Daewoo Online Bookings Take the Hassle Out of Travel

You might not realize it but bus travel is huge business. Last year, the revenue from the intercity bus market topped 17 billion PKR and over 17 million tickets were sold.

Daewoo is one of the biggest names of the lot. However, ticketing can still be quite a hassle. If you have ever tried to get a ticket on short notice, you’ll know what we’re talking about. Advance bookings have made things easier but you still need to be there well before the bus leaves to avail them.

With increasing internet penetration and more of our population going online, it was about time we got a complete online ticketing solution and that’s exactly what we’ve got with Daewoo’s new booking system.

Booking an online ticket is quite simple. You select where you want to leave from, where you want to go and the departure date. You are presented with a list of all the bus types, available seats and other relevant information. When you choose a bus, you can actually select which seat you want and specify whether it’s a gents or ladies seat.


Once done, simply fill out your personal details and you can select payment methods which include Daewoo’s loyalty cards and credit cards. The option for a prepaid card is in the works and should be available at a later date. Once confirmed, you can print out your ticket. Keep in mind that you need to go through with the purchase in 15 minutes otherwise the booking gets cancelled.


Overall, we think this is a great service. Booking tickets has always been an annoyance, at least personally, and the option to complete the whole process online is a welcome development.

You can book an online ticket by going here.

Talal is the Editor in Chief at ProPakistani.