The Guy Who Tweeted PakvInd Match Results at 11:35 AM Could be a Fake!

We lost the match today, and its really very depressing. But it would be more depressing for you to know that there is this one guy who had tweeted match results — the exact match results — even before the conclusion of India’s innings, at around 11:35AM.

Check this tweet yourself:

As you can clearly see, the timestamp on tweet is 11:35AM (PST) from February 15th, 2015. And just to add, above tweet is rendered directly from Twitter, i.e. its not a screen-grab.

While we know that Pakistan Vs India Match concluded at around 4:30PM (PST) then how is it possible for Mr. Aslam Khan Tanoli to have so accurately predicted the match 5 hours ahead of the closing time?

This tweet is currently making rounds on Facebook and Twitter, along with shouts that match was fixed. Well it could be — who knows — but not because this guy predicted match results well ahead of the final outcome.

Not to mention, Twitter doesn’t allow its users to change the timestamp of a tweet. Even when you change the time zone or do any kind of tweeking, its simply impossible.

So technically speaking, the Mr. Aslam Khan tweeted the above shown tweet exactly at 11:35AM. But what you can’t imagine is the fact that Mr. Tanoli would had tweeted hundreds of other tweets, with all sorts of probable scenarios.

Eventually, when match got over, he deleted the irrelevant or incorrect tweets and left the one that had matched the final results.

Mr. Tanoli would had tweeted hundreds of other tweets, with all sorts of probable scenarios and then deleted the irrelevant or incorrect tweets and left the one that had matched the final results.

Mr. Tanoli hasn’t done such kind of adventure for the first time. In fact in July last year a similar kind of activity had taken place when a twitter account had accurately predicted FIFA World Cup final scores even before the match had started.

A twitter handle “Reign Of Football” had tweeted all possible scenarios ahead of FIFA World Cup Finals, then deleted all of the incorrect outcomes.

Such kind of activity can gain you a lot of twitter followers plus you can generate some sensational debate among the cricket fans. But ultimately, you are just defrauding everyone.


Few friends are suggesting that there would be millions of combinations to predict an outcome. Well that’s not the case.

As one may understand, Mr. Tanoli opted to tweet predictive results in the multiples of 10 (India: 300 Vs Pakistan: 220).

P.S. If he had tweeted multiples of 5 then we could have India 300 – Pakistan 225 tweet.

In such case at 11:35AM, when just few overs were remaining — there were following possible scenarios:

Set 1:

  • India 290 – Pakistan 100
  • India 300 – Pakistan 100
  • India 310 – Pakistan 100
  • India 320 – Pakistan 100
  • India 330 – Pakistan 100

Set 2:

  • India 290 – Pakistan 110
  • India 300 – Pakistan 110
  • India 310 – Pakistan 110
  • India 320 – Pakistan 110
  • India 330 – Pakistan 110

Similarly, there could be 20 more such sets or mere 100 tweets. Or say 40 sets or 200 tweets at most. You can do the math yourself.

So its pretty much possible to do predictive tweets ahead of an event.

Yes, I confess that this is just a theory, based on a proven history. I haven’t verified what is mentioned above — but based on past events (as it has repeatedly happened in west) it is very likely that the guy followed the same technique.

But, we could be totally wrong — and the gentleman could be purely lucky in predicting something very close the final outcome of the match.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK