Viber Launches Game Platform Worldwide

As time wears on, more and more Instant Messaging (IM) platforms are finding inventive ways to monetize. It seems like Mobile games are seen as an avid source to serve that purpose. Viber, the renowned communications service, has recently launched the all-new Viber Games platform the world over following a five-month trial phase.

The games on offer can be played free of cost but the featured microtransactions mean that certain in-game items can only be bought for a price. It’s these micro-transactions that Viber hopes to gain from. Since these social games will be tied to one’s Viber account, the scores will be posted to leaderboards where friends can be challenged and top scores beaten. A particular section in the app is meant for displaying all messages as well as notifications received.

Three launch titles that have come courtesy of the international launch include: Wild Luck Casino, Viber Pop and Viber Candy Mania. Each of these games features special characters that players may choose to identify from the collection of stickers. All three titles are available via iTunes App Store and Google Play Store.

Talmon Marco, the founder of Viber, has clarified that the idea is not to overwhelm Viber users with a plethora of games. Instead, Viber will restrict the number of games to a ‘small, highly curated selection.’ Plans are in place to get more and more developers on board in order to offer even more interesting titles to users.

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