Warid Announces 6 Months of Free 4G LTE Data with iPhone 6

Warid has just announced an incredible six months of free 4G LTE data plan for its iPhone 6 buyers. Anyone who would buy iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus from Warid will get 5GB of free monthly data on its 4G LTE network.

Warid said that this offer is both for new and existing customers and new customers can go ahead and choose any plan that they want, meaning that this offer is for all prepaid and postpaid plans too.

Warid customers will also be getting 4G LTE Trio SIM by Warid for their iPhones. Currently the 4G LTE service trials are free, and hence iPhone users can enjoy virtually unlimited downloads, however, once trials are over they will start getting 5GB of data limit per month.

Here are Warid’s prices for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus:

Warid iPhone 6 Prices:

  • iPhone 6 16GB: Rs. 81,499
  • iPhone 6 64 GB: Rs. 93,499

Warid iPhone 6 Plus Prices:

  • iPhone 6 Plus 16GB: Rs. 93,499
  • iPhone 6 Plus 64 GB: Rs. 105,499

Available Colors: Space Gray, Gold & Silver

Where to Buy: All Warid Business Centres across Pakistan

Business Rules

  • With iPhone, Warid is offering six months free 4G LTE High-speed /Internet for its all customers including both prepaid and postpaid
  • Warid is offering 5GB Data Per month, absolutely free for iPhone customers
  • Warid prepaid and postpaid customers have the freedom to choose any packages
  • Both Warid new and existing customers can avail this offer easily
  • One year warranty is there for all iPhones.
  • Customers can easily book their orders online http://www.waridtel.com/iphone/
  • The handsets are available at Warid Business Centers

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  • Tnt4ever

    please merge Business Rules 1st & 2nd line

    in a way

    ” On iPhone Purchase from Warid,They are offering six months free 4G LTE High-speed
    /Internet (5Gb Data/m) for its all customers including both prepaid and postpaid.

    But you have mentioned

    “Warid is offering 5GB Data Per month, absolutely free iPhone customers”

    it may confuse that anyone with iphone will have free data.

    • Zubair

      Beware, there’s no facetime

      • Tech TnT

        Depends on Regional Model
        If us/ uk/ ca phone it is unblocked in default settings

        If sold in AE / SA its default settings is FT blocked.

        Put a Zain Kuwait sim & icon comes back.

        If you are jailbroken you can modify carrier setting to enable FT

        Search “Allows VoIP” config & you get the process info

  • Ahmad

    Oh really, 5 GB per month on LTE.
    come on, u r kidding

    • JahanZaib Yousaf

      I have consumed almost 15gb on Zong 3g in a month
      5GB on 4g is like 5 days to me

      • Geekpk

        warid 4g speeds are same as zong 3g.

        • BadarUI

          Warid is on testing base thats why

  • Saba Ahsan

    Warid LTE speed are so poor. Hardly get around 10 Mbps while on ZONG Super 3G I am getting 18 to 22 Mbps

    • ali raza

      Have u checked mobilink 3g speed? it hardly touches 1MBps

      • Saba Ahsan

        no i dont have mobilink. But i did check for Telenor and I get around 4 to 6 Mbps

        • Badar

          I am getting upto 0.40Mbps speed on Telenor while upto 1.20Mbps on ufone. Both are poor

    • Badar

      Which area you live? I am getting 7.2 Mbps 3g speed on zong and 5.0 on mobilink. But they both claims to give 42.2Mbps speed.

  • Ahmed

    Warid LTE

    • Dublin

      Stop this drama. Why dont you post final test results instead of capturing a screen shot during speed spike? Warid ka paltu pilla?

      • Ahmed

        download completed during upload

      • Ahmed

        check full results

  • Saad R.

    LTE test. Location main boulevard gulberg 3 Lahore. Very close to warid business center.
    Pathetic speeds. And very consistent.

    Not impressed at all.

    • Ahmed

      Check the host server of your OOKLA (should be Warid) also your are in week signal or in building as per your shared screen shot. Go to area in full signals and then test again.

      • Saad R.

        Host is Warid Telecom. And outside the building its also not more than 4 mb

        • Ahmed

          Give APN in all small letters warid

          • Saad R.

            thanks, i didn’t have new settings for lte. It’s giving a speed of 2.5 mb now. Still better than before and I’m still indoors :)

            • Ahmed

              Warid LTE is soooooooooooooo consistent

              • Dublin

                Stop this drama. Why dont you post final test results instead of capturing a screen shot during speed spike?

                • Ahmed

                  just check the light green color bar which is such stable and always around 20Mbps. I’d you have some analytical skills

                • Ahmed

                  warid LTE

    • Ahmed

      Its consistent Warid LTE

  • Riaz

    Can anyone confirm is warid supports personal hotspot, as I experience mobilink didn’t.

    • Ahmed


    • Tnt4ever

      go to settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Network > in personal hotspot type accesspoint.

      the hotspot ebanle/disable button will appear in Main Settings

    • Muhammad Musa Raza

      if you have jailbroken iphone then install tetherMe and you are good to go :)