Student Startup Business Centres to be Setup Across Universities in Pakistan

A series of Student Startup Business Centres (SSBC) are to be set up across universities of Pakistan in an effort to train students and encourage them with initial financial support for the establishment of their start-up companies.

The initiative, which is backed by Promotion for Education in Pakistan (PEP) Foundation New York, Higher Education Commission (HEC) and several partnering universities, aims to assist students in tackling and overcoming the challenges associated with unemployment.

HEC will be funding further initiatives to promote research that bridges the gap between industry and academia

The announcement for the joint venture came at the National Forum on Higher Education 2015. A total of Rs. 6 million will be provided as funds, out of which Rs. 2 million will be contributed by PEP Foundation New York, Rs 2 million by HEC, and Rs 2 million by the university concerned.

In his address to the ceremony, Higher Education Commission Chairman Prof. Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed stressed upon the importance of bridging the gap between academia and industry, as both were talking different languages. The forum’s purpose was to establish a university-industry dialogue and promote the initiation of SSBCs at universities.

Within the last year, Pakistani researchers have produced 8000 impact factor publications

Prof. Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed further added that the key to prosperity in the country was through equal educational opportunities. He said that the ranking of Pakistani universities was improving worldwide due to the efforts of HEC, which has been encouraging research culture in the institutions of higher learning over the years.

Within the last year, Pakistani researchers have produced 8000 impact factor publications. He said that it was particularly important to support research that strives to resolve the issues of Pakistan’s society. HEC will now be funding such projects as part of the SSBC initiative.

  • Impressed by what Dr. Mukhtar’s doing. He has always been friends with CASE management (who illegally was doing private business while being serving army officers) and has been disclosing name of CASE students to its management writing to HEC against CASE management. Bravooo Mr. Mukhtar. Unfortunately black sheep of education industry are leading top institutions.
    One CASE faculty member is PTA chairman, one shareholder is heading LUMS and other heading HEC.

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