Stick to Your New Year’s Resolution With These 5 Apps

The dawn of a fresh year is upon us. This is around the time when we begin to consider the little alterations we may want to introduce in our lives. Trouble is that most of us are either too lazy or too stubborn to follow through on those plans. As for the good part, there are apps out there that can help us accomplish these. Here’s five apps that help keep your new years resolutions.


Folks like me require suggestions before deciding something for sure. If you are also clueless about what your resolutions for the New Year should be, make sure you get Lift. In addition to offering a wide range of self-enhancement targets, the app allows you to chat with a mentor although that is completely optional and doesn’t take anything away from the free functionality. You will be charged ($15 per week) of course, but you may switch mentors until you find one that suits you best. Don’t worry, the app will break your targets into simpler tasks in order to keep your interest intact. Afterall, slow and stead wins the race.

Lift is available for iOS and Android.


It’s not so dificult cultivating good habits as it is to persist with them. HabitRPG seeks to fix that very rudimentary issue by incentivizing your daily activities. It does so by rewarding you for each acomplishment while penalizing you each time you fumble. The experince points and gold earned courtesy of a positive habit helps you level up. This boosts your stats and also unlocks additional features such as pets and classes. Moreover, the gold earned from good habits buys you items that alter your overall experience. Conversely, you begin to lose health when you fail in accomplishing set targets. This acts as a good deterrent to bad habits, thereby timely preventing them before they start to cause real world issues.

HabitRPG is available for iOS and Android.


Learning a new language can prove to be a daunting task. However, the best way to incentivize any sort of learning is to make it fun and uncomplicated. That’s where Duolingo shines. It awards you points, for each correct answer against the running clock, that help you level up. It’s a completely interactive course whereby you listen, read and speak to make yourself better at each task. The streak count displays the consecutive days you dedicate yourself to learning a given language. The hearts on display indicate your life as a learner. Lose all of them for answering incorrectly multiple times and you’d need to start over.

Duolingo is avaiable for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.


One thing’s for sure; starving yourself to death or buying those expensive machines won’t quite burn off that fat. Key is to keep track of what you eat. There’s no better way to do that than using a free of cost mobile app in MyFitnessPal. With a comprehensive database of foods on offer, the app makes choices more convenient for users. There is also the provision to input workout details. The gamification features are only an icing on the top to keep you indulged for longer. These include: graphs displaying weight lost over a time period, consectuive day tracker showing the nubmer of consecutive days of calorie tracking and online community forums to share your experience.

MyFitnessApp is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.


Failure to save money is a problem common to all and sundry. Like with food, we often fail to keep track of what money we have and how much we spend. Mint bridges that gap by keeping track of the amount you have and the amount you spend. You may link your accounts with the app and set limits on your spending. The moment you approach the threshold, Mint will notify you with its automated alerts. Moreover, this app dollies out suggestions as to how you can manage your finances better by saving more money.

Mint is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

  • please try to mention those which are useful for People living in pakistan, like this mint app you mentioned is not for people in Pakistan. it is not having country option and banks in our country. If we do not mention our bank we cannot go ahead and use this app. So please make sure you provide sources which are realistic.

  • These are not Resolution-Keeping apps but provide different aspects, such as Lift, I saw it and it mainly focuses on getting the right exercise and meal to help keep fit!
    These apps are useless with regards to resolutions!

    • Says…wait for it…Nobody! :p j/k

      It’s a matter of perspective, mate. If fitness is a concern of yours Lift will prove better than most in keeping you on track. You have the right to disagree ofcourse. Many actually find them useful.

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