Google’s Hilarious Autocomplete Suggestions Have Been Turned into a Game

Every person who has ever used Google must have come across some very funny search suggestions as they start typing into the search box. The internet is full of screenshots of funny Google search predictions. Well, now, developers have turned that into hilarious and enjoyable game called Google Feud.

The game is pretty much what it sounds like i.e. a famous TV show called Family Feud. The game presents the player first half of the phrase and players must guess the second half based on their “limited” knowledge of what the rest of the human race is thinking while searching on Google.

google feud

The players get arbitrarily determined points for each correct answer. The game gathers answers from Google’s API, so the search results are real-time and up-to-date of what the world is searching on Google. The closer the player is to the top result of the most popular searches by Google visitors, the more points the player gets. If the player makes a guess that’s not part of the top 10, they get a strike.

It consists of four categories to choose from: Culture, People, Names and Questions as to the liking of the player. The game lacks a challenge or multi-player mode but this is still a fun way to demonstrate your search savviness and get a little giggle while you are at it.

Play Google Feud here

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