Windows RT is Now Officially Dead

Probably the least successful Microsoft product of the last few years is finally gone. Windows RT was announced as an edition of Windows 8 designed to run on ARM-based tablets. However, with the arrival of Windows 10 for phones and small tablets, the end has inevitably arrived.

Microsoft has now confirmed that the last RT-running tablet, the Nokia Lumia 2520 has now ceased production. The Surface 2, remember, is already gone and with Lenovo, Samsung, Dell and others having already backed out means the chapter is now closed for good.

The last Windows RT tablet, the Lumia 2520 has ceased production

The Lumia 2520 was revealed in late 2013, and was the first RT tablet with cellular connectivity. However the 2520, and RT in general suffered in an aspect similar to Windows Phone, lack of developer support. Neither the Lumia nor the Surface 2 was updated after more than a year, though we did get the Surface Pro 3.

While Nokia the smartphone-maker helped Windows Phone take off, Nokia the tablet-maker wasn’t quite on the same platform with RT. The lukewarm reaction meant that even on smaller 7″ tablets, OEM partners rather used full-blown Windows 8 with Intel’s internals.

Misjudgement about Windows RT has cost Microsoft hundreds of millions of dollars

Microsoft admitted that it had incurred a $900 million loss in 2013. With the death of the Lumia 2520 a chapter is now closed, one which even Microsoft wouldn’t try to hide was unsuccessful.

With Windows 10, Microsoft is striving towards a unified platform for both computers and smartphones and this time the odds are looking much better since there is simply less stuff to be dealt with.