me all you want, but we, the readers have felt this for quite some time now. (Its apparent to the level of being quite pathetic, really). Plus, theres another fun fact for you (and potentially non-warid employee users:) the news you give out here on propakistan, the employees them selvs arent aware of it. Its leaked here well before anyone at warid even knows about it.

        • aamir7

          We try to publish news from other companies too, we’ll before their employees knowing about it.

  • Najam Tariq

    What time is as second-half ?

    • test


  • Saad

    So I have 2 active Warid numbers. Both Postpaid. While one was in iPhone 5s when they started making calls to customers about 4G trial, the other was in a non-4G phone. I received the sim for the iPhone number 10 days ago but after repeated calls to the helpline and even a visit to the business center in Lahore, they are refusing to ‘approve’ the request on the other number even though it’s now in a 4G enables phone (Nexus 5 D821).

    I don’t know what to do !

    • Usman Ahmed

      i have nexus 5 d821 and got 4g sim from lahore business centre two days ago

      • Saad

        Business center said ‘aap ka approval nahi aaya is number per’ so we cant issue you a sim.

        • Usman Ahmed

          they do have a problem giving the sim – i got a call from 321 that you can get the sim but the agents there were not very happy about it. But eventually after some behas they gave it to me.

          • Saad

            This is exactly the problem, the frikkin attitude of these counter reps (no offence). What kind of customer service is this? I’d go and try doing ‘behas’ again, but to be honest I don’t have that much free time. They should be happy people are helping them test their network.

            • Usman Ahmed

              right now the customer service is at an all time low – i gave a port in request, and i was told i would get warid sim within 24 hours. However never got it. When i inquired again, i got a call that we are not delivering sims anymore, please come and get the sim. I wonder if they would have told me if i hadnt inquired.

              • Saad

                Dude, that is exactly the problem. For my ‘approval’ they keep telling me there is a ‘huge pool’ of people with 4G enabled phones. I mean what’s the percentage of Warid subscribers who have a 4G enabled phone? 5%? 10%? How long does it take to do a one click approval from their back end. Everytime I call 321 they have no clue/track of my previous ‘request’ and I have to log a new one. I’ve done that twice since last month.

    • Jasim Elahi

      Buddy simply send an email to [email protected] along with your no and ref of Propak reader, you will see the magic happening :) Warid people are so sweet, its my experience and thats i dont want to quit and shift to any other network ever.

  • Tnt4ever

    They might be selling iPhone Un-officially because there is no carrier update on my iPhone 6+ nor on 5s

    When i insert Telenor or Ufone Sim there is Company Name in Carrier Section.

    but for Un-official / Un-Certified Networks it Say Carrier 18.0 , 16.1 based on IOS version etc.

    • Tnt4ever

      Just received the carrier update

      Warid 18.1

      Good news is Facetime icon still there means FT not blocked in Warid

  • ahmad raza

    aamir bhai main ne apple ipad air 2 64 GB LTE purchase kerna he kindly meri rehnomai ferma dn ke kis retailer se lia jai or pakistan mn HOME Shoppin.pk kia ye bilkul 1 no cheez sale kerte hain kia in se le lia jai plz reply me

  • ahmad raza

    or ye bhi bta ke kia ipad air 2 LTE mn call or sms support kerta he????

    • Tnt4ever

      Data Only

  • pakistani tech lover

    No signs of any pre-order anywhere at warid website. Awein lambi chor rahy ho :D

    • Tnt4ever

      the link was active when disclosed. not they protected the page with password

  • Umair Itrat

    I see no links anywhere. Only Telenor has proper pre-order links.