PTCL Partners with Akamai to Make your Internet Connection Much Faster

PTCL has announced a strategic partnership with Akamai Technologies, Inc. aimed to boost broadband experience in the country. The partnership shall further enrich video and mobile content delivery in the country by leveraging Akamai’s globally-distributed Intelligent Platform to deliver its solutions.

As the global leader in Content Delivery Network (CDN) services, Akamai makes the Internet fast, reliable and secure for its customers across all devices.  This partnership is intended to enable PTCL broadband subscribers to enjoy faster and higher-quality Internet experience.

Adding CDN capacity will help PTCL serve content from within network, making content delivery fasterz

Under the agreement, PTCL will implement the Akamai Accelerated Networks Program (AANP) across its nationwide telecommunications infrastructure, comprising fiber-optic backbone and state-of-art digital exchanges. The partnership also entails hosting Akamai Solutions across PTCL infrastructure that is designed to optimize network operations and data handling, allowing wider network coverage for content delivery.

Through the partnership, Akamai caching servers will be installed inside PTCL’s network data centers and they will help serve customers content from within the network, saving up on network transit costs. As a result, the more popular the content, the faster and more reliably customers can get it.

Commenting on the partnership, Kamal Ahmed, Chief Digital Services Officer PTCL said,

“We believe the new partnership with Akamai will enable us to deliver higher level of Internet user experience to customers and further consolidate PTCL’s leadership position in the broadband market.

PTCL, as the ICT leader in Pakistan, is continuously striving to offer enhanced digital experience, raising the bar on performance expectations, and drive customer satisfaction through integration of cutting-edge ICT platforms.

This new investment in Akamai’s state-of-the-art CDN solutions is reflective of PTCL’s commitment to provide next-generation digital experience in Pakistan.”

  • Shahid Saleem

    To ask the obvious question: how will PTCL prevent anti-Islam or anti-Pakistan contents from being cached on these servers & delivered to Pakistani users when they request it?

    • drivebycomment

      It won’t because censorship is wrong.

      • Shahid Saleem

        Oh, so why is the government trying to amend Telecom law to let PTA do filtering, then???

        • guest

          Government to hai hi chawal
          chun chun k begairat to government msin lagai hain

  • Umar Farooq

    Worldcall Cable Broadband is far better then PTCL BB

    • PeeDroid MiNi L100


  • Akamai is used by Facebook to deliver contents in some asian countries and major news broadcasters. Good for Pakistan!

  • drivebycomment

    Akamai already has servers in pakistan. Not sure what this changes.

  • Guest

    Also make it cheaper! I’m tired of paying 1500Rs for a measly 2 Mb. :/

    • Rizwan Shakir

      I pay Rs. 1730/- a month for for poor 1MB PTCL BB……how come it was possible for ptcl to offer u the double speed in rs. 1500/-

      • M

        Guys, I’m paying 1500 for 4 Mbps :)

  • Guest

    Also make it cheaper! I’m tired of paying PKR 1,500 for a measly 2 Mb. :/

  • Inam

    Also make it cheaper! I’m really getting tired of paying PKR 1,500 for a measly 2 Mb. :/

  • QasRoX

    Akamai is also used by Apple worldwide to deliver its iTunes & AppStore content. So I guess it is a good move by PTCL

  • Zaeem

    Hahaha :D Seriously Peetcl :P :P :P What a Joke :P

  • Humayun


  • Lets hope this partnership solves our common connectivity issues of PTCL broadband

  • Hamza

    such a stupid idea. Why would PTCL even need a CDN for delivering content ? As per my knowledge their content is primarily consumed in Pakistan. They will be paying an extensive amount of money to Akamai for distributing their own content which is hosted somewhere on their servers to run a bit faster ? I believe PTCL strategist should re-think this stupid idea, increase their server load, use LB to distribute the traffic load not CDN.

    • Shahid Saleem


      Let me explain it to you.

      There is some internet content that is “famous” Lots of people in Pakistan look at it. Maybe it is a video or image or mp3. Maybe it is about some famous event like news event or interview with local celebrity or politician or cricket event or whatever.

      Now if the content is 100 MByte in size, and 1000 PTCL users request it at the same time, then that is 100 * 1000 = 100 Gbyte of INTERNATIONAL traffic that is being used for that one file. But if it is hosted locally on PTCL network, Akamai only has to send ONE copy of the file to their servers on PTCL, and all 1000 PTCL users who access the file will get it from PTCL’s internal network. It will not affect international traffic at all.

      In other words, the people who PAY Akamai to distribute content to Pakistani users will get the content to us FASTER and more QUICKLY. Pakistani users will load file from local servers instead of international so they will see LOWER LATENCY. And PTCL will spend less money on international bandwidth overall due to lessened traffic. EVERYONE WINS.

      If that does still not make sense to you, then every time you & your neighbours need petrol for your motorbikes please hire a boat to take you all to Qatar.

      • Hamza

        @Shahid Saleem, Thank you for breaking it down and enlightening me with your theory. I don’t know where to start now. What is an international traffic ? lol … Do you know how Akamai works ? Is Akamai going to store the content on their servers ? NO they will not … Have you ever worked with Akamai ? If yes, and you are still saying all what you just said, I might be talking to the wrong guy. International traffic needs to be Load distributed properly rather than using the most expensive CDN services. CDN is not meant to be used for such content distribution.

        Your second paragraph is complete rubbish. I would not even bother commenting on 3rd one.

        • Shahid Saleem

          HA HA HA HA HA

          “CDN is not meant to be used for such content distribution”

          HA HA HA HA HA

          Last I checked, CDN means: content distribution network.
          Last I checked, Akamai specializes in distributing media, not just streaming videos but other kinds as well. and EXACTLY like the kind I mentioned in my second paragraph.

          And while you are on their website, be sure to also compare what they offer as “Intelligent Platform” with the last sentence in the above OP post:

          “As a result, the more popular the content, the faster and more reliably customers can get it.”

          Fool, how is content distributed on the internet WITHOUT using CDN???? It does not matter if you use Akamai or some other company.

          And Foolish statement by you #2, how exactly is content distributed without being STORED on distributed servers around the globe????

          #3! #3! #3! you don’t know how Internet packets go from outside the world to Pakistan??? ONLY THROUGH THREE OR FOUR TINY FIBER LINKS. That is what I mean by “international traffic”. Any solution that helps avoid CHOKEING of those links is a good one, and this is such a solution.

          Did you drive all the way to the farm for your breakfast??? Or was your breakfast “distributed” to your fridge beforehand?

          • Hamza

            Someone wise once said, Don’t argue with someone with no or little knowledge. I would love to teach you all this but I believe for now you need to work on your Grammar and spellings “Mr. Chokeing”. I don’t want neither do I have time to argue with you. Please refrain from replying back. Anyone who actually know what they are talking are welcome to comment.

            • Muhammad Aamir


            • Shahid Saleem

              HA HA HA HA

              someone who does not know CDN means “content distribution network” and does not know anything about internet traffic in Pakistan is upset about my spelling.

              HA HA HA HA

              Believe me, it is no worry to me to have been insulted by you. No worries at all.

        • asdas

          @disqus_ff5KYv7CLs:disqus P.K hy kia…?

  • Adnan

    Ufone 3g speed

    • Adnan


  • پاکستانی

    یہ نا ہو کے پہلی والی سپیڈ بھی نہ آئے۔

    • Ghulam.e.Ahmed

      if they are saying ” you will feel the DIFFERENCE … ” ??

  • H M Arshad

    i am using ptcl charji but his speed is very slow as like to dial up connection.

  • Shaykh ul Islam Tahir ul Qadri

    Allah kary ga ab uploading speed 101Kb ho gaye gi

  • Professor

    Few points needs to be clarified
    1. Telenor is the first in Pakistan who established a partnership with Akamai.
    2. Akamai setup doesn’t require any cost as Akami provides CDNs as free of cost, so PTCL is telling lie with public of Pakistan by showing it as an additional investment.
    3. PTCL is still not changed and continuing their style of copying and showing it their own inititaves………Bad guys.

  • Vuden Graham

    Islamic content should be banned in non muslim countries.

    • Shahid Saleem

      Go ahead and ban it, then.

      • Vuden Graham

        naah you’ll cry and explode yourself. i’ll pass

  • Hahahahahaha PTCL or fast internet..?