Televisions Go 4K at CES 2015

While 4k Ultra HD televisions have been showcased at various consumer electronic shows around the globe for the past few years, they are finally ready to take over your local electronic stores. If we look at the trends from CES 2015, 4K is going to be the choice for entertainment enthusiasts as compared to 1080p resolution, though it would take a couple of years at least for 4K televisions to outsell 1080p.

All big manufacturers are now focusing on 4k with greater improvements as compared to 1080p, one of the major improvements being the dim lighting technology and ofcourse the Quantum dot tech that Samsung has been raving about at CES 2015. On the other hand LG will be sticking to OLED technology for its latest range of televisions.

You hear a lot about 4K TVs but in 2015, they might actually break through to mainstream

Last year there was a lot of hype around curved TV from Samsung and to be really honest it was a marketing gimmick as according to industry experts it didn’t make much of a difference when watching high quality video content.

According to what numerous industry experts and tech bloggers have to say regarding 4k or 1080p HD TVs, there is not much of a difference in quality between the two when you watch TV channels or a normal video. The difference does show when viewing special promotional 4k content or playing games or watching an animation, but even then the difference in quality is minimal.

However, with HD content being extremely rare in Pakistan, 4K TVs don’t make sense just yet or even in the near future

This year the consensus is on TVs getting smarter, with Sony, Sharp and Phillips announcing models with Android TV and Samsung opting for Tizen – smart TVs will soon be invading our living rooms. Personally if I get a chance I would opt for Samsung Tizen OS TV, simply because of Tizen being an open source platform, but for now I would stick to my 56’inch Bravia 3d LED.

As mentioned in my previous articles connectivity or Internet of Things is the next big thing, this stands true for TVs too. Connected entertainment is the future as far as the West is concerned, with major entertainment providers such as Netflix launching 4k content streaming. There is also news of 4k blu ray content to be available this year. My verdict would be definitely checkout 4k TVs at the showroom as and when they arrive but stick to your good but not so old 1080p for as long as it lasts.

  • Kamran Yusuf

    and lets not forget Samsung and LG showcased 8K Televisions at CES 2015.

  • Faraz Masood Khan

    4K TVs were showcased in CES 2014, this year is all about 8K TVs

    • Ammar

      There was I think one 8K TV during the whole show, and even that was more of a proof of concept. So yeah, not so much ‘all about 8K TVs’.

      • Faraz Masood Khan

        Samsung, LG, Sharp how much more do you need?

  • Ammar

    People here download DVDRips and think it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. 4K to rehne he do.