Burq Broadband Inaugurates its First Franchise

Burq Broadband, country’s first WiFi broadband service provider, has inaugurated its first franchise in Peshawar.

Part of Argentina based ICONDOR Telecom Group — that has footprints in Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay since the early eighties — Burq aims to offer broadband services to customers through WiFi.

While present in one part of Rawalpindi, Burq’s major coverage span is in KPK, and its first franchise in Peshawar also shows company’s intents and focus towards Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Mr. Shahid Mir, CEO Pakistan, Syed Alireza (G.M. Marketing & Sales). Mr. Jafar Raza (Head of GR & Corporate Affairs), Mr. Khurram Abbas (Division Sales Manager North), Mr. Kamil Khan (Engineering), Mr. Zafar Ali Shah (Area Manager Peshawar) alongwith Burq Officials at the inaguration of Burq franchise

Mr. Shahid Mir, CEO of Burq Broadband, while addressing the audience on the occasion said ”

We have deliberately selected one part of the town of Peshawar i.e. Warsak Road where as a Management we felt people need a quality, reliable, affordable and a stable internet service, if money was the only objective we could have started from a much higher income strata area like Hayatabad.

I reiterate The Management’s commitment and desire for further expansion and hence investment in near future”.

Burq Broadband Coverage

Burq currently offers it WiFi services in selected parts of Peshawar, Attock, Mardan, Nowshera, D.I.Khan and Rawalpindi. Below is the list of areas where Burq currently offers WiFi:

  • Peshawar: Warsak Road and adjoining areas-planning to move to cover Hayatabad
  • Mardan: Bank Road and adjoining areas with Pakistan Chowk
  • D.I.Khan: Circular Road, Gomal Market, Mohalla Nadday Ali Shah, Bakhri Bazar, Busti Shaikhan Wali & Adjoining areas
  • Rawalpindi: Satellite Town A, B, C-Katarian-Malpur and adjoining areas
  • Nowshera: Cantonment, Railway Station & Adjoining areas

Burq Broadband Tariff

Burq scratch cards of various denomination are sold, including Rs. 50, Rs. 100, Rs. 300, Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,000.

Amount of Time Allowed Speed Validity
Rs. 50 2.5 Hours 512 Kbps 7 Days
Rs. 100 5 Hours 512 Kbps 10 Days
Rs. 300 15 Hours 1 Mbps 15 Days
Rs. 500 25 Hours 1 Mbps 20 Days
Rs. 1,000 50 Hours 1.5 Mbps 25 Days

Example: If you have bought a Rs. 500 card, then you will be able to use 25 hours of internet at a data transfer rate of 1Mbps. Validity of this card will expire after 25 hours of usage or after 20 days of first login.

How to Use Burq Broadband

If you are in an area where Burq Broadband is available then it will start appearing in the list of available WiFi networks on your PC/Laptop or smartphone. Simply connect to Burq WiFi network. Upon browsing, you will be asked for user name and password, which you need to enter from the scratch card.

Once the scratch card is authenticated, you will be able to use Burq Broadband till the expiry of the card.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Too exp compared to DSL. Don’t really see the success. Maybe get flexible on validity and target light/occasional users?

      • Peshawar 3G and 4G is already available and millions of peoples are using it. M on Telenor 3g now, and let me inform u ignorant that we peshawar citizens are far more advance in todays technology. It u who r still living in stone age.

  • Burq ko chahye abhi se apni boreya bistar baand lain.
    Mung agha ashta DSL jaib na khlaas kroo da BURQ paki la bal raghay.
    Waiting for O3B.

  • its too much expensive and its based on the basis of hours .. where there is restriction of use in hours there will be low demand … so no from my side

    • No to Bhai nay aisay kaha jaisay aap ki minntain kar rahay hian Burq walay….ha ha Edda toon Bill Gate.

      • Raja bhae .. minntain wali baat hi nae hay .. services sale karnay k liye, customers to zaroor chaheye hoti hain .. and if customer r not satisfied by any reason ..then loss will occur .. and there is competition in market as well .. so dear dont mind .. that was my opinion rather then any rigorous statement ..

  • Congratulation and all the best … I have used the Burq and it is very good, speed and connectivity is excellent. one don’t need to enter password again and again. Just try once and feel the difference.

  • Those who will use their services deserve being shaken down for money. Pertinent to mention that the so called covered areas already have much better broadband options. These costs would make sense in hard to reach locations only.
    PTA should open their eyes and ban all broadband speeds below 1mbps. This circus has to stop.

  • Oh, I just remember a decade back when we had Wol, Xcess, Nexlinx etc had same packages for dialup. Burq, it’s totally flop. Don’t think for more franchises.

  • This can be used as wifi hotspots when people are on the move or travelling just like in european contries
    this is indeed a very good initiative

  • Having read the below comments one gets a clear idea that they are mostly (if not all of them) coming from competitor’s people! Guys! have a heart! At least you should be happy that here is another company where you can apply for jobs ;). So stop fretting and move on with life. Only losers will reply back:-D

  • Time validity is disgusting, no one is gonna use their internet at all. We are living in 2k century and none on Earth would like to have Time Based Internet Service. Whomever has designed Burq package plan must be living in Dial-Up world.. :P

  • Can we connect multiple systems with their WiFi using the one scratch card? Like If I connect my PC and Mobile Simultaneously.

  • Please don’t compare this with DSL or 3G/4G…
    It can connect Laptops too… In a place of more than 500+ occupancy like a shopping mall, 3G or 4G will not be able to support such a big need… WiFi technologies can be used in such a places where crowd can stay for a short time period and people need high bandwidth connectivity…

  • It’s expensive but look at the coverage you just have to find out their name on the available networks and you can use the internet. No need of cables. You can even access on the roads. Job well done but speed matters too so those who want fast internet they’ll never switch

  • How weird kinda poor tariff/packages are introduced by such an international level of a renowned company.
    It’s like 256k dialup moedem time tariff. And i am sure no one will like to go back to that past slow and expensive internet era.
    Its time to have speed in Mb’s and unlimited reasonable tariff/packages.
    Burq should reconsider it.

  • I provide Wireless Internet Services in Warsak Road and surrounding Area for 800 Rs Unlimited bandwidth per month speeds upto 2 to 5 mbps … are they joking or Argentina such a backward country

    • dont blame argentina , blame the business model implemented by Pakistani businessmen who lack business acumen BADLY!

  • Hahaha… yeh company farud hai packages kya iska network bhi farig hai. Guys don’t waste ur money in it…. Aur jahan tak mari information hai iski Franchise bhi band ho chuki hai

  • sirjee internet technology to bohot he pakistan me or bohot se mukhtalif pakages deke he magar ganto ka hisab pehlee bar deka . burk broad band is the best agar mb ya gb ka pakage hota . agar burq wale kamyabee chahte he to ganto ka pakage khatam khar k limit pakage ikhtyar karna chaheye

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