Digital Street: Digital Services for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

In Islamabad yesterday, foona Review announced the launch of their digital services division, Digital Street, catering to those requiring 3 core professional digital services: Social Media Management, Website Design and Development and Brand Design and Management.

With an interest in providing world-class services at incredibly affordable prices, the team at Digital Street is keen to ‘break the market’ by being a disruptive business model that will help people get what they need at rates they can afford.

With a unique, hybrid structure, Digital Street will be able to offer products such as Logo Design as low as PKR 4,999, Social Media Management as low as PKR 9,999 and Website Design as low as PKR 9,999 (including hosting costs). Packages of all three start at PKR 28,500, which include a logo, 1 month of social media management and 1 professional website and annual hosting.

Digital Street aims to cater to small businesses, entrepreneurs and people with small budgets

The need for such a simple set of services arose when it became too expensive for customers with small budgets and big dreams to afford services priced beyond their comfort and reach, at rates amenable with international markets. Keeping in view the rise of inflation, cost of living and conducting businesses, Digital Street employs a hybrid team setup that enable lower cost to the customers along with greater incentives for its own team.

With an aim to help startups and small businesses to design, webify and socialize their brand at low prices, Digital Street also hopes to enable more people to gain access to a digital presence with less risk to their budgets.

Services will be available to clients across the MENASA (Middle East, North Africa, South Asia) region, starting today. A clear quota will be stated to enable realistic account management and availability of resources. The team expects a significant volume of demand so first-come-first-serve will the queuing order.

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