Corning Project Phire: Taking Scratch-Free Glass to the Next Level

We love our touchscreen gadgets and that’s we spend tons on protectors and cases to keep them safe. The glass panels on the touch screens happen to be the most visible and most fragile aspect of our gadgets so lots of work has been done to keep the screens scratch free.

The company at the forefront of that is Corning. They recently unveiled Project Phire – an update to their award-winning Gorilla Glass technology, combined with sapphire protection. The new technology will protect against cover glass damage from accidental device drops more effectively.

Corning Project Phire combines Gorilla Glass with sapphire protection

With the coming unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S6, we will see the results of Project Phire in a matter of days. But that hasn’t stopped Corning from touting the advantages of its newest tech. According to the company, Project Phire possesses these features:

  • Toughest scratch resistant glass  in the industry
  • Withstands drops on rough surfaces such as jagged sidewalks (plenty of them all over Pakistan as it is)
  • 2x the durable protection from smartphone disasters than competitive glass designs
  • Manufactured with the proprietary Fusion Draw process, resulting in thinner yet durable glass.
  • Unmatched clarity and visibility from glass panels

Corning’s glass panels have graced about 3 billion devices since its debut in 2007. Its expertise in ceramics, specialty glass and fiber optics has made it a dependable vendor for 33 major brands worldwide.

Apple’s deal with GT Advanced Technology fell through so the iPhone 7 could feature Project Phire

Apple recently made the decision to move away from Gorilla Glass, since their new phones require displays made with synthetic sapphire. However it remains to be seen how Apple is going to procure the extremely rare synthetic sapphire for its products.

Apple’s partnership with GT Advanced Technology was based on this premise. However reports have stated that this partnership hasn’t worked out for Apple since GT filed for bankruptcy due to the prohibitive costs associated with synthetic glass manufacture.

Since Project Phire comes with sapphire protection for relatively scratch-free glass panels will Apple change its mind get them for the next flagship iPhone 7? Only time will tell.

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