Zeeshan Qureshi of QMobile Joins Haier as Country Head

Zeeshan Qureshi
Zeeshan Qureshi

Zeeshan Qureshi, the marketing head of QMobile has decided to move on to join Haier group to head its devices operations in Pakistan, reported Phone World.

Haier has long been looking to penetrate into Pakistani market with its Smartphone lineup. Company is reportedly planning a relaunch of its smartphone lineup now and this is where Zeeshan Qureshi will come into play.

Zeeshan, a NUST graduate, brings along over 15 years of experience in sales, marketing and strategy for devices in Pakistan.

Zeeshan has worked with Samsung Pakistan for long duration before joining QMobile as its marketing head.

With his expertise in sales, marketing and management, Zeeshan will head Haier Mobiles at a time when smartphone penetration in the market is on the rise.

Thanks to the introduction of 3G and 4G technologies, the growth rate of Smartphones in Pakistan has remained exceptional during last six months. This trend is likely to remain the same for next few years and this is why there is phenomenal potential for smartphone companies.

However, along with such a potential, Haier will be challenged by settled players for both low-end and mid-range segments. Along with competitive pricing, Haier will have to offer better quality than others to get its footing in Pakistani market.

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  • i dont think so Hier will manage the success of what Qmobile has done..
    Huawei is doing great…
    Once Xiaomi enters into Pakistan market, although in from grey channels sab se Chuuti ho jai ge.. the way it demolish Samsung in China.

  • I purchased your Haiermobile L50 and found Haier mobile is a
    disastrous, waste of money, fraudulent and worst mobile ever i used in my life. Now I am feeling I lost my money
    in the name of Haier

  • STOP BUYING CHEAP CHINESE SHIT. 2 Million US manufacturing jobs lost to inferior products.

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