A Look at the App Trends That Defined 2014

According to a new report, Google Play is flexing its arms in the application market quite briskly. It now constitutes for 60 percent of all downloads, and has 50 percent more installations than the App Store.

Super casual apps were on the rise on both, with simple and pick-and-play games like Flappy Bird becoming the top-selling app in four out of twelve months.


However, Google Play is still quite behind in the most-important segment, revenue, where it lags the App Store by quite a margin with Apple’s application market churning 70 percent more revenue. Both experienced positive growth here with the App Store bloating that number by 55 percent. It was a record year for the App Store which earned a total of $10 billion.

In the list of countries, Japan, South Korea and the US registered the most downloads, and were dubbed the App Store Superpowers.


Gaming apps were downloaded mainly by male users while the female category was mainly deviant towards social networking and photos & videos categories. If anything, we are expecting the current trends to continue, with Apple already announcing that the first week of January generated over half-a-billion dollars.

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