Pakistan Gets 9.07 Million 3G Users, 50K LTE Users

Pakistani telecom operators added over 9 million 3G users while another 50,000 LTE users till the end of January 2015, reported Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.

According to PTA, all four 3G operators added some 1.5 million users on to their 3G networks during January 2015 with Telenor leading the charts that added 472,374 users to its 3G network during the reported month.

Mobilink converted 381,984 subscribers to 3G while Ufone’s 301,572 subscribers converted to 3G plans during the reported month.

Zong added 189,023 subscribers on its 3G network during January 2015.

With 2.74 million 3G subscribers, Telenor stands at number 1 slot with Ufone at second position with its 2.25 million 3G users.

At the end of January, Mobilink had 2.18 million 3G users while Zong ended the month with 1.85 million 3G users.

This count of 3G users is likely to grow further (during weeks to come) with introduction of mobile broadband dongles, WiFi devices from telecom operators in recent weeks.


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4G / LTE Users in Pakistan

According to PTA, Zong almost doubled its 4G users in January 2015 to take the total count of its 4G subscriptions to 5,023 4G Users.

Warid, on the other hands, recorded 44,075 LTE subscribers during the month of January to outrun Zong.

With combined subscription count of both the operators, Pakistan has currently almost 50,000 4G/LTE users in the country.


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  • Muhammad Ashraf

    Ufone has 2.25 million 3G users what a joke

  • Muhammad Ashraf

    mg / 4g users will grown more reason is PTA is again looking forward to do auction of remaining slots of 850 and 1800 MHz spectrum

    • Mirza Moazzam Baig

      Wait a sec in Pakistan 3g frequency is 2100MHz while that of 4g is 1800 ….. then where does 850Mhz stands in this regard???
      (If any body knows)

      • Muhammad Ashraf

        850 MHz for another mobile operator

  • Azi


  • ahsanpetarian

    what a disaster.. disappointing to see 5 mhz spectrum network on the rise.. and zong which should thrive is at last :(

    • Harry

      Zong Is In Last Because Of Its Expensive Packages ^

    • M. Mashhood Iqbal

      Zong is very very expensive. no day time packages like 2 GB in only 8 Rs. Zong must offer these kind of packages

    • Mirza Moazzam Baig

      Although zong offers the best speed in comparison all other operators but they are beaten by cheap packages of other operators

  • Zaki Uddin

    Doesn’t look right, zong has the best quality services >.>

    • Fakhre Alam

      best quality because its very expensive. NO heavy downloading/uploading. ONLY browsing

  • Huntesh Kumar

    Google Play Store and other Google services are NOT working? any idea why?

    • Shahid Saleem

      it’s the youtube block, sometimes the google play (or android sync) ip addresses are same range as youtube’s and the isps have blocked them.

    • Ahmad

      use vpn services

  • Ahmed

    Warid Rocks

  • Yasir

    This looks fabricated, the most pathetic networks are doing well…Ufone, Telenor and Warid LOL. Well good for them and their users for psychological satisfaction.

    • M. Mashhood Iqbal

      Zong ki soch pathetic hai packages itnay mehngay hain kon use kre ga jb k telenor and ufone providing very cheap

  • Zaeem

    Zong aur Packages mehnge kre:p Flop Network:P

  • Taha

    Mobilink was good but they going to fall down soon because of their expensive 3G packages now :(

    • anas qamar

      its cheap… :/

  • Boyesa

    ufone is at rise due to super card, other wise there 3g will cost arm and leg, hell expensive. except for there 5000 package which is good.

  • bm

    U cn still get 1000mbs for just 10 rupees in mobilink for 1 day by subscribing to tv bundle

  • Abdullah

    Mobilink s 3g service is worst among all the speed is dropping day by day even it switch to edge sometimes only thing i am sticking with it its packages which is cheaper than all other

  • Bilal Iqbal

    Dear Zong…..ha ha ha…

  • Saadia Aamir

    Telenor 3G signal strength is still poor, using it in DHA Lahore and it often switches back to Edge.