Pakistanis Storm PEMRA Website with Complaints Against QMobile

QMobile’s TV ad for its Z7 smartphone, which they lifted from an Indian company, has started to give the company some serious trouble now.

QMobile’s TVC, that was originally developed for Indian market, is aired on almost every Pakistani TV channels, which according to Pakistani TV viewers, is way beyond the accepted norms of the country.

Pakistani citizens reacted to the ad by reaching out to PEMRA and complaining that the language used in the TVC isn’t appropriate for majority of audience in Pakistan. They said that it becomes difficult for them to watch QMobile’s TVC along with their other family members.

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One complainant expressed his annoyance as following:

The unpredictable advertisement, which is just violating the Norms and Values of Islam & Pakistan.

Whenever we are with our family, mostly in prime time, that bulls**t is repeated over n over.

Kindly remove that thing.

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Check below countless complaints posted on PEMRA’s website:


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    • Yes, one stupidity shouldn’t justify another.
      Josh could have been more decent in their approach Contraceptives.

      But the logic, since we show Josh, we should go on screaming Sexiest Phoen on Tv at prime time, is sheer crap.

      try explaining to little kids.

    • They are all innocent children. Somebody should air GoT or Entourage in their homes. Force them to grow up!

    • آپکا مطلب ہے ایک گناہ کی وجہ سے دوسرا گناہ نہ چھوڑا جائے؟

    • @Rehmat ali ,aap ghar ja kar apni Behen , beti ,mother se keh saktey ho k qmobile is sexiset mobile??

      Ye aap ki behen aur beti aap se ye bol sakti hai??

      Barey hi behsaraam insaan ho aap, aur shakal se bhi lagtey ho.

  • So pakistan should also file complaint against oxford dictionary for inserting the word sexy in their dictionary.
    I mean come on. What is wrong in it ? We are so narrow minded that a normal word used to describe emotions is hurting our emotions.

    • you are comparing a word in Dictionary with something that’s aired on National TV? are you high or what?

    • work F**k Cu*t bit*h are also there. I guess that makes it a norm for you to use around you family, per you r logic?!

      Adiay aye Liberal!

    • Usman Bhai aap nay bilkul sahi kaha, actually what the people think of you is also mentioned in the dictionary but if they call those words in public to you how will you feel. i hope you understand.

    • No the problem is , it is not hurting our emotions.. Actually we are such hypocrites that we don’t want to accept that we have been fascinated by that ad. To cover our hypocrisy, we need a Islamic blanket here !

      • Mr. Ali is inspired by you, as for him word sexy has no limits. Now you can walk on the road without cloths and all fools would bark upon you..!

        • Word sexy has multiple meanings like most of other english words. Its not only limited and related to sex. Its used as a slang for beautiful or stylish. Its meaning is not limited like your minds.

    • The word “rape” is also part of dictionary, Does it mean that you should rape? You must ne high!

    • Yeah, the words “rape”, “anus”, “fuck”, “bitch”, etc are also present in the Oxford dictionary. That means that it’s perfectly fine to use them on TV channels. After all, no children view TV, right?

  • English words have more than one meanings. Here when used with the phone Sexiest means very attractive, very appealing, exciting or trendy, People must get education before writing / complaining. Ek to her cheez Islam ka masla ban jati hay hamaray haun.

    • So you are s*****? We have to use use English as per our perspective and social norms.
      Another example: Would you like to use f*** openly? while it has different meanings at times.

    • The problem is not the context but the word itself. Most of the people in Pakistan will feel uncomfortable when using word “sexy”. It’s not about Islam but the culture here.

      • Kon keh rha ha use kro bhai Qmobile ki team ghar pe aa k gunpoint pe to sexy nhi kehlwae gi ap se… Or jahan tk baat ad ki ha word mobile k lye use hua ha kisi lrki k lye nhi.

        • You do realize that children watch TV, right? They’re going to start saying “sexy” in inappropriate situations because they don’t know any better.


    • It means sexy as in sexually attractive. Don’t give in to the prude brigade. These people certainly don’t hesitate in breeding children by the dozen but are afraid to talk about it.

    • You’re being such an A S S
      Is it okay if I wanna call you a donkey by this word’s other context, and air it in front of your family?
      We’re Muslim first, everything else second. Alhamdulillah at that!

      • So if we are Muslim it is okay to start calling other Muslims donkeys? What are you trying to preech here?

    • come to my program I will give you the new Qmobile which is sexiest phone for the sexiest people

    • Exactly, whats wrong if someone is saying this phone is sexy. Dont say it in front of your sisters, daughters. You should use alternative words while talking to them. You are 200% right.

  • kia bakwas hai yeh log khud jo gandi gandi galiyan dete han media pe unko bari shrafat yad aajati hai.very beautiful add no controversy.perhaps it is a publicity stunt to get more attention.very normal ad.khamkhaw issue bana dia. jab sara pakistan islami ban jye phr aitraz kre.hamary mulk k aur bhi masly han unko bhi dekh len.

      • no, issue sometime is not an issue for those who themselves an issue and want issues

    • Sahi baat hai yar puray pakistan mein aise aise ganday kam hotay hain k sharam ati hai. 2,2 saal ki bachiyo k rape ho jatay hain, kuttay ka gosht bikta hai, masoomo ko roz keeray makoro ki trah qatal kia jata waqt agr itni awam govmnt institutions ko complaint kre to shayd koi action ho jae.

  • How about the Obscene language in shows like “KHARA SACH” and other assorted binaries on prime time political TV? Double standards much Ya Bakistani Beebuls??

  • Hahhaha! “Sexiest” phone in the world is considered vulgar and when Altaf bhai openly relates PTI jalsas to heera mandi – that’s okay!

    What a country of hypocrites we are.

    • no one agrees with altaf hussain
      the problem with stupid people is that they try to validate their stupidity by showing stupidity of others.

      • Tu to jaise inam ghar mein sab ko adaab e shariat sikha sikha k thak gya hai na. Apni beti ki umar ki bachiyon pe tharak utarne walay.

        • Apni sisters ko kaho na k na ayen program main.main konsa kisi k ghar ghus gaya hun

          • Meri sisters to kbhi ni ayi khud hi apni beti ko la k jeans pehna k bhaga rha hota hai. Hahaha.

            • jese aag lagi hai us say to yehi lagta kay apki sister agae thi program main or pta nahi kahan bhag gae phir jo apse saaf bolnay bhi nahi ho raha

  • These are the same people that are privately liking butt pictures on instagram and get so offended when they hear the word “sexiest” on TV.

    • how you know others private life or maybe you are giving your own example.
      their is different in what you do and say in public and private
      ask your parents they will better explain you

  • that is the reason why Pakistan people are not good in advertising. our pakistani advertising agency can only make pathetic dance commercial, please never think out of the box .

  • Now this made me laugh .. We can watch indian movies , hollywood movies and when it comes to this ad , ppl say its not appropriate .. come on guys grow up ..

      • Ok Aamir you mean to say if you are watching something in closed premises with a bunch of people that is ok but when it is on aired on TV it should have strict censorship policies. Before firing this ad as an issue why not first think about Billi, Munni, Sheela which are proudly aired on TV … The problem is not in the ad rather in our hypocrite behavior.

        • I don’t set censorship policies, neither I added a single word of mine above. I reported what ppl are telling pemra. You better take a look at it before questioning my preferences.

  • As if all other ads like Telenor Talkshawk & Mobilink Jazba and so many others to quote are so well Islamic and in accordance of norms of Islam and Pakistan ! God damn stop inducing Islamization factor in every reaction. We all know , what we are ! This is shear hypocrisy !

    :/ Pathetic Article representing a pathetic national mindset !

  • I wonder how the population of Pakistan came to 180 million souls if people here are afraid of sex.

  • Lolzzz we can’t even handle word ‘Sexiest’. A big lolzzz on tiny mind ppl. Lame allegations.

    • Ok then let me say a sentence! “i want to have sex with you”, so if word “sex” is okay to you then i guess that sentence is okay too.

      • Sex is not the same as sexiest.

        In the same way “sexiest” is not the same as “sexist”.

  • the complain has lodged by one individual person many times, look into the text of complains

  • the girl in the ad is way too sexy for pakistanis,,,i guess….waise bachi bahut fit hai Kyu Aamir Bhai ?

  • Q-Mobile whose cargo of about 100 crores was burnt at Karachi Airport terrorist attack is still making profits in unimaginable figures. They have gone Crazy and so are Advertising agencies. The Coke & Pepsi ,shampoos, Veet are also in the list of vulgur if you look deep. The western style costumes of Karina and our models are also not decent to show to our generations. But who cares .PEMRA is here to watch who talks what about the government. Awam has to go to court like they did to one morning show host. This is the only solution.

    • ahaan I remember katrina mango juice ad. that juice was from pepsi.
      mere Aam py sub ny shor dala or katrina ka ad mazay say dekhtay rahay

  • bahir ghalat lafz istemaal kertay hain aur ghar per …oh my god values yad a jati hain! no wonder is mulk ki halat ye hai k duniya thukti hai

  • This is coming from a nation that tops the list of porn searches in the entire damned world. Hypocrisy be thy name.

  • Saad, with respect, I disagree with your viewpoint. First thing, we don’t top in porn search — it was a fabricated story. Second, corporate communication should be inline with national norms in general, which I think was not the case in this ad.

    • Sir, that might as well be the case, my response was after reading the comments (in the screenshot posted above). That gives one an idea as if all hell has broken loose. I fail to understand the mindset.

  • Wahh yea log apne bacho k saath cinemas may item songs khushi se dekhlengay likin yea lafz sun-nay se mout aagaye hai

    • not everyone.
      tum log kuch logo ki example ko puray mulk py implement ker dete ho.
      agar ap movie dekhty ho to doesn’t mean million families bhi aese he mod hain

      • 99% log dekhte hain. Naqli sharafat ka faida nhi hai. Q k amalnama naqli sharafat se nhi bharta. Sach ko tum log aise chupatay ho jaise hum log mareekh pe bethay hain. Saray facts tum logo ko pata ha.

        • kindly prove your facts of 99 % . Baat yeh hai k hur bura yehi samjta hai k main bura to sub buray he hon gay so wo khud ki burai ko satisfy ker sakay kay yeh sub krtay hain.

  • This is just a single ad our people found violating our traditional and religious values. I can list too many ads already out there, which no one boycotted. For instance:

    1) “surf excel – dagh tou achay hotay hain” What nonsense? That’s what we are teaching to our young generation? Prophet (S.A.W.W.) clearly ordered us to remain free from dirt and impurities.

    2) “doctor toothpaste – dantoon ki ‘tamam takleefat’ ka mukamal elaj” What foolishness? Aren’t they taking your attention away from your Creator? He (Allah) is the only One to be asked and has the true power to cure you and give you health.

    3) In Ramadan, we’re bombarded with ads forcing us to ‘celebrate’ our meals at cafes, restaurants, — “all you can eat” — even attract you to places like Dubai and others alike. What stupidity? Is this a month you should focus on practicing more on religion or hang out to multiply your sins? They all at some point diverts your attention from whom you should actually seek guidance.

    Why don’t we realize? I just skipped SEVERAL other examples for you to realize yourself. May He protect you (the reader) and the whole nation. JazakAllah.

      • Sarcasm? Are you OUT of your mind? Did you find it a joke or something that I posted and never meant to convey what I wanted to? It’s true, straight path is for those who are the deserving ones. Your current knowledge may not be able to identify what I truly meant. But I wish soon you would realize and would even thanks me for that. It’s for your own good, in the end each individual has to separately answer HIM.

        I can not force someone with the mindset they’re having, with the background they’re having. But what I CAN DO, is what I AM DOING. It’s good that you pointed out that many wouldn’t understand, and that’s visible by the kind of reaction you may observe from the people around. That’s nothing like the true Islamic era. It’s an absolute shame where people blame each other out. I am here to open up your mind. That’s being engineered by your enemies since more than a decade through media content – try to understand! For instance, look at the wedding ceremony of a so-called ‘Muslim’ is that the way our ideal did? It’s horrible for us that we have made celebrities, and other foolish people out there who are making money, we have made them our ideal – it’s a cliche, and a bitter truth.

        I hope you just give your few moments to understand what I truly mean. If not others, than at least you. That’d be a success! And let’s make our individuals a better educated ones. We are being taken to the wrong path, try to understand and I know you posted your comment in excitement, but in a silent place, ask yourself. Are we doing things rightly? That’s why we were here? Islam orders you to balance your life with this world, and the spiritual world through your religious practices. It’s all about priorities and your heart will feel satisfaction once you give it a try. I hope you will. Wish you success in that. Try avoiding conflicts with one another, we are brothers and should respect each other. Shukriya!

        • if u actually meant what you just wrote then God forbid i dont want your intellect! you represent your mind which is stuck in the 7th century! cheers!

          • Brother, it is not stuck in the 7th century. However, from the Islamic history, one (Muslim) should idealise – that’s the point. Not from the western societies that’s happening in today’s world.

            Still if you think that way, there are many future predictions in Islam already given. Please do not look at things that way. For instance, the appearance of Dajjal, the signs of Day of Judgement – minor signs are already here! And all major signs will come in a chain, so you better be prepared for it. As it will lead to an ultimate destruction of the world, until Imam Mehdi (A.S.) and Hazrat Isa would come. We would be hearing news of natural disasters in Turkey, Cairo, Cyprus. Conflict between two super-powers, China to be divided in several countries and so on. One was visible to you in 9/11 case. Please do not ignore all this. Allah has purposefully made this world.

            What happening now is that, you’re speaking the language of the enemies of the Islamic nations. And you never have even realized it. They have engineered the mindset that way, and that’s horrible for us. Thus, I am trying to aware you, brother. Stay blessed.

            • You say: For instance, the appearance of Dajjal, the signs of Day of Judgement – minor signs are already here!

              Well, for your kind information, people have been saying that EXACT SAME THING for almost 14 centuries. It is nothing to get alarmed about.

              What will happen will happen.

        • your ultra spiritual inclination wil give you just that! a magical world of desires! in real world you have t work for a living and things dont fall form the sky just because you pray for it! so just because u r a muslim, wudnt get you a win in cricket, or a good economy, and a better quality of life! now u’ll say u r working for the jannah! well my friend today more westerners shud be in jannah for the good deeds they do as compared to muslims! think about what good have muslims done for the humanity?

          • Dear, you’re taking it all wrong! And that’s so sad to hear that way from your end.

            Islam guides us to be moderate and maintain balance, that doesn’t meant you leave the world behind and spend your time ONLY in religious practices. I mentioned this in my last comment too, and your level of understanding clearly signifies that there is a gap that eventually produced such response.

            We have been been taught to give around 1/3rd of the day in earning a living, that covers your cricket example. Moreover, Allah prefers rich, wealthy Muslims over poor ones. Those wealthier Muslims who contributes for humanity, and their well-being. That is through the tool of Zakat, Sadqaat, and so on.

            You also talked about economy. There’s Islamic Economics as well that focuses on spiritual well-being plus material well-being! That has countered capitalism, socialism (and all other human-created structures that ultimately leads to failure). Please research about it. I understand the educational system, and media has a vital role that ultimately producing lack of intellect in today’s mentality.

            Regarding desires, oh fellow! Please be noted it is your ego that asks for never-ending desires. The same ego that is been labeled as the worst creature in existence, that further links to Shaitan. When Allah created the ego He said him to “move forward” and it went back. That’s how opposite it follows His commands. And if there were no ego, we would be similar to like Angels. Your ego must be zero, if you try to satisfy it, it will take you to the wrong path, the path of Shaitan. Be aware!

            Try to understand the points I have mentioned. It is with sincere brotherhood. We have to safeguard our nation!

            • ”allah prefers rich wealthy muslims over poor ones?”lahaulawalkuwat! i really want to know who is this ‘intelligent’ mentor of yours who gives you these awesome lessons

              • Dear, please read the COMPLETE message that is being posted to you and do not create wrong meanings of the intended message.

                “Allah prefers rich, wealthy Muslims over poor ones. Those wealthier Muslims who contributes for humanity, and their well-being. That is through the tool of Zakat, Sadqaat, and so on.”

                Meaning, NOT those rich people who DO NOT spends their income to the society to support his brother. It is guided in Islamic Economics to give a portion to the society, if you are rich and have been blessed by Him. And Allah would then favor that wealthy person over poor because that person is supporting the society, and not forgetting Allah, even when he is been given the ownership of money, and other valuables.

      • It is because our current nation have been engineered that way by the enemies of this land. They control the nation mindset, play with their psychology, and you actually find things that are bad, to be later acceptable, and ultimately try it out yourself – I’m talking about radical fashion here. Consequently, you’re finding it a funny post which actually is a VERY serious topic. Refer to my comments made to Mr. Rehman so you’d better identify my point in detail.

      • Would you please clarify your intention? That way your message would be decoded the way you actually encoded it. Otherwise, there would be a communication gap. Kindly elaborate your clear views.

  • Finally !!!! Pakistanis are standing for their Norms and Culture … damaged by Indian Culture

  • I too am against QMobike Z7 ad, but also there are quite a few ads which are not appropriate as per our religion Islam a.d our norms as well. Have registered complaints about them too.

  • Tareef aur khobi bayan karnay Kay liyae aur bhi bohot Saray words hain. Google may “beautiful words” search to karain dil khush ho jai ga.

  • Oh It is completely acceptable for whole family to watch intimate scene on Prime Time TV dramas…like rape attack (Chup Raho), meaningful crying of a girl after meeting alone with her husband(Nikah only)..Rukhsati pending due to Haq Mehar pending in “Haq Nehar” Forced Nikah and….. crying girl scene in a bedroom moments later..(Behnain Aisi Bhi Hoti Hain)…. All fair n square … No child asking what happened to her… Complete Family entertainment and possibly “Education” …. bravo Musalmano….

  • to be honest when i saw this ad first .. i assumed .it might be any upcoming phone company’s phone ad .. than when saw it’s Q . felt bit surprised .

  • I shocked the views related to ad. Veet, always and other commercials are objectionable.. but we dont condemn…

  • Always, Josh, saathi, veet, freshup mein saba qamar k cleavage k khilaf complaints q ni lodge hui?
    Lagta hai ye complaints Rivo, G-five, Oppo, huawei walo ne ki hain.

  • Instead they should be using the Desi term for the ‘sexy’ word, which is; “Bohot Chikna phone hai”.

  • @Rehmat Ali: Where ever u live, there is a norm and values at that area, u must respect that. if any TVC go against norms and values we must condemn.

    It also depend on a product. If u look at “Josh” TVC they make TVC quite better.

  • @Rehmat Ali apne bache ko kia jawab do ge agar “Sexiest” ka matlab poche? Bacho to pochege

  • close