Mobilink Announces WiFi Devices with upto 60GB Monthly Internet

Mobilink has announced its WiFi Device, in addition to already available USB Dongle, for its customers to enjoy 3G mobile broadband on the go.

Mobilink WiFi device will be available with special 3G packages and will allow customers to create a hotspot for WiFi connectivity of up to 10 devices.

It merits mentioning here that Mobilink’s 3G network is currently available in 200 cities across Pakistan.

According to details made available to us by sources, Mobilink WiFi device will be available at Mobilink business centres across Pakistan. For pricing details of Mobilink WiFi and packages, check below details:

Mobilink WiFi and Dongle Prices

Mobilink WiFi and Dongles are going to be available across Pakistan at below mentioned (one-time) prices:

  • Mobilink Speednet: Rs. 1,000
  • Mobilink WiFi: Rs. 1,400

Mobilink WiFi and Dongle Bundles

Customers can subscribe to below mentioned bundles for their Mobilink MiFi and USB Dongles

  • Monthly 30GB + 20GB Free: Rs. 1,500 per month
  • Monthly 40GB + 20GB Free: Rs. 2,000 per month

Please note that 20GB free internet is valid for first month only.

Just in case if you are are not aware of difference between WiFi Device and USB dongle:

  • WiFi Device == Operates without USB socket, and can run on battery for six hours. It creates WiFi hotspot.
  • Dongle == Will need a Laptop/Computer USB socket to operate — it can be used with a single computer. It won’t create WiFi Hotspot.

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      Keep in mind charger is no longer available with stock available at mobilink office
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      my price for 80 pcs=2k per device


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    • yes brother mobilink ki speed itni nai or packages bhi sasty ni hain

      but check zong 4g
      i guess this is very good offer by zong
      it will cost us 1333 Rs per month and 48GB data which is not bad.

      3 month zong bundle in 3999 Rs.
      144GB Data (48GB each month )
      much cheaper then evo wingle warid and mobilink
      i am saying cheaper because of this kind of speed .

      anyone want to get zong DATA sim to avail this package or want to buy device
      contact me

  • Mobilink has worst 3G coverage among all 4 operators. it still doesn’t become able to cover Main areas of Faisalabad where they started in very First Phase. Main areas of City like Jaranwala Road, Satyana Road and Canal Road are still running on EDGE. Thats why Mobilink is the only 3G operator who doesn’t have 3G Coverage map on its website. great rates with pathetic coverage …………….. more than pothetic

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  • Get Your TP-Link M5250 wifi device from market at the price of 4500, insert your prepaid 3g sim in it, activate mobilink monthly 30 gb package for Rs. 600/month and enjoy whole month is just Rs. 600. :) No Need to get half volume in more than Tripple the price

  • I live on Abul Hasan Asfahani Road. There is no Mobilink 3G Coverage in that area and surroundings.

  • I live on Abul Hasan Asfahani Road Karachi. There is no Mobilink 3G Coverage in that area and surroundings. Only Zong has best 3G speed in these areas while telenor and ufone have just “Guzara”.

    • well aisi bhi ab baat nahi hain it depends ap ha handset kaisa ha aur yeh bhi kay kiss floor par hu kitna deep hu building me mere sath tu Ufone theek kam karta ha infact better than any network.

  • Use weekly 3G Bundle for just Rs. 60/ Week on Data Cap of 7,000 MB (GB)..

    That means 60*4=240 and add approx 60 Rs. Tax total amount is 300 Rs. and you will get download limit is 7,000*4=28,000 that means in Rs. 300 you are getting 28 (GB) of data volume..


  • Mobilink sucks, 30-50 KB download speed even in daytime. I have used telenor yesterday in Lahore (Garden Town) and speed was 400-900 KB.

    • it is avaiable in gujranwala if you want to buy i can help you :)
      It’s my pleasure :)
      unlucky i dont have mobilink 3g coverage but i have telenor but device can work only for mobilink

  • This is huawei E5330, & these are network locked you can buy this device from out of country.
    in Saudia it’s price is 200 to 210 SAR, 210×27.2=5712 PKR Unlocked

  • Devices for WiFi hotspots from 3g sims are available in Hafeez Centre. There are lots of combinations including Huawei dongles similar to PTCL’s Wingle. Personally I use a HSDPA 3g modem (costs 1500/-) and a TP-LINK 3g router (costs around 3500) with a mobilink weekly package (7GB in Rs 60. That makes around 30GB per Month in just Rs 240) Monthly package of 30GB in Rs 600 is also available.

    • Bro i have to same setup tht you hav.. but my 3G Modem gets discoonected with tplink 3g router both are compatible to each other..discoonects every hour or two…

  • Mobilink’s 3g speed is more consistent/stable than PTCL’s evo/charji products but usually hangs around at a lower 1.5 Mbps

  • These devices would be network locked (will only work with mobilink sims). I would suggest people to get unlocked devices from the market (most big computer networking markets have them) since that way you can switch to another services whenif mobilink goes expensive.

  • You Must Be Kidding ?
    Why should we pay 2,000 Rs For Monthy 25 GB data limit whereas we can get Mobilink Weekly 7 GB Packege So 28 gb in 240/ RS For one month (Currently Using). i think its best we can get just need to buy a 3000/rs dongle with wifi hotspot and use your 3g sim with it .9X Cheaper

  • Yesterday i visit hafeezcantre no body can unlock this device :(
    But in Rs.5500 there is tplink 5250 model available, but it is costly for me, just wait …….

  • Can we put normal Mobilink sim card with internet enabled in wifi device to use internet ?
    Or we need DATA SIM for this ?
    Anyone knows about this thing ?

  • LOL give me a break
    Your wifi device range is 10 feet is this a joke?
    Monthly charges are 1500 for 30GB only? and we know that its 3G great power spends more.
    Your monthly charges are feed by a top up on sim card ? which means tax are exclusive with tax it may range to 2000+

  • bhai main ne wifi purchase ki hai hai or aab zong ki sim say reply kar raha hoon aachi devive hai itne qeemat main

  • Charji Mifi
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