Grey Traffickers, Fraudsters, Wrong Callers to be the Ultimate Losers of SIM Re-Verification

While we have discussed and determined this before, terrorist aren’t the ones who are worried about SIM re-verification. In fact its grey telephony traffickers and those lottery fraudsters (who send Benazir Income Support Prize and similar messages) that are in real trouble these days.

While we agree that the sole purpose of SIM re-verification drive (of eliminating terrorism from the country) might not get achieved but various other evils will be wiped out with convenience.

After SIM re-verification deadline, only those SIMs with real owners (who have physically verified their numbers with their thumb impressions) will be allowed to work while all other un-verified SIMs will get blocked.

Meaning that each working SIM is going to have an owner after April 14th, 2015, a person whom law-enforcement agencies will be able to catch in case of any inappropriateness against a SIM number.

Which means that random lottery scammers, who were able to remain under the cover of anonymous SIMs will now come under the radar. They won’t be able to work anonymously as law enforcement agencies will get to them one way or the other through the number that is given in text message for the correspondence.

After SIM re-verification, every SIM number will have a owner to blame or take responsibility for any inappropriateness

Similarly, grey telephony traffickers who used to use anonymous SIMs for their illegal call exchanges (that PTA and FIA are so vigorously hunting these days) will have to wrap-up their operations.

With a SIM number that will have a owner to blame or take responsibility, grey telephony traffickers are scratching their heads these days as they are soon going to be out of business.

We have been receiving unconfirmed reports that grey telephony industry is making its utmost efforts to sabotage SIM re-verification drive through threat calls to cellular industry, creating chaos at service centres and by constantly digging into ways of cracking biometric verification system.

Similarly, those irritating and unavoidable wrong-callers will be put on permanent hold as well. Currently, in case of any wrong-caller (especially to females) we have no solution but to change our mobile phone numbers — because blocking one number will mean more such calls from another random number — but after SIM re-verification drive any (known or unknown) call will trace back to someone; someone who will be held responsible for such calls.

All in all, SIM re-verification drive will leave good impact on society leaving us with less problems than we have today.

As mentioned above, terrorism or criminals might not get contained with SIM re-verification, but those fraudsters who were freely in business due to anonymous SIMs will have to find new ventures to keep their kitchens running.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK