Mobilink Launches 3G Enabled USB Dongle


Mobilink has announced the availability of its 3G enabled USB Dongle which provides customers high speed internet with plug and play technology.

The device is named as “SpeedNet” and it comes with free trial for 3G services and offers high speed internet reaching up to 7.2 Mbps, said a statement issued by the company.

Aamer Manzoor, Head of Data Mobilink commenting on the launch said,

“In line with Mobilink’s strategy of providing quality experience to its customers Mobilink will launch products and services that maximize the utility of our 10MHz 3G spectrum.

The SpeednetUSB dongle provides our customers the flexibility to connect with our 3G network on the go and enjoy high-speed internet.

I am sure that our customers will make the most out of this offer and our free 3G trial.’’

Pricing and Availability:

Speednet USBs is currently priced at PKR 2,500. This is device’s cost and doesn’t include any data plan. Currently, during the trial duration, Speednet will function without any charges. Later on, after commercial launch of Mobilink’s 3G services, customers will be allowed to select their desired data plans as per their needs.

Mobilink has said that its Speednet USB Dongles are currently available at Mobilink Customer Care Centers in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Quetta, Peshawar, Faisalabad and Multan.

The USB dongles are compatible with USB supported laptops and desktops of all brands. The device is plug and play and comes with packaged software for installation.

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  • buy to us waqat karain agr package plan pata ho, ya na ho abi buy kar lain or baad main aford he na ho

    • qubee usb 500 ki mil rahe ha or 1500 ma 2mbps vala unlimited connection ha. 260kbps say downloading hote ha wo lay lo

        • Most likely, it’ll have a much better coverage than Evo. Which translates to: You’ll (almost) get the speed you pay for. You also have the side benefit of marginally better customer service.

          • Thank you shoaib. Will it be site locked too? i read here few days before that ptcl is violating single mobility rule?

  • Kia Data Plan Offer karay ga Mobilink to Compete PTCL with low speed and less 3G coverage
    i can only say: Tukkay Lagao Musalmaano

  • PTCL ki taha pipelining to nahi hoge? ka 3.1 Mbps ka bol ka 300 kbps say downloading agay he nahi jate…
    kindly clear

    • 3.1Mbps = 310KB/s(310KBps) download speed. To get 3.1MB/s (3.1MBps) download you would need a 30MBps connection.

      MBps = Megabyte per second
      mbps = megabit per second

      • Correction:
        3.1 Mbps * 1024 = 3174.4 Kbps / 8 = 396.8 KBps
        Technically it should give up to 396.8 KBps

      • bhai khairiyat to hay ?? O.o
        1mb = 1024 kb
        means 1mb/s = 1024 kb/s
        do the math .. ptcl kabhi pura net nai provide keta 1/10th parth of the net which really sucks

    • Dear every wireless network has this limitations. When number of users increases, total datarate shared among online users.

    • Nice. I hope mobilink maintains this speed with every user that connects on 3G irrespective of location or area

  • I thought they’ll release wifi enabled dongle as hinted during auction!

  • Tell me one thing. Jab edvo aur wimax ki usb hain to 3g ki kia zarurat hai mobile me 3g use hota hai to mobile do

    • mobile mein 3G use karein battery 7 hours mein finish ho jayegi :p
      further usb is easy to plug in laptops portable chargers, mobile har waqt online nahi rakh sekte :)

      • This one will only work with laptops/desktops rather than portable usb chargers/usb slots in car as it requires software/drivers to be installed before use.

        • No, it has wifi :)

          It is a newer model but works pretty similar to EVO wingle.

          It does not require software/drivers to be installed.

          • Then why their press release state “The device is plug and play and comes with packaged software for installation.” Doesn’t that mean it needs to install something ?

            • in case if you are connecting to legacy OS such as windows xp which does not have plug n play driver for this device, it can install on it.

              Also, when you run it in usb modem mode, you will need that software. when you connect via wifi, no need for it.

  • problem is the data packages prices , whos gonna afford them while you can get unlimited upto 40 gb on wired connections free of cost but have to pay for the speed .

  • Would’t be wise to get this before packages are announced. We don’t know, what if they offer an expensive package with 5GB limit on it, which is most likely.

  • Lol now this is a slap on PTCL’s face XD now show me some 4G LTE Dongles Zong/Warid x3

  • Now its the real competition starts…..PTCL

    better your services or we leave you……….

  • Not a good speed you will get speed ranges from 0.5 — 1 mbits/s
    It should be 21 mbits/s so that we can get average speed of 1.7 — 3.5 mbits/s .

  • That’s great..was wondering what we’ll get from 3G/4G as we can’t afford smart phones..
    Or ab PTCL ka sir dard shru oga
    Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah cheeeeeeeeeeeeeez

    • PTCL has done too much monopoly for internet in Pakistan, “Putar hun compromise nahi karn laga koi ”

      Nasoo shaba :) lol

        • In fact Rawalpindi is the 4 largest city of Pakistan, EVO is just awful here..

          so you can imagine how poor are there services in smaller cities.

  • kya ye USB hum ek he system pe use kr sakin gay ya wireless type ho gi? or es k signal wi-tribe jaise hon gay ya mobile signals jaise?

  • we have 3G/4G usb dongles speed up to 7.2mbps promational price is 2000 and wifi router speed up to 28mbps price is 5999 and mifi speed up to 21mbps with rechargeable battery working hours up to 4 hours with out electricity and 10 user can use the price is 4999 and you can use on any network any where just you need to buy date plan

    • Dear mujahid,
      This is faiq from karachi. I want the stc rs 2000 one. Which model of huawei is it exactly.
      Where do you reside. I want the usb in karachi. Please let me know asap

      • dear faiq i am out of country i can send you the fast usb dongle but for one pcs is our lost because i will send trough courier from saudi arab sorry for that but one thing if you have some friends and they also want so it will be better for me and we have the latest huawei usb dongles DL 7.2 UL 3.1mbps

  • Dear Admin or Friends can anybody help me ..
    previous day i connect
    search manually network from my mobile . i have Mobilink Connection. so
    when i search manually network their are few Network Found
    1. Mobilink 2G
    3. Mobilink 3G
    4 zong
    5 telenor

    when i select mobilink 3G it say Registered to Network so it take 1
    minuter after that error came that cannot connect to that network please
    try later.
    i try again & again but it doesn’t work ?? why?

    • @disqus_H2okK6jIVZ:disqus call on helpline and ask the operator whether 3g is activated on your SIM or not. If not, ask him or her to activate 3g on your SIM. Do ask that if mobilink’s 3g has coverage in your are or not.

  • Speednet Packages
    Price (Rs.)

    150 MB
    24 Hours

    500 MB
    7 Days

    1 GB
    30 Days

    Base Rate (per MB usage)

  • I purchased a speed stick today, the device is extremely pathetic, the support i received is even more appalling. The device was unable to open Upon calling mobilink support, not only did they not have an option for speedstick support, the call center person was completely unaware of the product. He informed me that the speed i receive depends on the load being experienced by the website. I explained i was trying to load which was not graphic intensive, that the edge on my phone was loading it fine, but the edge service that the speedstick receives was giving me 5 kbps on download and unable to open any website at all.

    I asked about when 3G would be available on the device and the support person informed me they did not know and that I would find out from seeing campaigns.

  • Free trial of Mobilink’s 3G service is currently available in Karachi, Multan, Faisalabad & Quetta*. To avail this, the customer will simply have to enable 3G on his supported handset and then restart the phone.

    To enable 3G, select any of the following in the “Network Settings” or “Mobile Networks” on 3G supported handsets :

    GSM/WCDMA (auto) mode

    2G + 3G mode

    GSM / UMTS mode

    Dual Mode

    Once this is done and the customer enters a 3G coverage area, the symbol next to the network signals will change to any of the following:





    *selected areas within these localities:


    Aga Khan University Hospital

    Akhtar Colony

    Arts Council of Pakistan

    Azam Town

    Azizabad, F.B Area


    Banglore Cooperative Housing Society

    Clifton Block 8

    C.P Berar Cooperative Housing Society


    Civil Lines

    Coast Guard Head Quarters

    Dalmia Road

    Defence officer Housing Scheme

    DHA, Phase-II

    DHA, Phase-II Ext.

    DHA, Phase-III

    DHA, Phase-V

    DHA, Phase-V

    DHA, Phase-V

    DHA, Phase-V Ext.

    DHA, Phase-VI

    DHA, Phase-VII

    DHA, Phase-VIII

    DHA, Zamzama Lane

    Sir Shah Suleman Road, F.B Area

    Gilani Railway Station

    Govt. KPT School




    Hasrat Mohani Road

    I. I Chundrigar Road

    Imperial Court

    Clifton, Improvement Scheme


    Karachi Co-Operative Housing Societies Union Ltd.

    Khayab-e-Iqbal Road, Clifton

    KPT Station


    Maulana Deen Muhammad Wafai Road

    Memon Society

    Mohammad Ali Society

    Moulvi Tamizuddin (M.T) Khan Road

    National Chambers

    PAF Base

    Pakistan Naval Society


    Saddar Bazar

    Bilawal Chorangi


    Soldier Bazaar

    Upper Gizri

    West Wharf, Dockyard Road

    Zainab Market


    Allama Iqbal Town

    Askari IX


    Cavalry Ground

    D.H.A Phase 2

    D.H.A Phase-5

    D.H.A Sector AA

    D.H.A Sector B

    D.H.A Sector XX

    DHA Sector Z


    Fortress stadium

    G.O.R 1



    Gulshan-e-Ravi housing scheme


    Iqbal avenue housing society

    Johar town

    Kot Lakhpat

    Lahore Gymkhana



    Misri Shah

    Model Town

    New Anarkali

    New Muslim Town

    Nishat colony

    Pakistan Railways


    Regal chowk







    Bahara Kahu
















    Islamabad club

    Quad-i-Azam University


    Al-Noor colony


    Bahria Town, Phase-3

    Bahria Town, Phase-4

    Chaklala Scheme 3

    Chaklala, PAF college

    D.H.A Phase -2

    D.H.A Phase-1

    Imperial market


    Panorama shopping centre


    Rawalpindi medical college


    Satellite Town

    Sector O-9, National Police Foundation

    Waris Khan

    Women’s Hospital


    Iqbal Nagar

    Abdali colony



    Sher Shah road


    Chowk shaheedan


    Hazoori bagh


    Civil hospital


    Mustafa Colony




    Darbar GulShah

    Battala Colony


    Bilal Colony

    Islam Nagar

    M Ali Town




    SirSyed town

    Gulsitan Colony

    Madina town

    Railway Faisalabad

    BoranWala Ground



    Karim Town

    Rail Bazar

    Amin Bazar

    Rahmania High school

    Maqbool Road


    Saeed Colony

    Peoples Colony


    Mengal Abad

    District court

    Sattelite town

    Shahbaz town

    Agricutlure Research Institute

    Killi Ibrahim Zai

    Liaqat Market

    Killi Shekhan

    Tarkha Killi Barach

    Kiazai Abad

    Hazara Marri Abad


    Abasyn Univeristy

    Army flats, Bara road


    Defense Officer colony


    NIPA (National Institute of Public Administrators)

    Opposite Gora Kabristan

    PTCL Colony

    Qissa Khawani Bazar

    Shaheen Town

    University of Peshawar

    University Town

  • It seems that you have easily fallen a victim of mobilink fraud. Good going. Never jump into and buy something that suddenly comes out in market.

  • 2500 is the price of the device… but how much charges per month for this????

  • my evo wingle speed is 413 ping 0.12 download and 0.06 upload and its the average speed i get all the time the maximum speed ever that i got is 1.23 download and 0.45 upload but i got this speed only one time then “bhar me jao ptcl haaram zadoo soar ke bachoon speed do ya dafa ho jao”

  • check out the pick then you will believe me its higher than average but still it is low 0.30 download and 0.19 upload and they say that they will provide 9.3 Mbps download and 5 Mbps but not more than 0.50 Mbps inshallah i will buy mobilink evo as soon as they launch it “allah ke ghar deer ha andheer nahi”

  • sry but due to low speed i cannot upload the pick now my speed is 0.07 download and 0.03 upload with 921 ping

    • bahi i bought all network supported wifi usb from some apnabroadband website , used on telenor and on zong usb .. working ok .. using usb in powerbank and on my dany tab

  • Bilah Hussain, can you tell me how did you unlocked your device. I’ve just bought Mobilink 3G Wifi (Huawei E5330Bs) dongle

  • mobilink usb bekar or chorun ki usb hy. mobilink sukers. bull shit. koi bi mehnga se mehnga pakage kerwao . 3 din bad he khatam hoajata hy. sirf 2 hour bi use kia ho bhaly pjir bi 3 din bad khatam. phir se load karao pese wo bi less and less 1500. 15oo per 3 days damn on mobilink.

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