PRIME Talk on Social Entrepreneurship To Be Held In March

Running a business isn’t necessarily an affair of being hard-nosed about profits alone; it merits much greater responsibility. The often used and abused saying about ‘with great power comes great responsibility’ applies quite neatly.

As an entrepreneur, one extracts resources from the society; thus, it’s imperative that the favour is returned as the business prospers. Budding entrepreneurs surely need guidance about handling such matters with the society in mind. Prime Talk on Social Entrepreneurship: New Idea Champions will definitely help potential businessmen in that regard.

The Event

Prime Talk on Social Entrepreneurship: New Idea Champions is an event that offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to learn by listening. It is open for all to attend and benefit from the presence of a panel of two prestigious figures from the industry as they share their experiences and shed light on social entrepreneurship and its significance.

The Speakers

aaAijaz Nizamani will be one of the two guest speakers on the panel who works in multiple capacities: as an ecologist, a libertarian and a rural entrepreneur. He has closely worked with Ruralasia board in Lahore to create a self-sustaining rural entrepreneurship model. The idea behind it is to assist in generating rural income courtesy of technological assistance, product development and marketing.

Malik Nazir Ahmad Wattoo
is the founder of Changa Pani Programme and a proud winner of Tamgha-e-Imtiaz. He is responsible for commoditizing safe drinking water in Bhalwal. Citizens pay a nominal fee for development of infrastructure and a meager of amount of 5 paisas for each gallon of water consumed. It shows how Changa Pani has eliminated poverty as an excuse for unhygienic water consumption.

Where and When?

The Prime Talk is scheduled to take place at Kuch Khaas in F-6/3, Islamabad on March 10, 2015. It is due to commence at 5pm for all and sundry. All those interested can register for the event for free here. For further queries regarding the event, you may contact via email on [email protected] or via phone on 0333-5668946.

The Organizers

Policy Research Institute of Market Economy (PRIME) operates with the vision of a free and prosperous society. It places its faith in young entrepreneurs and encourages more people to support the cause of breaking status quo that prevents growth of meritorious professionals in the market. It arranges a number of seminars, workshops and conferences to spread the awareness in order to achieve this.

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