How To Trace an illegal International call?

We know that FIA and PTA have been busy these days raiding illegal VoIP exchanges. These exchanges illegally terminate international calls and then use cellular SIMs to deliver the call to end users. Please see following diagram to understand what actually happens through the whole process…!


So idea is very simple, If you get an International Call with Local Mobile/PTCL number, be informed that this is an illegal call

Why They do So? One may ask me that why do these people use gateways and internet to route traffic, what is benefit to these people, and my answer is that when a call comes through proper gateway (Pakistan’s international gateway), the caller will have to pay taxes and government dues. Moreover, at this point of time, VoIP is illegal in Pakistan, so in any case, its an illegal activity. (We won’t discuss here if VoIP should be legalized or not, but law is law)

What Should You do? Help the government by informing these numbers (local numbers from where you get calls) to us or FIA directly.

You can report these numbers to us through Contact Us page, or click this link for FIA’s contacts.

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