Supreme Court Orders Online Availability of Laws for Ease of Citizens

For law and order to truly prevail in a society, it is important that regulations are available to and understandable by people in their simplest form.

After all, it is the society whose behavior these laws are meant to control. This explains why a three-member bench of Supreme Court has ordered federal as well as provincial governments to upload each law in detail on Federal Law Ministry websites.

Online availability of laws is a common practice in developed countries

Led by Justice Jawwad S. Khawaja, the bench also directed the governments to correct shortcomings in the publishing and printing of books on law. This move has been made in order to ensure easy understandability of laws by the common citizen. The bench has unanimously agreed that this is usual practice in a civilized government system. Sadly, these are neither available online, nor in books.

Once this judgment was passed, the Supreme Court was given the go ahead to send its copies to the governments via law secretaries and chief executives. Moreover, this is to be sent to Justice Commission of Pakistan and the Secretary of the Law. A notice for 17th February has been issued to the governments as well as bar councils so that legislation can be passed to eradicate errors from the literature on law.

Government has also been instructed to correct all errors from literature on law

Supreme Court has ordered that ‘Pakistan Code’ be compiled and put up on Federal Law Ministry website as a result.

While most governments and the bar councils have been reluctant to act upon the directions of the Court, Punjab government has taken a few positive steps in order to facilitate this process. One would hope that this does not remain limited to a certain province and becomes common practice, nationwide.

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