Ultimate List of Web Resources For The Internet Ninja

There are some great tools/services out there which can help you your website. But since there are so many of them, many of us experience paralysis due to the sheer amount of options available. Worry no more.

I have tried out some of these tools. Some of them were pretty good, while some were just mediocre. There are some tools which are free to use while some have different pricing tiers. You need to have the right tools to ramp up the marketing of your website. Premium options tend to be a bit heavy on the wallet.

This list looks at the various tools, apps and resources that you can use to boost your blog.

Content Ideas

Content Idea Generator

Whenever I suffer from Writer’s block, I use the Content Idea Generator  (http://www.portent.com/tools/title-maker) to come up with ideas. It is a great tool which has always helped me. There are plenty of ideas which you can generate through this.  Please make sure that you are clear with your choice of words and don’t come up with something generic.

Content Saving Tools


Pocket (www.getpocket.com) is one of those tools which allow you to save articles for future reading. My personal pocket account has hundreds of my favorite articles saved for reading. I can access them from my smartphone (apps for Android and Ios devices only), Tablet and the Desktop. It comes as an extension for browsers so you can save whatever you want to read.


Readability (www.readability.com) is a good alternative to Pocket. It also comes with a Chrome web clipping tool and is available on both the Ios and Android platforms. The best thing about Readability is that you can use it to send posts to your Kindle App so that you can read it at your own convenience.


Evernote (www.evernote.com)  is one of the best organizers in the market. It allows you to make lists, save web pages (with the help of the web clipper extension), look at the draft of your blog posts. You can also access them on your phone, tablet, desktop. It is worth getting the premium version of Evernote as you get to use work chat, a bigger storage quota and access to the files offline.

Scheduling Tools


Buffer  (www.bufferapp.com) is one of the best scheduling apps out there. It supports  sharing content on   Twitter , Facebook  Linked In and Google Plus . It is a lifesaver as you can schedule it to share content. You can also get to see analytics for each post. The only downside is that it there is a limit of  11 posts in a queue , limitations on the number of accounts you can use with it and RSS feeds. It is worth investing $102 dollars a year to get a Buffer account. This will allow you to share up to 200 posts at a time, add 15 social media accounts and enable it for 2 team members.


Backlinks Checker

You can use Moz (www.moz.com)  and SEMRush (www.semrush.com)  to check backlinks for websites. The only problem with them is that the free option allows a small number of free searches. This will still let you find the backlinks of your competitors with ease.

Keyword Niche Finder

I love Keyword Niche finder (http://www.wordstream.com/keyword-niche-finder) as it helps you find profitable keywords. The only downside is that there is a restriction of  10 free upfront searches and 1 free search per day.  It is  useful tool   and gives you good suggestions for different niches of your keyword.

After the Deadline

This is a great extension (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/after-the-deadline/fcdjadjbdihbaodagojiomdljhjhjfho/related)  which lets you check your spelling in real time. The only problem is that there is a slight lag in the service. It is not noticeable so much but it can be a bit of a pain.

Hemmingway App

This is a great online app (http://www.hemingwayapp.com/)  which you can use to polish your sentences. It will help you get rid of errors, complex words and improve your sentences. You can also use the Desktop version but you have to pay for it.

Small SEO Tools

This is the Swiss Army knife of tools. (http://smallseotools.com/)  I love how I can use so many of these tools without paying anything.

Some of the main tools are:

  • Plagiarism checker
  • Article rewriter
  • Keyword position
  • Google PageRank checker
  • Backlink checker
  • Online ping tool
  • Alexa rank checker
  • Domain IP lookup
  • Keyword suggestion tool
  • Page speed checker tool

Email Marketing

Mail Chimp

My favorite Email Marketing tool is MailChimp. (www.mailchimp.com)  It allows you to add send up to 12000 emails to around 2000 subscribers  with the free version.

Team Collaboration


Slack is one of the best team collaboration tools I have ever used. Setting up a team account was a cakewalk . It is easier to use than Yammer and has much better features. The free version is good enough for small teams while the premium options are quite affordable. (www.slack.com)

It offers one-on-one messaging, private groups,  direct messaging as well as group chats. There is no need to send emails when you have this collaboration tool. It also supports 3rd party Integrations.


Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean  (www.digitalocean.com) is one of the best virtual private server providers in the market. They have some of the cheapest packages in the market and the quality of the service is pretty good.  The cheapest package on Digital Ocean will cost you around $5.


If you want a simple solution, you can always set up a Bluehost (www.bluehost.com)  account. It is quite reasonable and has easy to use one-click apps.

BackUp Tools

Backing up your files is vital for any businesses. You don’t want to lose all that files you worked hard for when something bad happens. So it’s always important to do backups

Google Drive and Dropbox

Google Drive (drive.google.com) is one of my favorites because you get 15 GB of free space to save your files. If you are looking for an upgrade, you can  get 100 GB for $2 a month. Dropbox (www.dropbox.com) is also good but you only get 2 GB to start off with and more space via referrals.

  • I don’t like google drive and Dropbox as you need to put everything in a folder. Instead use idrive or sugar sync (paid, trail available).

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