Reverify You SIMs, or They will Get Blocked After April 14th

A final decision has been made where all stakeholders, cellular companies, Interior Ministry, Ministry of IT and Telecom and Pakistan Telecommunication Authority have agreed to re-verify SIMs with biometric verification system with-in next 90 days and block all unverified SIMs after the deadline is met, we have confirmed with sources.


Interior Ministry had initially asked telcos to re-verify SIMs in 28 days, while cellular operators had proposed 11 months for the reverification process to get completed.

Now, after a series of meetings, deliberations and a lot of push from Interior Ministry, the decision has been made that telcos will have to re-verify their 103 million subscribers in exactly 90 days, a Pakistan Telecommunication Authority spokesperson confirmed with ProPakistani.

Telcos will have to re-verify their subscribers with biometric verification system in exactly 90 days, a PTA spokesperson confirmed ProPaistani

After the deadline, remaining un-verified numbers will be blocked, the official added.

The process for re-verification of SIMs is starting from coming Monday, i.e. January 12th, 2015.

Telcos had estimated that some 40% of all active SIMs might get blocked after the re-verification exercise is completed, however, that was for 11 months’ deadline. With the deadline squeezed to just 90 days now, the number if SIMs that will get blocked due to non-verification may be significantly higher.


Phase 1 For Reverification of SIMs

First phase will start from January 12th, 2015 till February 26th, 2015.

During this time, following SIMs will be verified:

  • Subscribers in Karachi, Peshawar, DI Khan, DG Khan Cities, Border Areas (FATA) & Balochistan Province
  • Subscribers in Rest of Pakistan who have more than three SIMs per CNIC

SIMs to be Blocked after First Phase: On February 27th, all un-verified SIMs from above list will be blocked.

Phase 2 For Reverification of SIMs

Starting Feb 27th, 2015, following customers will be re-verified:

  • Customers across Pakistan with two or less SIMs per CNIC per operator

SIMs to be Blocked after Second Phase: On April 14th, all un-verified SIMs will be blocked.

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK


  • How can I reverify my Sim because in past I registered it on my B form and I am still under 18?

      • He is still under 18. There should be a way to verify these SIMS. I had purchased multiple premium numbers and registered them against B-Form number of my siblings and now I fear these SIMS will be blocked. May Allah save my SIMS from being blocked. Ameen

          • Thanks. But I request you to please raise this matter in your blog. It seems officials in govt did not think even for awhile the problem the masses will face.

            • All sims which were activated on B Form will be blocked needs to register it on your parent cnic

              • In case parents have already 5 SIMs registered, how would SIMs registered on B-Form be registered against parent CNIC? I think they should devise a mechanism for B form registered SIMs.

    • Excellent decision. Each and every should be verified in biometric. These telcoa earn billiins and should not pose a threat to the security of the country. PTA should take strict action after the deadline if they get any time from blocking websites

      • I believe after Verification process, there is no need to limit the number of SIMs per CNIC. Many customers with large family OR Business needs have a problem with this restriction. You should address this in an article any time soon.

  • Alas they have hit it :-( I really wish this never happened, atleast with that least amount of timeframe available :-(

    • This is a silly question. Admin already mentioned in the article that

      “Telcos will have to re-verify their subscribers”

      Subscribers means All postpaid & prepaid users. Postpaid wale Asman se nahi utray jo unhien re-verify na karwana parhy :)

      • You need to read the article again. It’s only for prepaid subscribers. Postpaid connections needs not BV as all postpaid connections are properly activated after address verification at the time of activation. Issue is with prepaid subscriber only.

        • I suppose pre-paid customers were also registered by their cnic but now everyone have to undergo a process called biometric verification system.

      • Mr Sheikh, its not your prerogative to decide what is silly? Decency does matter when answering some unknown at public forum. READ others, the opinion is still divided and predominatingly against your assertions. Caution would be appreciated if comment is found against your thought processes. Regards

    • Need not worry for postpaid sims, the process is only for prepaid connections. Moreover all users will be inform via sms/voice calls multiple times before blocking

  • I am using my Telenor SIM in UAE, and I have no intention to visit Pakistan for at least 10 months. No options for me I guess! :(

      • and double curse on you who is ready to compromise security even life of dozens of people for his personal interest

        • Not every one is terrorist. Why not we shut down all SIMs for the sake of national security. It appears to be more safe.

          Only unregistered SIMs should be verified. Those already registered with CNIC and B-Form should not be as the owners should be held guilty for any misuse. A menac has been created for the people who have registered their SIMs on B-form and can’t verify their SIMs.

          • You say “Those already registered with CNIC…” but do you not know that some people have three, five, even ten extra SIMs against their CNIC that they personally did not register?

            I **personally** know someone who checked the website and found 10 extra SIMs against his cnic. 668 same response.

            • But Shahid can’t such people visit the concerned outlet to get extra SIMs removed. I have no problem if they want to exercise reverification but they should find out a way to verify SIMs registered on B-Form number. SIMs registered on B-Form were activated legitimately and thus can’t be blocked for Govt. officials can’t take care of security. This reverification simply won’t reduce terrorism.

  • Oh no this unfair with people like me living outside of the country. For IR sims there should be other way

  • Mai 4 months pehle mobilink ki sim purchase karne gya tub unho ne kaha apke NIC pe 5 se ziada sim activate hain ja k block karwaye tub apko ye sim mile gi mane dusre hi din ek ek CS ja k sari extra sim block karwa di 668 pe check kiya to mere pas 4 sim show ho rahi thi jo mai use karta hun phr mane moblink ki sim purchase ki to total 5 hogayi mane 668 pe status check kiya to 5 sim hi thi lekin aj mane ye article parha jub check kiya to wahan 7 sim show ho rahi hain ye kia drama bazi hai inki 5 se ziada sim to register hi nahi ho sakti ye apne aap kese hogayi mane to koi sim bhi nahi li

  • WTF… I mean seriously? I am here in Russia, what can I do? :|
    It’s nothing but a worst nightmare.

  • If a person has purchased sims against his/her Form-B and wants to retain the sims then he/she has to apply for the Smart National ID Card from NADRA which is issued to persons under 18. In that way his/her biometrics will be updated in the National Database and he/she would be able to verify the sims.

    • I think smart national ID card is issued to the children over the age of 15. What about those who are now below 15. Two months are required for me to become 15 and during this period, I fear blockage.

  • What if the franchise take multiple verification for sims which does not belong to them ? without people knowing. I visited a franchise a guy had to go through the verification thrice for one verification.

  • Admin please mark my words its going to be mess again
    As it is started now on retailers BVS devices also. If customer visit for any BVS activity for example issuance of duplicate after duplicate issauance through thumb impress device also open new window at end which contain customers unverified numbers with last 4digit visible and ask if customer want to verify or disown.
    My concern is that most of retailers would not bother at all to ask customer that which number he want to keep or disown and tell him numbers one by one. He will simply click NEXT NEXT OK OK and done …. all unverified numbers are by default marked as check so all such numbers will be verified by customer without his knowlege as he just gave his thumb impresion for duplicate sim issuance.

    • Yep this is exactly what will happen. They will sneak in other numbers and get them verified.

  • wht abt those who got their sims through bio-metric? i don’t think they will hv to verify their sims

  • Important..i got my one sim replacement and verified my other numbers to verify at once. Numbers were partially sown for confirmation..

  • I have a question a month ago i replaced my sim they they took my biometric impression then they issued me sim. Is that verified or i need to verify again?

  • yani ab police, jo saalo say rishwat k paisay lekar mujrimo ko chhor deti hay, un ki wajah say hum awaam bhaag dorr karain…????

  • If I have 5 SIMs registered on my CNIC from 5 different Operators. Do I have to go to each operator’s franchise and do this reverification?
    or I can register all of them from 1 franchise?

    • You have to go to each operator. Sit in the waiting area for 2 hours at each CSC and then they will call you and you have to quickly get up and rush to the counter or they will move on to the next guy and you will have to wait another 2 hours for your turn.

      I recommend packing a picnic lunch and making an outing out of it.

  • Army and intelligence are trying to save their face by these lame excuses .
    I can guarantee you terrorism will still not stop even after this
    they are just making the life of common man miserable
    and difficult for companies to work in Pakistan

    • Yes, also 668 is total BS. Three weeks ago I checked and it said 2 mobilink 1 telenor 3 ufone. I went to mobilink and ufone and got them removed. Less than one week ago I checked and it said 2 mobilink 1 telenor 1 ufone. On Friday I was going to go to service centres to block them again and checked just before I left the house. It said 0 mobilink 1 telenor.

      It should be 1 mobilink 1 telenor, which is the same I have had since 2004. WTH is going on???!?!!?

      • Perhaps someone does it deliberately because they like to see you again and again thanks to your handsomeness :D

  • Hi Aamir, thanks a lot for publishing this extremely informative article. I behalf on all the users truly appreciate the efforts and support you are providing.

    Although you have mentioned there is not much details shared for overseas users and also you have mentioned detailed FAQ will be released on Monday however I wanted to ask one question and a few comments so that you can highlight it.

    Question: I am using International roaming in UAE and the SIM card is available with me registered on my name. Can I send this SIM card to Pakistan and ask my brother to register it ?

    Suggestions: I think all SIMs on which the international roaming is activated should be reconsidered.
    Also, I am 6 years old subscriber – would appreciate if you put a criteria that old users get some extension or something.

    I hope PTA does something for the overseas users.

    Feeka Baloch

  • This article is incorrect. If this was a thing it would be all over the news. There is not a word about it on any of the CMOs’ sites either. Supposedly it’s starting in 2 days and there is going to be a media campaign. Where is this media campaign? I have not heard anything. It should be in your face, impossible-to-avoid type media campaign. But there is nothing! Like always PP is publishing unsubstantiated rumours.

  • Last 2 month I am back from
    Pakistan,I have 2 sim against my CNIC, now I am in Qatar, what is the procedure
    for re-verify sim card

  • If the first phase of verification process is started from today i.e. 12-1-2015..

    Then Shockingly why there is no such news in Any newspaper, news channel, Social MEdia , No update or News Alert on PTA or any Mobile Service provider website.?

    Not even a SMS to notify this from the service provider.

    MEans 99.9% of the pakistanis don’t know about this….

    If they got to know just 10-15 days before deadline then who the Hell would be Responsible for whole Chaos around each and every Franchise Center …

  • NADRA now offer SNIC smartcard for underage children (minimum age 10yrs). You may apply for your SNIC by visiting Nadra @ Rs1500/- this is just like a smart ID card just mark with underage.

  • i am using a sim which is registered on my cousin name who lives in italy..i have photocopy of her NIC ,how can i transfer its ownership ??

  • Well, let me share some crap from Service Centers of Telecom companies… I’ve got text that says I’ve some 5 SIMs from a telecom company of which I got exactly zero subscription… Its nothing new, it has been for couple of years… I asked them to block it, they say we are not authorized… I mean if they are registered in my name according to your records then I am asking you to just shut them down… Still Nopes!!!

    Instead, they say they would be inactive in 72 days… What? Not 2 days… 72 days… Where does this number come from…? And by the way, there is no receipt of it… I mean I can’t say I’ve ever been there for the cause… :|

  • I’m not in Pakistan but my Pakistani number is on International romaing. What do i do in this case???

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