Top 7 Must-Follow Pakistani Social Media Stars

When someone says Pakistan has immense talent, they are absolutely spot-on. Like in any other creative field, Pakistani artists are not far behind in wit and humor.

While we have legendary comics in the mainstream media like Javed Iqbal (cartoonist), late Moin Akhtar (actor/comedian) and Umar Sharif (actor/comedian), social media too has seen the rise of some genuinely funny individuals.

Here is a list of our picks of the social media stars who made waves in 2014.

Comics by Arslan

comics by arslan

2014 has seen comics by Arslan further rise to take the throne of the top Pakistani social media star with 651,663 Facebook likes. Arslan has developed an avid following for his outrageously funny and sarcastic reviews of all that is Pakistani – cricket team performance, latest TV shows, over enthusiastic news casters, politicians and the not so Pakistani – Bollywood films.

Arsalan is never afraid of saying the truth out loud with his comics, prime example is his take on how our society treats women of all ages or his hilarious yet thought provoking comics on the recent political crisis.

To top it all off Arsalan is also one of the script writers for the internationally acclaimed Pakistani animated series Burka Avenger.

His Facebook page:

Zaid Ali T

zaid ali t

A close contender for the throne of the Social Media star of the year is Zaid Ali T. With 2,484,496 likes, he is way ahead of Arsalan when it comes to the number of Facebook likes. His Brown guy Vs White guy and desi parents clips are hilarious.

Just randomly play a clip of his and if you are a Pakistani, you would instantly relate to it. Just 19 year old and he aims to put smiles on our faces and he is doing a great job at it. It doesn’t hurt that he seems to be a genuinely humble bloke.

His Facebook page:

Sham Idrees

sham idrees

He is a Pakistani Canadian singer, Nasheed artist and an actor. His songs “London to Paris” and his remix of “Dil Dil Pakistan” have been massive Youtube hits with both songs garnering over a million views. The remix of “Dil Dil Pakistan” was also aired on local TV channels.

Sham’s funny videos and prank vines have also garnered him a huge fan base amongst the desi expat community.

His Facebook page:

Dhoom Bros

dhoom bros

If you’re looking for some wedding videos to dance to with some crazy original dance moves, just look up Dhoom Bros. These four Pakistani American brothers Hussain Asif, Shehryar Asif, Atif Khan and Waqas Riaz are massively talented and can dance to a Bollywood song from 1960’s to 2014, you just name it. Their Bollywood dance spoofs and tributes are huge hits on YouTube.

Facebook page:

Furqan Shayk

furqan shayk

Looking for a funny perspective on everyday life? Check out Furqan Shayk’s funny and sarcastic vines or his hilarious tweets. He is a young social media artist who received great response for his “just Kidding show” on YouTube. Keep following Furqan as he might be a huge hit in 2015.

His Facebook page:

Danish Ali

danish ali

Danish is a standup comedian, actor, director and an RJ. He is one of the first Pakistani social media sensations with his over a million views on his YouTube channel. Danish started his career in mainstream media with the first English language comedy show “The real news” on Play TV, he was the writer and host of the show. Danish has some insanely funny videos on his Facebook page such as “Misbah Plays took took with my heart”.

His Facebook page is:

These are five of the top social media stars from 2014. We look forward to a lot more entertainment from them in 2015. And while we are at it, you must check out a personal favorite.



The best sarcastic meme’s and posts from Pakistan.

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As with all our lists please feel free to share links in the comments section to any other social media stars that you loved and followed in 2014.