Poll: Should Pakistan Auction More 3G/4G Spectrum in 2015?

We are getting news that Government of Pakistan is planning to auction more spectrum for 3G and 4G services with-in next few months.

This intent, as we are told, picked up especially after Pakistan won Mobile Global Awards for successfully auctioning spectrum in 2014.

For the purpose, Anusha Rehman, Minister for State for Telecom and Information Technology, reportedly discussed the matter with international telecom players at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where she received the excellence award on behalf of Pakistan, to almost invite them for the upcoming spectrum auction in Pakistan.

Telecom operators, who are currently busy with SIM re-verification drive, were somewhat astonished by the development. Not that they didn’t expect this, but because they were burdened with SIM re-verification of 103 million SIMs with-in six months of their 3G roll-outs, they were hoping for some more time before government could auction any further spectrum.

According to PTA’s license term with 3G and 4G operators, government can auction unsold spectrum (one 10Mhz block in 2100Mhz and another 7.38Mhz in 850Mhz band) any time now. This unsold spectrum, if sold successfully, can bring the top dollar for the cash-starved government.

Naturally Ishaq Dar, Minister for Finance, must be weighing all possible options to generate revenues for federation and auction of unsold spectrum is the going to be his best bet.

But, there are various other things that regulator and Ministry of IT will have to consider before auctioning the spectrum. For example to evaluate the market need, for which PTA is already in process of hiring consultants that will advise regulator on best time to auction the spectrum.

As per experts, one 4G block can be sold easily to top two players or to Warid as it has its LTE operations up and running (without any additional spectrum but) with quite successful reception.

It won’t be out of place to mention, that other than unsold spectrum from previous auction, PTA can not auction new 3G and 4G spectrum before October 2015.

With more than 10 million 3G subscribers with-in first six months of operations in Pakistan, the appetite is clearly there but considering low ARPUs (even during post-3G time), SIM re-verification campaign (that took four months of operators) and low uptake of 4G subscribers for Zong, another auction with-in next few months can be a gamble.

So here’s the multi-million dollar question:

Should Pakistan auction more 3G/4G spectrum with-in 2015 or not? Participate in below poll and comments to share your input and thoughts with us.

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  • Inam

    Yes no doubt about it. It will be at least some progress in this country!

  • Hamza

    friends can some one tell me whats price of zong 4g sim ?

    • Raja Maja

      Hamza bhai aap ghalat site par agai hian………………Goga Pan shop say ruju kaein SIM wahan milti hai………..

      • drivebycomment

        If you can’t help him perhaps you should not comment at all? Asking questions is how we learn new things. People like you discourage that process and that has a negative impact on everyone.

      • Hamza

        Bhai meine ap se sirf price pochi hai ! Is mein is bakwas ki kya zarorat hai ! …ap logo ki vaja se hamara ye mulk taraqi nahi kar raha ..agar kisi questn ka answer nai hai ap k paas to reply hi naa karein

        • KhurramKz

          Better to consider warid LTE, zong 4g sucks when compare to warid, but main game is where you live and which operator is giving the best signals ay your location you need to check that out first, even on mobilink I’m getting 9mb/s its really good if you ask for its packages and speed and compare to other networks, as per 4g LTE from warid speed varies from 10 mb/s -40 mb/s at my location..so better to check the speed and traffic and signal issues first..warid LTE sim 150 rs and zong 100 rs.

        • adnan

          Chal bas ab ladla mat bun

      • Hamza

        Meine sirf price pochi hai …kyo k meine abhi 4g phone liye hai or mujhe sim ki zarort thi ! Toh meine socha chalo kisi se poch leinge ..agar aj kal toh bhali ka zamana hi nai hai

        • razi

          hamza 100 rupees

        • Ahmed Habib

          Hamza but new sim abi ni mil rai :-)

        • yorgus

          As Mr Raja Maja explained “Hamza bhai you are on a wrong forum, please check out Goga Pan Shop or Banaras Pan Mahal for Zong 4G SIM”,

  • Ali Raza

    yes of course.. this will also attract more international companies to invest in pakistan.

  • Jahanzeb

    The more the merrier.

  • Hamza Mustafa

    gatiyya tareen speed hai telenor or mobilink or ufone ki bakwasss hai 3G paisay koot rhy hain bs awam sy Vodaphone ya T-mobile jesi companies hi asal 3g or 4g speed dy sakti haiin

    • Majid ahmad

      For ur kind information only zong is providing best 3g as compared to telenor ufone and mobilink…i have used all 4 networks personally to experience 3g speed..!! Try zong its way faster and reliable.

      • Bilal Iqbal

        Rates bhi double hain ap ki super 3g k… zong offering 280 mb in 70/- week. Telenor 75 mai 1 gb + 500 mb daily motion. 3+ mbs is not a bad speed at all…

        • Muhammad Aamir

          This package seems expensive! I do the package which offers 3GB+Rs.100 free balance for 3 days – Telenor. I load every month Rs.600, in this way, I get 30GB for the entire month as well as Rs1000 free balance through which I can call 5 hour per month to all networks. What an amazing package! I’m getting the below speed. Ab Bol! :P

          • Techno guy

            Sir which pacage r u using ? And whats its sub code ?

            • Muhammad Aamir

              *2*20# only for djice!

          • Bilal Iqbal

            Wow… i use 2gb daily/8 rupee when required and use regular package for routine browsing … getting 3-5 mbps…

          • Zia khan

            Dear 100 free balance is not to all network , I also use this package , but 1.5/30sec to other network , only to telenor numbers free

          • faizan

            100% agreed im also using it telenor rocks i m getting 950kbps download in uc browser

      • Zia khan

        Yeah dear you both all right , some new cimpany will invest in pakistan , 5 company already have , but only in some cities , they give 90 % covrage to pakistan will take 10 years more , they still ignore small towns and villages

    • fktiwana

      its time to change our thinking pakistani operators are also giving best speed on 3G n 4G as compare to said.

    • Zaeem

      Telenor 3G Speed <3

    • yorgus

      Do u want to tell that u have used T.Mob or Vodaphone? Please don’t say yes because i know u haven’t.

  • Guest

    “one 10Mhz block in 2100Mhz and another 7.38Mhz in 850Mhz band”
    Aamir, 10Mhz is available in 1800 band.

    • aamir7

      Yes, you are write. I am correcting this. Sorry.

      • Majid ahmad


      • Muhammad Aamir

        Aamir bhai! I’m waiting for your article about the tower stuff :(

  • Zain

    The above question is not a multi-million dollar question.

  • Zaeem

    Telenor 3G Speed <3

  • Shahid Saleem

    i don’t see the point of this poll. Goverment does not care what we think, only for ways to make $$$

    • Bilal Iqbal

      Propak. means professional pakistani… lol

  • Zaki Uddin

    I don’t think there should be more auctions!

  • Afaq Khatri

    Please post some article about recent development on DTH technology. PEMRA has already hired a swiss firm to draft policy.

    • Umer Daraz

      yes pls amir bhai pls

    • Adnan

      Yes pls

  • drivebycomment

    Of course it is better to wait. Government can earn more if they wait. But the government needs dollars desperately so they will rush this through. Perhaps the next government will then create a court case over this and licenses will be cancelled. Like what happend to steel mills privatization.

  • Abdullah

    Investment brings more employment so yes

  • Muhammad Dildar

    Rather than auctioning new spectrum, current strategy should be to bring this facility to the far flung areas of the country.

  • Indian

    Great article.. pak bhi tarakki kar rha hai..telecommunication me :D

    • Zain

      FYI, Pakistan was the first country to launch mobile telephony in South Asia.

      • Indian

        and Pakistan was the last country to launch 3G/4G mobile telephony in South Asia. :D

        but one thing is good pak 3G/4G plans are cheapest compare to Indian 3G/4G operator’s plans.

        • Zain

          Well it was worth the wait :-P

          • Indian

            :D and Pakistan’s 3G speeds are also good.
            In India, i hardly get 5-6MB/s on 3G network.
            but some Indian operators like Reliance, Vodafone, Airtel etc gives 16-20Mb/s 3G speeds on Metro cities.

            what about pakistan’s 4G plans and 4G speeds ??

            • Muhammad Aamir

              Brother! There is a huge difference between MBps and Mbps. MBps stands for Megabytes Per Second whereas Mbps aka Megabits Per Second. If you say, I’m getting 5-6MB/s it means you’re getting 40-50Mbps. Take Care, Next Time! :D

              • Indian

                yup.. i mean 5-6Mbps. :P

        • anas qamar

          Its funny how Pakistan gets the technology after all the hype of ‘new technology’ and gets these technologies after the prices have gone down – like a boss :P

      • Zaki Uddin


  • Reporter

    Turk Telecom is coming to Pakistan very soon. Instaphone license with 3G and 4G license will be sold to Turk Telecom and they will launch with the brand name of Arena Mobile … Ericsson will be the main partner for deployment. Instaphone’s some sites are still there and they dont need much time to get operational. Hope for the best :)

  • Bilal

    Existing companies are making fool us. 1: Speed is not good. 2: Packages are very expensive, 3: Very limited data.

  • mohsen

    According to me, our 3g/4g market is in the baby phase, selling more means making it a vulnerably saturated and may be investors won’t get attracted to the deal.

  • Muhammad Fawad

    First of all this is the easiest way of earning for both
    officials and government. Ishaq Dolar ko short cut mil gya hay.

    Secondly PTA should also check the services offered by
    present license holders. I am in Gujrat and only Mobilink is offering the best
    services here. I am not getting even half of MB speed. This is the
    responsibility of the regulator to maintain proper check and balance.

    Lastly, there is no need of license right now. The present
    operators are not approaching their break even. Let them earn and ask them to offer cheaper

    • adnan

      Im also from gujrat im getting this on ufone

      • Muhammad Fawad

        Where in Gujrat ?

        • adnan

          Sargodha Road near staff gala

  • Muhammad Zaman

    Pakistan should go ahead for 3G auction. I addition 4G/LTE auction be considered as Pakistan has the most dense/ population OFC network in the world. Not only Pakistan will lead in telecommunication but thousands of experienced telecom engineers will find jobs in the world market.

  • Khurram ShahzAd

    Yup sure they must auction more 3G and 4G licenses and bring some more competition. Advantage will be to end users.

  • Abdul Rehman

    Aamir bhai today I visited Ufone website for 3G packages.There is a slide at the top of the page that the existing Ufone 3G packages will not be available from 10 April.Please find out what are the new Ufone 3G Packages ?

  • Mohammed Usman


    • Shahid Saleem

      You want free? Breathe in, then breathe out. That is all that is free in this world.

  • Tàhír Mëhmõõd

    Auction for Azad Kashmir…

  • Zia khan

    It’s about a year , still 25 % area of Pak can use 3G and 4g , all 5 companies ignoring small twons and villages , only few big cities ,