Warid Starts Offering 4G LTE Trials for Prepaid Users

Your wait is finally over. After offering corporate and postpaid customers, the news is that Warid has finally started offering 4G LTE trials for prepaid customers, we have confirmed with sources.

So any Warid customer, who has 4G LTE compatible handset, and who lives/works with-in Warid’s 4G coverage area can go to Warid Business Centre to get Warid 4G LTE enabled SIM to start experiencing free 4G Trials.

Not to mention, Warid’s free 4G LTE trials span in following cities:

  • Karachi
  • Lahore
  • Islamabad
  • Gujranwala
  • Faisalabad
  • Peshawar

Just in case if you are wondering, you need to have 4G LTE SIM from Warid to experience 4G LTE trials. Your old Warid SIM isn’t compatible with 4G services and you must have to go to Warid Business Centre to get your SIM upgraded.

It must be noted that 4G SIM charges are Rs. 100. Warid is issuing Trio SIM, meaning that it can fit all SIM slot (Normal, Micro and Nano) sizes.

Once you will have your new 4G Enabled SIM from Warid, and assuming that you have 4G compatible handset, then you are good to start experiencing 4G speeds on your smartphones.

Check if you are 4G LTE Coverage or not?

  • Send an SMS: 4G to 5555 to get coverage details of your location,

Alternatively, use following method:

  •  Go to Setting-> Network Selection -> Manual Search


Here if you get “Warid LTE” network sign, then you are in Warid’s 4G coverage area.

Must Note Things:

  • Data Services during 4G Trials are free
  • Data services under 2G network mode (GPRS/EDGE) aren’t free, so make sure you are on 4G or buy a 2G bundle along with to avoid any surprises
  • Prepaid customers who have 4G handsets and if they are in coverage areas can get 4G SIMs from Warid Business Centres.
  • iPhone users have to update IOS 8 for smooth 4G functionality
  • When you insert a 4G SIM, you will get this text as a confirmation for 4G Trial subscription: Enjoy the ultimate internet experience with Warid during FREE 4G trial phase. You will be informed once trial period ends. Standard 2G data charges apply

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK

      • Yes, it’s one of the finest LTE handset options (considering price and specs). Several of my friends are using Nexus-5 for Warid LTE.

  • I already got 1 week before from business center. This is not a NEWS.
    The NEWS will, warid commercially lauched LTE services, there pathetic website is upgraded to (responsive website), more cities are added in coverage area. This will be the NEWS.

  • What is Prepaid user has 2G SIM but have 3G phone then will get the 3G speed of internet at his cell? OR only 4G will be offered rather than 3G ?


  • They were already offering to prepaid users !! :D I am on postpaid though :)
    Speed test done in Blue Area Islamabad!!

  • i hope they have a usb dongle when they launch 4G LTE , i will be the first one to kick ptcl evo out of my life…

  • Ive been using Warid 4G LTE since 13 November 2014, and consumed 108GB Data. Propakistani your info is wrong. Trails had started ages ago on 13 November for both prepaid and postpaid customer as i am a prepaid customer and i got my sim delivered on 13th November. Plus throughout the trial im getting 15MBps Download and upto 5Mbps Upload.

  • Overall, my experience with Warid LTE has been smooth. Speed and coverage are quite good. Last thing I would want is a package which offers around 10-15GB data/month at a fair price.

  • I have iphone 5s.. Got the sim a week ago … But when i move from 4G to 2G area, the phone sometimes go to No Service.. Until restart

  • Is there any andriod app that shows network type i.e warid (4g) Telenor (3g). i m using SIII but it shows only netwok name.

    • Dude.. Come on .. Add me on Whatsapp .. Message me on Twitter @NaveedKhokhar20 :) :D I have alot of friends from the internet , they all are using LG G2 :)

  • Warid improving its coverage day by day today i am getting full signals . Speeds needs improvement also now

  • Near lhr airport.

    I love this speed,but i think itsvpretty useless given the fact that you have limited data bundles i have tried ufone 3g package of rs 5/day and found it to be totally useless as the download speed in utorrent is hardly 60-70kbs and speed test gives only 1mb result.

    I have tried telenor daily bundle and the speed is mind blowing 600-800kbs with speed test result of atleast5 mb result.I think telenor 3g is by far tge best in terms of volume and speed for day time usage.

  • I got it 2 weeks ago, without any charges (you mentioned 100Rs?) and one more thing, I notice in my phone Network Search it only shows “Warid” no 2G, 4G or LTE, but when I enable data network it shows 4G sign, with data speed 5Mbps not Impressive.

  • Warid LTE not working on my iPhone 5. How to check if this is coverage issue or setting issue? Get an error that the cellular network is not supported by the carrier when i try to enable lte?

        • Bro iPhone hone 5 model 1428 donot support Band 3 (1800mhz) means you can only enjoy 3g on this set neither warid 4g nor Zong 4g will work on 1428

          iPhone 5 model 1429 & all later release 5c, 5s, 6, & 6+ supports band 3 (1800mhz)

          • Thanks for your kind feedback. Does the iphones after iphone5 have different models too? Are there any firmware upgrade solutions available for my 1428 iphone5 that can make it work on warid lte? Now that Warid is also offering iphone6s can i expect any support for the older Iphones? I also have Nokia Lumia 820 that supposedly supports lte. However it currently shows highest speed of 3G. How can i make it work on Warid lte?

            • no dear if the chip not have support for specif frequency you can do it by JB or else.

              i know all this because was also a 1428 model owner. i sold it & bought 1429

              same suggestion for you

              now either you sell 1428 & buy a1429 may cost you 4-6k difference.

              or if you have budget go for 5s or else.

              • Thanks a lot! What is the solution for lumia 820? How unfortunate! V have such a limited choice of devices for using Warid LTE!

                • as per gamreana (dot) com lumia 820 has Band 3 supported but don’t know if you have purchased region specific lumia 820

  • I got my 4G sim today from the Islamabad business centre. Works beautifully and it’s fully functional in Rawalpindi as well.

    • Where in Rawalpindi do you live? I understand that Warid’s 4G signals come as far as Commercial Market and die there. Also, I called 321 and they tell me that Warid isn’t offering 4G service in Pindi yet but it will ‘soon’ be available.

      • I was getting 4G signals in Scheme 3, Saddar and Dhok Ratha ! .. :) Speeds vary alot in those areas… I guess that would get better by time :)

        • A friend in Airport Colony says that he gets around 5-7 Mbps on a Nexus 5. I understand that these are all residual signals from Islamabad and that Pindi hasn’t got any 4G coverage yet. It is surprising because all other networks started trials simultaneously in the two cities and I was expecting the same from Warid but not to be.
          Btw what speeds are you getting in these areas?

  • Salam. Can anyone tell me that the sim is available only on business centres or also available in some franchises as well??

    • Sprint uses Tri-band LTE of 1900/800/2600. So going by this your model won’t support Warid’s 1800 band. You should go for the 1052 version.

      • Dear sir i have samsung galaxy s3 my mobile 4.4kitkat software & shows the sign of lte or 3ģ kya is mai lte supported hogi plz tell me sir thanks & regards

  • I have to add one thing more…
    im warid postpaid user since 4 years but now i have to seriously shift to other network…
    When i heard warid has a limited license n wen i got 4g sim they said sir it vl work with only specific sets…
    Even my samsung note 3 LTE donot support warid 4g lte network…
    So its really poor network…
    All people were coming on customer care with 4g lte sets n all were getting this poor pathetic reply from representative that sir ur set does not support our 4g network…
    better to shift to sum 3g network sim or zong 4g..

  • Same problem as everyone, my Galaxy S4 LTE is not supported. Note 4 and Galaxy Alpha are the only Samsung 4G compatible phones that Warid will support on their network. What a disappointment.

    • your s4 lte supports warid g i am using warid 4g on s4 lte 9505, u have to root it on 4.4.4 or u have to wait for the update

  • How I can check which Telecom Operator 3G or 4G services are available in my area? Not have all network SIM.

  • Yaar 4g LTE ka kia ukharna he jab 3g se kaam chal jata ho.This is what Telenor 3g gives speed

  • Salam. today I got my Warid 4G LTE Sim from Business Centre. I am using Galaxy NoteII(N7100) and most importantly a rooted phone therefore 4G should work on the phone but what I found is that my phone is not identifying sim and constantly signaling me “NO SIM”. I just want to ask whether it is the problem due to phone?? According to my knowledge SIM atleast work whether i use 4G or not??? SIM is entirely not working!!! Any reasons??

    • First of all , N7100 is not 4G compatible phone , N7105 is supported !

      Yes the sim should work even if your phone is not supported ! did you get a replacement sim ?

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