The Guy Who Tweeted PakvInd Match Results at 11:35 AM Could be a Fake!

We lost the match today, and its really very depressing. But it would be more depressing for you to know that there is this one guy who had tweeted match results — the exact match results — even before the conclusion of India’s innings, at around 11:35AM.

Check this tweet yourself:

As you can clearly see, the timestamp on tweet is 11:35AM (PST) from February 15th, 2015. And just to add, above tweet is rendered directly from Twitter, i.e. its not a screen-grab.

While we know that Pakistan Vs India Match concluded at around 4:30PM (PST) then how is it possible for Mr. Aslam Khan Tanoli to have so accurately predicted the match 5 hours ahead of the closing time?

This tweet is currently making rounds on Facebook and Twitter, along with shouts that match was fixed. Well it could be — who knows — but not because this guy predicted match results well ahead of the final outcome.

Not to mention, Twitter doesn’t allow its users to change the timestamp of a tweet. Even when you change the time zone or do any kind of tweeking, its simply impossible.

So technically speaking, the Mr. Aslam Khan tweeted the above shown tweet exactly at 11:35AM. But what you can’t imagine is the fact that Mr. Tanoli would had tweeted hundreds of other tweets, with all sorts of probable scenarios.

Eventually, when match got over, he deleted the irrelevant or incorrect tweets and left the one that had matched the final results.

Mr. Tanoli would had tweeted hundreds of other tweets, with all sorts of probable scenarios and then deleted the irrelevant or incorrect tweets and left the one that had matched the final results.

Mr. Tanoli hasn’t done such kind of adventure for the first time. In fact in July last year a similar kind of activity had taken place when a twitter account had accurately predicted FIFA World Cup final scores even before the match had started.

A twitter handle “Reign Of Football” had tweeted all possible scenarios ahead of FIFA World Cup Finals, then deleted all of the incorrect outcomes.

Such kind of activity can gain you a lot of twitter followers plus you can generate some sensational debate among the cricket fans. But ultimately, you are just defrauding everyone.


Few friends are suggesting that there would be millions of combinations to predict an outcome. Well that’s not the case.

As one may understand, Mr. Tanoli opted to tweet predictive results in the multiples of 10 (India: 300 Vs Pakistan: 220).

P.S. If he had tweeted multiples of 5 then we could have India 300 – Pakistan 225 tweet.

In such case at 11:35AM, when just few overs were remaining — there were following possible scenarios:

Set 1:

  • India 290 – Pakistan 100
  • India 300 – Pakistan 100
  • India 310 – Pakistan 100
  • India 320 – Pakistan 100
  • India 330 – Pakistan 100

Set 2:

  • India 290 – Pakistan 110
  • India 300 – Pakistan 110
  • India 310 – Pakistan 110
  • India 320 – Pakistan 110
  • India 330 – Pakistan 110

Similarly, there could be 20 more such sets or mere 100 tweets. Or say 40 sets or 200 tweets at most. You can do the math yourself.

So its pretty much possible to do predictive tweets ahead of an event.

Yes, I confess that this is just a theory, based on a proven history. I haven’t verified what is mentioned above — but based on past events (as it has repeatedly happened in west) it is very likely that the guy followed the same technique.

But, we could be totally wrong — and the gentleman could be purely lucky in predicting something very close the final outcome of the match.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Now I know, “An empty mind is a devil’s workshop”

  • بندے کے ٹیلنٹ کی ہی داد دے دو

  • Saad

    Easiest edit dudes

    i can post something at 11:35 at feb 15 and then after the match post the result separately and merge both the photos. Simple editing in 15 mins.

    • aamir7

      can you pls explain little more? I didnt get you.

    • Muhammad Aamir

      It does make sense on Facebook where editing is just a piece of cake but it can caught easily by clicking the “Edit”. But on Twitter editing is not possible! Perhaps it is his biggest Tokka!

    • Waqas

      Inspect Element anyone? :P

  • physicsinventions

    Hahha bhai talent tou hay :D

  • Guest

    Now see this!

  • Umer

    LOL what retardedness, you can get lucky and predict an accurate score, no big deal. It’s not fake. You just made a story out of nothing.

    • Shahid Saleem


      Sure, you can get lucky and someone could give you Rs 10 crore tomorrow morning, no questions asked. But how likely is that? Do you even understand how improbable the tweet is to get it right by “luck”? Do the math and then come back and say “get lucky”.

      Also, do note that the article shows a well known famous METHOD to get the tweet right 100% of the time WITHOUT “luck”. So why depend on luck to explain it?

  • Sohaib Alee Khan Nagree

    Well in football case it is bit easy to make two combinations for goals. But in case of cricket, there are alot of possiblities if we make two combinations for scores of both teams. There would be thousands of tweets if Mr.tanoli followed that WC football guy. Just saying

    • Luqman

      Well, not as tough as you are thinking. India’s innings was about to end at 11:35. India’s 300 was a known total and Pakistan’s total was to be predicted. Not more than 200 predictive tweets I would say.

    • Arsalan

      Using Twitter API, tweets can be posted programmatically too. Since it’s all about numbers and combinations, a tweet can be posted with each combination. Who knows there were 1000’s of tweets.

      • Muhammad Aamir

        Have you seen his profile? He has been writing in Urdu language since the day when he joined. I presume he is a very simple man with no knowledge of API, HTML, Java etc. :D

        • Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain

          O bhai kya dimag khappa rahay ho aap
          sub ko pata fake hai.
          muje yaad nahi aya nahi to mene yeh ker dena tha ;)

          • Muhammad Aamir

            Paa G! I didn’t say It’s real!! I don’t believe that a person has the secret knowledge of anything except ALLAH. Either it’s a tokka, fixing or he deleted all the comments except the accurate one.

            • Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain

              Obviously he deleted all tweets except this one. He followed same FIFA idea

              • anas qamar

                he did not do that with the west indies match… but he said pak will lose.. and it did!

                • Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain

                  but he said Pak will score 270 or something and look Pak team proved him wrong

        • Nasir Javed

          open your eyes bhaya.

          (about simple man)
          “I am chairman of tanoli youth wing. Member PMLN Social Media Team | PMLN Activist |Co-ordinator #PMLN SMT PAKISTAN”

          • Muhammad Aamir

            If he knows English then there should be no grammatical errors. The statement that you wrote above has a error. I know many people who don’t know English and they are the president of the organizations – politics.

        • Videovertex

          Don’t under estimate the power…………
          zaruri nhi k koi urdu mein tweets kre to us ko API or programming ka pata na ho.

  • Atif

    Pashto Language.

  • Arsalan

    Firstly, you have alleged this guy to be fake/fraud without having a concrete evidence. In the case of that FIFA match, it was FIFA that investigated through Twitter records and confirmed that it was fraud. In this case, have you got access to Twitter data for this twitter account if he really posted multiple tweets?

    Secondly, this fact is not letting me digest this theory of multiple tweets fully (like what happened in FIFA match) that there are at least two comments in this tweet that were posted shortly after it was tweeted. That is, those two comments were posted many hours before the match ended. Those comments are by apparently real profiles and not fake ones. There is a possibility that those two accounts were also part of the “plan” and they commented on each of the hundreds of other tweets he posted.

    Lastly, this tweet has been shared many times. If there are no shares before match was ended, then it’s definitely fake. It only needs some time & effort to check each profile that shared it and note its time. Hopefully someone will do this :)

  • Valeed

    Wsy bara e koi wehla banda tha =D

  • Ahmiq

    old trick…. Post all scores and scenarios and then delete the once which are not true.. voila , the match seems to be fixed. The times will be geniune.. No rocket science.

  • Abdul Rehman

    The only method to test this person is that we should ask him the results of Pakistan’s next match against West Indies on 21-02-2015.And after the match everything will clear regarding Pak vs.Ind Match.

    • Shahid Saleem

      He said: west indies 317 our pakistan 275 confirm

      Click on “Tweets & replies” link on his timeline and look for tweet at 4:52am on Sunday.

      • Abdul Rehman

        We should wait till 21 before making any perception regarding his tweet for Pak vs India

      • Nasir Javed

        then he is wrong….
        west indies 310 and pakistan 160…

  • Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain

    Just cheap publicity and few followers he wants to get and I guess he should thanks to ProPakistani.

    • Shahid Saleem

      However cheap it is, it’s still not as cheap as your face.

      • Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain

        Cheap people hide their face like you

    • NaughtyCaller

      After his tweet of yesterday …

      1686 New followers, 2 Unfollowers and He followed 8 people

  • Originative

    Bhai to Data darbar k agay tottay rakh la

  • Originative

    wasy in hazrat na ya b tweet ki hui hai

    direct tweet link

  • Galti Sy “TOKA” thk lag gya no big deal :)

  • Shaykh ul Islam Tahir ul Qadri

    aisa jhoot bholty hoye sharam nhi aati in logo ko, Quarb-e-Qayamat ki nishaniya hai..

    • Shahid Saleem

      … said the guy who lies about his display pic in comments, lies about his name, …

      • nabeel

        Sometimes I doubt that, on this blog, Tahirul Qadri and Amir Liaqat are the nicknames of one person.

      • nabeel

        Sometimes, I think that this so called tahirul qadri and amir liaqat on this blog is the nicknames of the same person.

      • Shaykh ul Islam Tahir ul Qadri

        G jano kya kha aap na?

  • Badar Abbas

    :) My prediction while chatting in a group . . come on guys,,, take it light nothing to worry . .

  • IrfanAmir

    So according to you tanoli is phd in mathematics or statistics?

  • SSyar

    So you got the traffic :) well done ProPak..,,

  • Eli Ehsan

    Dude!! he tweeted that at the MID-BREAK of the game.. I.E. india batted already so one part of that tweet he got right. other as you mentioned he deleted the not so accurate tweets after pak was bowled out.

  • jameel

    hahahahahahaha shayad is patwari k abo NS ne bataya hoga……………

  • Imran Rashid

    already saw this trick in football worldcup. football is easy but for cricket he work hard :)

  • naeem

    check this twitter account date and time
    14.02.2015 time: 10:35 pm

  • Nasir Javed

    Tanoli bhai ye bata den meri shadi kab ho gi…I trust u.

    • Muhammad Sulman Danish

      29 February, 2015 (inshaAllah)

      • Nasir Javed

        means kabhi nai ho gi…good prediction kiu k m ne such m nai krni.

    • raja

      kanwara hi reh to achaa lag pataa jaaey ga

      • Nasir Javed

        theek hai bhaya…

  • Aaqib Shaheer

    Ok in your senerio it is acceptable, but if you see his another tweets, he has tweeted his prediction for the WI vs PAK match, he predicted the score as will, i dont agree that pak vs ind match was fixed, our team performance especially in batting was responsible for that loss, but i have a question, why did he tweeted only one prediction for next pakistan match against w.indies, and why did he unvieled his tweets so early.

  • Bangaru Rao Chaparala

    buddhu log its called probability and a minds guess ( put of 400 million least user ,100 million care about cricket adn 10 million tweet and 100000 least on score and at least 1000 predict scores correct and 100 at least trace it and 10 at least report it to main stream media and 1 at least will finally be in lime light )

    …..look this … pak can still make it to next level ..india can still lose out from here … just focus on job at hand

  • Umar

    You can post that by being in a different Time Zone.

    • Fake Persona

      by using proxy…???

  • Fake Persona

    ماننا مت کے ٹیم سٹّے باز ہے اورمیچ فکس تھا ۔۔۔

  • sharjeel ashraf

    Aamir, is there a way we can acquire twitter deleted tweets of a user,just to prove whether he predicted it rightly?

    • aamir7

      No. Google Cache is one place, but you won’t find anything there on highly crawled websites like Twitter.

  • The Reader

    RIP grammar.

  • Salman Ateeq

    Lol! You really believe that a nutjob like Tanoli would have done so much probability exercises?!?

  • Karash

    A Mumbai guy @RaphaelJohn13 had done a similar thing during Football World Cup. He had predicted that first goal will be own goal and will be scored by Marcelo. Now imagine the probability of that happening?

    It later turned out to be a similar fraud where he had deleted some tweets after the match.

  • Waqas

    That was a taunt to the person who was saying “easiest edit dudes” :P

    Through inspect element it wouldn’t take more than a minute.

    • anas qamar

      through inspect element, you can change the words on your browser side but it will remain the same on the server side. -_-

      • Waqas

        Let me explain it to you step by step.
        The OP was talking about merging two photos (editing) and boasting about doing a “simple” edit in 15 minutes. Whereas, instead of editing through Photoshop, he could just change the time through inspect element in a few seconds and take a screenshot.

        • anas qamar

          I think you don;t realize the fact that its not a picture.. its his tweet with a link. As mentioned in the article that the tweet is real and they have taken the “Raw” form of the tweet and embedded it on their website… hence, this is not a picture editing because you can still visit the twitter link where the tweet is already present…
          But I get it, I thought that you believed you can change everything from server side just by inspect element, while you meant that you can edit photos easily via inspect element easily… but just to tell you, its not an edited pic.. (but don’t reply, stupid argument for no reason -_- )

          • Waqas

            I didn’t reply to the post. I replied to the comment above. My comment had nothing to do with the embedded twitter tweet in the article above. It only had to do with the above person’s comment that he can edit the picture very fast. That person is the one who doesn’t understand that the tweet is a embed and not a pic.


  • Saeen

    JO bhi hai
    Chawal _class di mAri aa!!!!
    maza aya sun k______

  • Lekin Pakistan to 220 par out nae howa. To prediction ghalat sabit hoi. Phir is par behas kyun ho rahi he yahan :-D

  • Videovertex

    javed chaudhry k moo wala. fittay mu tera qabar mein twitter ho ga?

  • G.G.G

    that precision ….wao

  • Muhammad Abd al-Hameed

    It would be interesting to know whether the guy bet on his prediction. If he made money, he might have inside dope. If did not bet, then it could be just a guess.

  • Khurram ShahzAd

    Or it could only be a good luck of guy plus some common sense. As indian innings was near end, so it was easy to predict, india will do something like 300. And than keeping in view ability of pakistanis to chase, they can not chase much more than 220 or 230, so it was guy’s luck that one of number was exactly correct and other one was nearly accurate.

  • anas qamar

    Admin, he predicted regarding pakistan that it will lose to west indies aandd that west indies will sscore 317 runs and pakis will score 260….. but that didn’t happen although it was quite accurate…

  • Ar

    Ahh Yea? How come the score of today is 213 all out very near to predict. Wake up ppl it’s all about the bookies and money in cricket! Icc biggest bookie hub!