Wi-tribe Deploys Video Optimization Solution for Customer Experience Enhancement

Pakistan’s largest wireless broadband internet service provider wi-tribe has become the only internet service provider company in Pakistan to have deployed state of the art video optimization solution for its customers.

Through this solution, wi-tribe customers will now be able to enjoy even faster video streaming and experience much faster web surfing on their unlimited packages. In order to further enhance the customer experience, wi-tribe has also announced 65% more volume absolutely free on its 1Mbps basic package as a celebratory token.

Wasim Ahmed CEO Wi-tribe said:

“Wi-tribe understands how powerful it is to make broadband instantly available, and have invested in the technology networks needed to maintain strong growth and reliable service for all of our customers. Wi Tribe has always put the customer first, ensuring all products and services are built entirely on what the market demands”

    • People dont hav better option in remote areas where cablenet is not providing that better speeds! Love you witribe..waiting its 4G lte service by oredoo the parent company of witribe.

  • I have doubt on this claim: “Pakistan’s largest wireless broadband internet service provider”. It can be largest Wimax provider but PTCL’s EVO must have more subscribers and coverage than Witribe and it makes PTCL largest wireless broadband internet service.

  • Video streaming on WiTribe is a nightmare! I sed it for 1 month and could barely watch a 1 min video on any streaming site! Beyond pathetic!

    • Minus YouTube it really isn’t that much worth though. Also YouTube lets you know if your ISP is pathetic but as we can’t see it the normal way, its all irrelevant.

  • WiTribe should concentrate on acquiring 4G licence, as data market has already been taken over by 5 3G/4G Operators.

  • Joke of the year 2014 ( Pakistan’s largest wireless broadband internet service provider wi-tribe) lolxxx, once upon a time we had slow internet problem i call to witribe customer care and complaint about this, the representative said “ Sir it will take about 40 days to resolve your problem we are currently working on the towers“.

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